"The more one penetrates into what it means to be Catholic, the fuller life becomes." — Maria Augusta Trapp




Family Activities

Life can become complicated with worldly cares, and too much materialism and involvement in secular values. Living the year with the Church is a stablizer, the way to keep first things first. We are part of the Church and therefore we have a liturgical year to live. Christ is our life and we should pattern our lives after His. Each season of the year provides us with numerous oportunities to incorporate the Church year into our own domestic churches. Thus the making of wreaths, baking of cakes, crowning of kings, dressing of dolls, cutting, pasting, sewing, planting becomes our way of transforming ordinary activities into supernatural opportunities. We hope you will find this section helpful and that you will glean a few practices which will benefit your family and lead you deeper into the mystery of the Mystical Body. (Excerpts from The Year and Our Children by Mary Reed Newland)

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