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Catholic Activity: Inform Yourselves as Parents



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Parents must be willing to read and educate themselves in order to be able to raise their children within the Catholic Faith.


It is necessary for you to know your religion in order to live it and love it. Though time is limited, with a little thought and planning it is possible to sandwich in even as little as fifteen minutes a day of constructive reading. There are countless books of interest for those wishing to learn more about their religion. Catholic family magazines give numerous tips on how to rear a family in the Christian way. Inexpensive paperback editions of significant Catholic writings are on the increase. Why not start a library of paperbacks in your home?

Helpful and inspiring literature is not lacking. The problem may be one of access. With a little effort you can avail yourselves of this literature through several outlets. You may be fortunate enough to have a parish library, a most desirable project for all parishes. There you will find a wealth of the best background reading. Other sources of good spiritual reading are the Catholic bookstore and the public library. If the latter does not have the particular book you wish, ask for it; if there are enough requests, the librarian may be willing to order it.

Just as you supplement the doctor's advice with reading on the physical development of your child, so you should supplement the directives of the Church. For only in knowing your religion can you really live it, and the only way to teach it is to live it. Your children, as well as yourselves, will benefit greatly from worthwhile reading.

Activity Source: From Stroller to School, Parent-Educator Series 2, Leaflets 13-24, Three to Six Years by Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, 1962