Promising Sources for Sound Catechetics

by Donna Steichen


A list of sound catechetical sources.

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Ignatius Press, May 1998

Parents, schools or parishes determined to provide sound Catholic catechesis can draw from a growing supply of new materials, programs, and projects. None were designed by the "experts" responsible for the titanic catechetical disaster. Most were developed, like Noah's Ark, by devout amateurs. Among those now available, or soon to be:

Academic Programs:

• Bushman Institute for Religious and Pastoral Studies, based at the University of Dallas, offers a three-year Master's degree program and also makes classes available at other locations by arrangement with parishes or dioceses.

• Catholic Distance University grants Masters Degrees in Religious Studies.

• Franciscan University of Steubenville offers undergraduate and Masters programs for religious educators and administrators.

St. John Bosco Institute is the summer program at Franciscan University.

Institute of Religious Studies—first founded in 1977 by Msgr. Michael Wrenn as the Archdiocesan Catechetical Institute, at New York's Dunwoodie Seminary—now also offers classes at satellites locations.

Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College, founded by the Msgr. Eugene Kevane as the Notre Dame Catechetical Institute, offers academic year and summer sessions.

Books and Booklets:

Beginning Apologetics, I & II, by Father Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham (St. Joseph Radio)

Handbook of Christian Apologetics, by Peter Kreeft (Intervarsity)

Catholicism and Reason, by Hayes, Hayes and Drummey (CR Publications, 1998)

Catholic for a Reason, edited by Leon Suprenant (Emmaus Road Publishers, 1998)

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, by Laura Berquist (Ignatius Press, 1998)

Jesus, the Catechism, and Me, by Father Robert J. Levis (Gannon University)

Surprised by Truth, by Patrick Madrid (Basilica Press)

• works by Father John Hardon, SJ, including:

The Q & A Catholic Catechism (Doubleday)

The Catholic Catechism (Doubleday)

Pocket Catholic Catechism (Doubleday)

Pocket Catholic Dictionary (Doubleday)

Treasury of Catholic Wisdom (Ignatius)

The Faith (A Companion to the Q & A Catechism) (Servant)

A Retreat With the Lord (Servant)

Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan (Grotto Press, Royal Oak, Michigan)

Modern Catholic Dictionary (Grotto Press)

• The Quest for Happiness High School Series (Priory Press)

• The St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism series (Catholic Book Publishers)

• The Challenge of Christ High School Religion Series, by Father John Laux (Tan Publishing Company).

Home Study Programs and Materials

• Seton Home School materials (Mother of Divine Grace, Kolbe Academy, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Victory)

• Father John Hardon's programs (Masters of Spiritual Life, Catechist Home Study Course, Basic Catechism Course) from Inter Mirifica (301- 942- 9577). All of these home-study courses offer a certificate which may, at the discretion of the diocese, be accepted in fulfillment of all or part of diocesan religious-education requirements.

Magazines for Catechetists

Catholic Faith, edited by Father Hardon (800-651-1531).

Envoy, edited by Patrick Madrid.

Conferences, Speakers, Audio and Video Tapes:

• St. Joseph Communications produces the Catholic Family Conferences and tapes featuring Scott and Kimberley Hahn, Father George Rutler, and others (800-526-2151).

• St. Joseph Covenant Keepers, a project of the Family Life Center, is Stephen Wood's apostolate, organizing conferences, books, and tapes especially for men (800-950-4928).

• St. Joseph Radio in Los Angeles offers Tim Staples and other speakers, conferences, books, and tapes (714-744-0336).

• Catholic Answers, based in San Diego, provides speakers—prominently including Karl Keating—tracts, and books ([email protected]).

• Catholics United for the Faith offers a telephone Answer Line: 1-800-MY-FAITH.

• Eternal Word Television Network provides a steady diet of programming, including Mother Angelica Live and dozens of other popular shows to an audience on cable television, short-wave radio, and the Internet (

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