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Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Catechesis on Prayer

by Pope Benedict XVI

Descriptive Title

Benedict XVI's Address on Prayer


Pope Benedict XVI's ongoing catechesis on prayer which began on May 4, 2011 and continues through the present month.

Publisher & Date

Vatican, May 2011 - August 2012

Christian Prayer

Prayer Responds to Human Beings' Desire for God

Pray for Salvation of Humanity in Daily Prayer

Jacob - Prayer: Battle of Faith, Call for Perserverance

Moses: Mediator of Salvation for Israel

The Power of Intercession: The Prophet Elijah's Prayer

The Psalms: The Book of Prayer Par Excellence

On Summer Reading

“Oasis” of the Spirit


Art and Prayer

Dialectic of Prayer: Human Cry and Divine Response

The Silence of God Is only Apparent

Psalm 23- The Closeness of God Transforms Reality

On Psalm 126

The Great Hallel - Psalm 136 (135)

Psalm 119 (118): A Celebration of the Beauty of the Word of God

Psalm 110 (109)

Christians Are Called To Be Witnesses of Prayer

Divine Revelation Does Not Follow Earthly Logic

The Prayer of Jesus Linked to His Miraculous Healing Action

Prayer and the Holy Family of Nazareth

The Prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper

We Must Learn To Have Greater Trust in Divine Providence

Jesus' Prayer before Dying

Jesus Prayer before Dying - Part 2

Silence Is Indispensable for Prayer

Venerating the Mother of God Means Learning to Become a Community of Prayer

The Church Must Not Fear Persecutions but Trust in the Presence of God

Prayer Gives Essential Meaning to Our Daily Activities

St. Stephen: Meditation upon Sacred Scripture in Order to Understand the Present

The Church's Prayer for Peter

Prayer in the Letters of St. Paul

Each Human Being Is a Miracle of God

We Must Not Allow Ourselves To Be Overcome by Tribulations and Difficulties

Contemplation of Christ Does Not Distance Us from Reality

Prayer Opens the Way to the Mystery of God's Plan

The Lord We Adore Is He Who Washed the Apostles' Feet at the Last Supper

On Prayer According to St. Alphonsus Liguori

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