Catholic Culture Overview
Catholic Culture Overview

The Father William Most Collection

The Consciousness of Christ

[In print from Christendom College Press, 1980. ISBN: 0-931888-03-4, LC Cat. Card. No.: 80-68761 Nihil Obstat: Rev. Cornelius O'Brien, Censor Deputatus November 12, 1980; IMPRIMATUR: Most Rev. Thomas J. Welsh, Bishop of Arlington November 12, 1980; (c) Christendom Educational Corporation 1980. Address orders to Christendom Press, 134 Christendom Drive, Front Royal, VA 22630. 1-540-636-2900.]

Table of Contents:



Introduction: Can we Trust the Gospels?

Chapter 1. Charges of Ignorance

Chapter 2. Lack of Foreknowledge?

Chapter 3. The Problem of the Parousia

Chapter 4. Messiahship and Divinity

Chapter 5. Scripture: Support for Jesus' Knowledge

Chapter 6. Patristic Evidence

Chapter 7. The Magisterium

Chapter 8. Theological Speculation

Appendix: Form Criticism - 1. Presuppositions

Appendix: Form Criticism - 2. Immediate Bases

Appendix: Form Criticism - 3. Technique


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