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Canadian national shrine of the Sacred Heart established in 1866, an affiliation of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart at Montmartre in Paris. Guardians of the shrine were successively Franciscans, Dominicans, and the Blessed Sacrament Fathers, whose Father Jean started and activated the Crusade of Atonement, which gave the shrine its present subtitle, "Chapel of Atonement." In 1921 the Capuchins were asked to care for this sanctuary; they built a nearby monastery and continued the Crusade. The number of pilgrims has steadily increased so that thousands now participate in the shrine's distinctive service, the public Way of the Cross, as a most appropriate way of atoning to the wounded Heart of Christ. The Archconfraternity of Prayer and Penance have their headquarters at Pointe aux Trembles, and the novena in preparation for the feast of the Sacred Heart is broadcast from here to Canada and the United States.