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The communication of the message of salvation. It brings the Gospel to the human race. The ministry of the word takes o different forms, according to the different conditions under which it is practiced and the ends that it strives to achieve.

There is the form called evangelization, or missionary preaching. this has as its purpose the arousing of the beginnings of faith, so that men will adhere to the word of God.

Then there is the catechetical form, "which is intended to make men's faith become living, conscious, and active, through the light of instruction" (Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Bishops' Pastoral Office in the Church, 14).

There is also the liturgical form within the setting of a liturgical celebration, especially during the Eucharistic Sacrifice, e.g., through the homily.

Finally there is the theological form which is the systematic and scientific investigation of the truths of faith. Theologians are ministers of the word insofar as they humbly investigate the resources of Christian revelation and present their findings to the faithful with a view to a more generous service of Christ and his Church.