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One of the Minor Prophets, who carried on his ministry sometime between 783 and 715 B.C. in the kingdom of Israel, which seceded from Judah after the death of Solomon. The book of Hosea consists of fourteen chapters and may be divided into three parts. The first part (1-3) portrays Israel as the faithless bride, whose divine Lover remains true to her in spite of her infidelities and urges her to repent. The second part (4-9:9) is a divine reproach and a cry for vengeance. The third part (9:10-14:10) recalls God's blessings on his people, repeats the exhortation to repentance, and promises salvation. hosea is frequently quoted in the New Testament, and twice by Christ personally (Matthew 9:13; Hosea 6:6; Luke 23:30; Hosea 10:8).