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Supernatural gifts for organizing and ruling the people of God, enumerated by St. Paul: 1. pastor (Ephesians 4:11; Acts 20:28), formerly the special grace of office enjoyed by the presbyter-bishops to rule the Church of God, not to be confused with the priestly power conferred only by sacred orders; 2. administrator (Romans 12:8; I Thessalonians 5:12; I Timothy 5:17), the special charism of an official in the Church was the gift of solicitude, which maintained a wise balance between diligence for the organizational work to be done and concern for the individual person whom the administrator was to direct; 3. minister (I Corinthians 16:15; Romans 12:7), one who helped the presbyter-priests and assisted Church administrators, and who had the need of humility and willingness to work.

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