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Religious communities recognized and approved by the Church of England or one if its national Episcopalian branches in other countries. Their existence in Anglicanism began with the Oxford Movement, under Keble, Pusey, and Newman. The first community was started by Edward Pusey, who in 1841 received the vows of Marian Rebecca Hughes, superior of the convent of the Holy Trinity at Oxford. There are now many communities of men and women in the Anglican Communion, monastic, contemplative, and active. Among the best known for men are the Society of St. John the Evangelist, known as the Cowley Fathers, the Community of the Resurrection, the Benedictines at Caldey, and the Franciscans at Dorset. Women's institutes include the community of St. Mary the Virgin, of All Saints, of St. Margaret, and the contemplative Order of the Love if God.