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1 Rabanus Maurus: Exegete, Philosopher, Poet and Pastor
2 Rachel's Vineyard: From Anguish to Healing
3 Radical Orthodoxy
4 Radical Reformers —Advocates of Population Reduction
5 Radio Message on the Occasion of ‘Family Day’
6 Radio Participates in Mission and Visibility of the Church
7 Raise Awareness of New Forms of Slavery
8 Raising Religious & Moral Standards for Catholic High School Students
9 Rapid Development
10 Rarely Discussed Morals in Marriage
11 Rather than Walls of Hatred, Build bridges of Reconciliation and Solidarity
12 Rational Justification of the Act of Faith
13 Rationalism, or the Rejection of the Principle of Authority, the Heresy of Modern Times.
14 Ratzinger and Guardini, a Decisive Encounter
15 Ratzinger on the Modern Mind
16 Razzle-Dazzle Liturgies
17 RCIA: Initiation Into What? and Why?
18 Reach Out to Those Who Have Fallen in the Abyss and Say: You Can Stand Again
19 Reacting to
20 Reaction To President Bush's Decision On Embryonic Stem-Cell Research
21 Read Literature to Learn and Love the Truth
22 Reading Goethe's Faust from a Catholic Perspective
23 Reading of Amoris Laetitia in Light of Church Teaching: A True and Living Icon
24 Reading Sigrid Undset Today
25 Reading the Signs of the Times: Dominican Education and the Challenge of Contemporary Culture
26 Reaffirm for All the Need to Take Part in Sunday Eucharist
27 Reaffirm the Culture of Life!
28 Real and Visible Communion among the Lord's Disciples
29 Real History Of The Crusades, The
30 Real History of the Holy Grail, The
31 Real Men
32 Real Men Have Character
33 Real Mission of the Church Is to Speak of God, The
34 Real Presence, The
35 Real Presence: A Sacred Gift, The
36 Real Story of Pius XII and the Jews, The
37 Realism and Hope in the Face of the Crisis
38 Realism and Islam
39 Realism For Unrealistic Times
40 Reality of Hell, The
41 Reaping the Whirlwind of Abortion
42 Reapprochment by Unhasty Stages, But Not Too Slow Either
43 Reason Finds in Revelation the Possibility of Being Truly Itself
44 Reasons For An Instruction, The
45 Rebutting the 'Catholic but...'
46 Recalling St. John Paul II's Dream of European Humanism
47 Recapitulation in Christ
48 Receive the Broken Bread of Jesus and Distribute It to the Hungry
49 Receiving First Communion in this 'Year of the Eucharist'
50 Receiving Holy Communion
51 Recent Proposals for the Pastoral Care of the Divorced and Remarried: A Theological Assessment
52 Recent Vocations to Religious Life: A Report for the National Religious Vocation Conference
53 Reception and Future of Ecumenical Dialogue
54 Recipes, Activities, Prayers and Documents for Tuesday Before Ash Wednesday
55 Reciprocity Between Faith and Sacraments in the Sacramental Economy, The
56 Reclaiming Silence for Holiness
57 Reclaiming the Church for the Catholic Imagination
58 Recognize Old Age As A Gift, Not A Problem
59 Recognize the Importance of Prayer
60 Recognize the Need for Justice and Hope, and Seek the True Paths to Liberation
61 Recognizing Differences, Overcoming Disparities
62 Recognizing Jesus' Voice and Following It
63 Recognizing Specific Nature of Each Vocation Is Sign of Christian Maturity
64 Recognizing the Gift of Life
65 Recognizing the Importance of Natural Moral Law
66 Recognizing the True Church
67 Recommendations For Care of Divorced Catholics
68 Recommendations of Third Meeting of Institutes For Marriage and Family and Bioethics Centres
69 Reconceiving Personality Theory from a Catholic Christian Perspective
70 Reconciled Will Be Effective Peacemakers, The
71 Reconciliation – the Love of Christ Compels Us
72 Reconciliation Begins with Listening
73 Reconciliation Is Way to True Progress
74 Reconciliation Solves the Roman Question
75 Reconciliation with God and One Another
76 Reconciliation, Purification Of Memory, Return To Normal Ecclesial Life, Formation Of Young Persons
77 Reconciling Judas: Evangelizing the Theologians
78 Record of Pius XII's Opposition to Hitler, The
79 Recovering Stray Catholics
80 Recovery of the Sacred, The
81 Recovery of the Sacred, The
82 Recovery of the Sacrificial Dimension, The
83 Recycled Rapture
84 Red Flags Are Up! On the Writings of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI
85 Red Herring of Usury, The
86 Red Mass: The Divine Spark Within Us
87 Red States: Blue States: The Fragility of Democracy
88 Redeeming Relationships
89 Redemption Is Announcement of Sure Hope
90 Redemption of Catholic Art, The
91 Redemption of the Body and the Sacramentality of Marriage, The
92 Redemptionis Sacramentum
93 Redemptoris Hominis (On Redemption and the Dignity of Man)
94 Redemptoris Mater (Mother Of The Redeemer)
95 Redemptoris Missio (On Evangelization)
96 Redemptoris Nostri Cruciatus (On The Holy Places In Palestine)
97 Rediscover Law as Interpersonal Reality
98 Rediscover the Beauty and Profundity of Christian Hope
99 Rediscover the Council's Great Wealth
100 Rediscover the Rosary As a Source of Strength
101 Rediscover the Sacrament of Penance
102 Rediscover the True Identity of the Diocese as a Family of Communities
103 Rediscover the Value of Politics and Make Your Contribution in Order that Good May Prevail
104 Rediscovering and Bearing Witness to the Gift of Faith
105 Rediscovering Modesty from Within
106 Rediscovering the Sacrament of Penance
107 Redouble Your Efforts For Peace; War Is Never Unavoidable
108 Reese Factor, The
109 Reflect on Christ's Boundless Love
110 Reflect on Impact of Lifestyle on Health
111 Reflecting on the Mystery of the Divine Call
112 Reflection at the First General Congregation for the Second Special Assembly for Africa of the Synod of Bishops
113 Reflection on Cardinal Kasper's Speech on the Family, A
114 Reflection on Several Saints
115 Reflection on the Testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, A
116 Reflections of His Holiness Benedict XVI on the 50th Anniversary of Vatican Council II
117 Reflections of the Meaning and Lesson of Christmas
118 Reflections On A Footnote On The Subject Of Masturbation: The Question Of Gravity, And The Matter Of Chastity
119 Reflections on Anxiety
120 Reflections on Cloning
121 Reflections on Humanae Vitae
122 Reflections on John Henry Newman’s ‘Discourses to Mixed Congregations
123 Reflections on Music and the Incarnation of Christ
124 Reflections on Recent Journey to Myanmar and Bangladesh
125 Reflections on the 30th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
126 Reflections on the Apostolate
127 Reflections on the Apostolate
128 Reflections on the Apostolic Journey to Bulgaria and North Macedonia
129 Reflections on the Feast of Saint Symphorian
130 Reflections on the Holy See's Statement on the Shoah
131 Reflections on the Instruction on the Admittance of Homosexuals into Seminaries
132 Reflections on the Internet, Tips for Use
133 Reflections on the Struggle to Advance the Culture of Life
134 Reform of the Higher Institutes of Religious Sciences
135 Reform of the Reform Will Happen, the Future of the Church Is at Stake, The
136 Regaining the Language
137 Regarding Certain Competencies in Economic-Financial Matters
138 Regarding Certain Interpretations of "Light of the World"
139 Regarding Medjugorje
140 Regarding Our Lady of America
141 Regarding Same-Sex "Marriage" and Related Pastoral Issues
142 Regarding the Crime of Attempting Sacred Ordination of a Woman
143 Regensburg Address: Faith, Reason and the University - Memories and Reflections
144 Regina Coeli Message
145 Regnans in Excelsis
146 Regulation by Non-regulation
147 Regulations and Name for the Holy Office
148 Regulations for Doctrinal Examination
149 Reiki and Healing Touch
150 Reincarnation Western-Style: the Resurgence of Age-old Superstition in a Scientific Era
151 Reinforce The Protection Of Refugees In The Changing International Situation
152 Reinvigorating the Weakened Sense of Modesty
153 Reiteration of the Norms and Principles of Vatican II, A
154 Rejoice Always
155 Rejoice in Christ's Victory Over Death
156 Rejoice in the Lord Always
157 Rejoice, the Lord Is Near
158 Rejoice, We Do Not Wait In Vain For Christ
159 Relating Christ's Universality to Interreligious Dialogue
160 Relatio ante disceptationem of the Second Special Assembly for Europe, The
161 Relationship between Faith and Marriage
162 Relationship between Faith, Forgiveness and Gratitude, The
163 Relationship between Hope and Prayer, The
164 Relationship between Mercy and Redemption, The
165 Relationship Between Philosophy and Cultures, The
166 Relationship between the Cross of Christ and Suffering
167 Relationship between the Law and the Heart, The
168 Relationship between the Visible and Spiritual Nature of the Church
169 Relativism Destroys Human Dignity
170 Relativism Is Not Basis of Religious Freedom
171 Relativism or Relativity: Religious Freedom and the Family
172 Relativism: The Central Problem for Faith Today
173 Relevance and Challenge of C. S. Lewis, The
174 Relevance of Thomas Jefferson, The
175 Religion and the Middle Ages
176 Religion Can Foster Human Rights And Respect For Human Dignity
177 Religion Has The Resources To Build Peace
178 Religion Is a Guarantee of Authentic Liberty and Respect
179 Religion is 'On the Move' in America
180 Religion Must Never Be Reason For Violence
181 Religion Reporters Need 'Working Knowledge' of Their Subject
182 Religion the New York Times Can Love, A
183 Religion Without Sacrifice is Useless Posturing
184 Religion, Journalism, and the New American Orthodoxy
185 Religion, Reason, Voting
186 Religion, the State, and the Common Good
187 Religions and Education: towards a Global Compact on Education
188 Religions Are Crucial for Integral Human Development
189 Religions Must Refuse to Sanction Recourse to Violence
190 Religious Belief Cannot Be Separated from the Defense of God's Image in Every Human Being
191 Religious Beliefs Must Never Be Abused in the Cause of Violence and War
192 Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School, The
193 Religious Freedom
194 Religious Freedom and Human Rights
195 Religious Freedom and Public Policy
196 Religious Freedom Constitutes the Very Heart of Human Rights
197 Religious Freedom in the Year of Mercy
198 Religious Freedom Is A Fundamental Right Everywhere
199 Religious Freedom Is an Essential Part of the American Spirit
200 Religious Freedom Is Rooted in the Dignity of the Person
201 Religious Freedom, Conscience and the Sanctity of Human Life
202 Religious Freedom, Persecution of the Church, and Martyrdom
203 Religious Freedom: The Basis for Human Rights Advocacy for the Survival of Christians in the Middle East
204 Religious History Of Armenia
205 Religious History Of Armenia
206 Religious Humanism: A Manifesto
207 Religious Ignorance Is One of the Greatest Problems of Our Times
208 Religious Illiteracy which Marks Our Time, The
209 Religious Institutes: Rediscover the Original Charism
210 Religious Liberty and Economic Freedom: Intellectual and Practical Paradoxes
211 Religious Liberty Around the World
212 Religious Liberty: What the Texts Demand
213 Religious Persecution, More Widespread Today Than 1700 Years Ago
214 Religious Sentiment Of The Faithful Needs Constant Evangelization, The
215 Religious Teachers Filippini Show Courage
216 Religious Unbelief in the World
217 Relive the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ
218 Reliving Abraham's Faith Experience
219 Remaining in the Truth of Christ on Holy Matrimony
220 Remember that the Church Was Born on Pentecost to Reach Out
221 Remember the Courage and Joy of the First Missionaries
222 Remember to Make Life a Love Story With God
223 Remember You Are Dust
224 Remember You Are First And Foremost Priests: Not Corporate Executives
225 Remember, To Dust You Will Return
226 Remembering a Victim of the Communist Regime
227 Remembering J.R.R. Tolkien
228 Remembering Our Mortality, Welcoming God and Hoping for the Resurrection
229 Remembering Solzhenitsyn: Observations on the Gospel, Socialism, and Power
230 Remembering the Long Hot Summer
231 Remove the Wall of Indifference to Ensure Fraternity between Nations
232 Rend Your Hearts, So that Through that Crack We Can Really Look at Ourselves
233 Render to God the Things that Are God's
234 Render Unto Caesar: Personal Faith and Public Duty
235 Rendering Unto Caesar: The Catholic Political Vocation
236 Renew Devotion to Mary, Mother of God
237 Renew the Parish with Spirituality of Communion
238 Renew Your Friendship with Jesus
239 Renewal Depends on Faith, Eucharistic Worship: Commentary on the Apostolic Exhortation 'Sacramentum Caritatis'
240 Renewal for the Whole Church in Australia
241 Renewal of Faith Must Be a Priority for the Church Today, The
242 Renewal of the Church’s Traditional Liturgy, The
243 Renewed Appeal: "War Never Again!"
244 Renewed Biblical Catechesis Will Lead to A More Incisive Promotion of Vocations
245 Renewed Fidelity in favor of Evangelization
246 Renewed Reverence for the Ordinary, A
247 Renewing Faith in Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist
248 Renewing Our Public Life: A Reflection on Leadership
249 Renewing the Church and Her Mission in a Year of Faith
250 Renewing the Church, Converting the World: Reclaiming our Catholic Mission
251 Renewing the Mission of Catholic Charities
252 Renewing the Priesthood
253 Reorienting the Mass
254 Repackaging Death as Life – The Third Path to Imposed Death
255 Repent and Believe in the Gospel
256 Repentance and Renewal in the Mission of Catechesis
257 Reply of the Austrian Emperor to Pope Benedict XV
258 Reply to a Question on Excommunication of Public Officials Who Openly Support Abortion
259 Report on Father Richard Sparks' Human Sexuality Presentation
260 Report on the 1998 Lambeth Conference
261 Report on the NCCB November Meeting - Part I
262 Reproductive Health, Refugee Style
263 Reputantiubus (On The Language Question In Bohemia)
264 Reread Your Life’s Story to Discover Christ
265 Rerum Ecclesiae (On Catholic Missions)
266 Rerum Novarum (On Capital And Labor)
267 Rerum Omnium Perturbationem (St. Francis De Sales)
268 Rerum Orientalium (On The Promotion Of Oriental Studies)
269 Rescriptum ex Audientia Sanctissimi
270 Rescriptum ex Audientia SS.MI 2/20/2023
271 Rescuing the Truth: The Holocaust, Christianity, Catholics and Jews
272 Researcher John C. Iannone On the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin
273 Resenting Chastity
274 Reservations And Statements Of Interpretation Of The Holy See
275 Resolutions Approved by Confraternity of Catholic Clergy for 2002
276 Resolutions Approved by Confraternity of Catholic Clergy for 2003
277 Resolutions Approved by the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy for 2004
278 Resolutions Passed by the Catholic Medical Association General Assembly
279 Resolve Middle East Crisis with Dialogue
280 Respect and Support the Family Founded on Marriage
281 Respect Constitutional Balance of Powers
282 Respect For and Collaboration with Muslims
283 Respect for Conscience Must Be a Social Value
284 Respect for Identity, A
285 Respect for Life, the Foundation of Civil Coexistence
286 Respect for the Dignity of the Dying
287 Respect for the Work of God
288 Respect Human Rights, Return To Negotiations
289 Respect The Rights Of Religious Minorities; Respect Holy Places
290 Respect Workers' Dignity and Rights
291 Respecting the Charisms of Ecclesial Movements
292 Respecting the Full Meaning of 'Real Presence'
293 Respecting the Human Dignity of All Patients
294 Respecting the Person and God's Design for Procreation
295 Respicientes (Protesting The Taking Of The Pontifical States)
296 Respond Generously to Christ's Call
297 Respond Generously to Your Vocation
298 Respond To Recent Social Problems By Helping Those In Need
299 Respond to the Invitation to Know God as Father
300 Responding to the Imperative of Right of All to Food
301 Responsa ad dubia of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on Traditionis Custodes
302 Response of Courage to the Nugent-Gramick Matter
303 Response of the Catholic Church to the Joint Declaration of Catholics and Lutherans
304 Response on the March for Marriage
305 Response to Cardinal on Gay Rights Group in St. Patrick’s Parade
306 Response to Declaration on Sexual Orientation
307 Response To John T. Noonan, Jr. Concerning The Development Of Catholic Moral Doctrine, A
308 Response to Profs. Smith and Waldstein Regarding Christopher West
309 Response to Questions Regarding Orthodoxy in Celebration of Mass
310 Response to 'The Vatican and the Holocaust', A
311 Responses of the Holy Father to Questions Posed by Young People
312 Responses to Certain Questions of the USCCB Concerning Artificial Nutrition and Hydration
313 Responses to Questions on Kneeling
314 Responses to Questions Proposed Concerning 'Uterine Isolation' and Related Matters
315 Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church
316 Responsibility to Have a Well Informed Faith Life, The
317 Responsible Parenthood
318 Responsible Parenthood Linked to Moral Maturity
319 Responsiblity for the Poor and Marginalized Must Be an Essential Element of any Political Decision
320 Restatement of the Oath of Hippocrates
321 Restore the Social Meaning of Financial and Banking Activity
322 Restoring the Permanent Diaconate (Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem)
323 Restoring the Unity
324 Restructuring the Church Into Their Own Image
325 Results of and Psychological Causes of Contraception, The
326 Resurrection and Divinity of Christ, The
327 Retreat of Liberation Theology, The
328 Return of Chant: Rediscovering the Church's Musical Tradition, The
329 Return RICO to Congress
330 Return to Me with All Your Heart
331 Return to Me with All Your Heart
332 Return to Me with All Your Heart
333 Return to the Earth
334 Return to the Essentials
335 Returning to the Essential Aspects of Christian Life in Order to Relaunch Evangelization
336 Reveal the Salvific Will of God in Pastoral Practice
337 Revelation Invites Us to Communion and Life
338 Revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Paral-le-Monial, France, The
339 Revelation of the Trinitarian Mystery
340 Revelations
341 Reverence and the Sacred Mysteries
342 Reverence for our Eucharistic Lord
343 Review of "The Golden Compass"
344 Review of Fr. McBrien's "Catholicism" by the NCCB's Committee on Doctrine
345 Review of Fr. McBrien's Catholicism
346 Review of Renew 2000 Materials, A
347 Review of the National Catholic Reporter
348 Review of the RENEW Process (Newark)
349 Review of the USCCB Pastoral Letter Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration, A
350 Revised Directory on Ecumenism
351 Revised Research Paper on the Draft Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities
352 Revision of the Rite of the Washing of the Feet in the Liturgy of Holy Thursday
353 Revisiting Psychiatric Treatment of Children
354 Revisiting the Baroque
355 Revitalizing the Profound Christian Roots of Costa Rica
356 Revival Afoot: Traditional Sacred Architecture
357 Revival of Christian Culture Through the Family, A
358 Reviving the Catholic Lay Vocation
359 Revolution of Freedom Needs Revolution of Opportunity
360 Revolution of Tenderness
361 Revolution of Tenderness, A
362 Revolutionary, Modernizing Pope
363 Rewriting the Inquisition - Roman Style
364 Rhetoric, Manipulation, and Ferrawood's
365 Rhode Island, Most Catholic State, Welcomes Gay Marriage
366 Rhythm of Popular Music: Primitivist Slumming in a Machine Age?, The
367 rian Crisis and the Current Controversy about Amoris Laetitia: A Parallel , The
368 Richard McBrien's Theological Influence on Thomas Groome
369 Richness of Many Years, The
370 Richness of Scholasticism, The
371 Riding a 'Slippery Slope' to Destruction
372 Right From the Start: John Carroll, Our First Bishop
373 Right to Hope, The
374 Right to Nutrition Must Be Guaranteed
375 Right To Sustainable Development, The
376 Right Ways and Wrong Ways to Influence People
377 Rights of Conscience Must Be Defended
378 Rights Of The Terminally Ill Person, The
379 rimer on Stem Cells , A
380 Risen Christ Flowers, The
381 Risen Christ is hope that does not disappoint
382 Risen Christ our Hope, The
383 Risen Lord Offers as a Gift His Love That Forgives, The
384 Risks of Pushing towards Perfection, The
385 Rite Decision, The
386 Rite expiatis (On St. Francis of Assisi)
387 Rites and Wrongs
388 Rivalries Based on Ethnic Origin Have No Place in Christ's Church
389 River of Mercy
390 Road to Rome: The Education of Joseph A. Ratzinger, The
391 Rock of the New Testament, The
392 Roe v. Wade and Constitutional Law
393 rofile of Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val, Secretary of State of Pius X , A
394 Rogation Days
395 Role of Death, The
396 Role of Father as Family Protector, The
397 Role of Godparents, The
398 Role of Guardian Angels in Our Lives, The
399 Role of Liturgical Norms in the Eucharistic Celebration, The
400 Role of Military Chaplains, The
401 Role of Priests Is Irreplaceable, The
402 Role of Prudence in Fighting the Culture of Death, The
403 Role of the Family in John Paul II's Program For Building the Civilization of Love, The
404 Role of the Theological Virtue of Faith in Scriptural Interpretation, The
405 Role of the Woman in the Life of the Church, The
406 Roman Catholic Church and Abortion: An Historical Perspective - Part I, The
407 Roman Catholic Church and Abortion: An Historical Perspective - Part II, The
408 Roman Catholic Reflections on the Anglican Communion
409 Roman Curia and the Body of Christ, The
410 Roman Curia and the Ecumenical Council, The
411 Roman Holiday: Global Persecution of the Catholic Church, A
412 Roman Missal for the Pastoral Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States
413 Roman Stational Churches
414 Roman Synod and the Priest, The
415 Rome, Be Faithful To Your Dignity
416 Root Causes of the Sex Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church, The
417 Roots of Marian Devotion Go Back to Old Testament
418 Roots Of Modernist Unbelief, The
419 Roots of the Papal Social Vision of Work, The
420 Rosary and the Christian Wake, The
421 Rosary as Family Prayer, The
422 Rosary Encyclicals, The
423 Rosary for Peace in our Day, The
424 Rosary In History: From The Beginning To The Consolidation Of Its Actual Structure, The
425 Rosary Is Anchored in Holy Scripture
426 Rosary is not a Pious Practice Relegated to the Past
427 Rosary Offers Christian Response To Problem Of Suffering
428 Rosary, The
429 Rose Hawthorne Lathrop’s Ministry of Mercy
430 Rosemary Radford Ruether
431 Rose-Virginie Pelletier Founded her Faith on Jesus Christ as on a Rock
432 Rotten Fruit of Secularization, The
433 Rule Of Law Against Terrorism, Human Traffic, Organized Crime
434 Rule Of Law Against Terrorism, Human Trafficking
435 Ruled by Faith: France's Sainted King
436 Rupert of Deutz
437 Rural Communities Must Not Remain at the Margin of Political, Social and Economic Decisions
438 Rural Life in a Peaceful World
439 Rutilans Agmen