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By Diogenes (articles ) | Dec 03, 2009

While Phil Lawler waits and waits for Patrick Kennedy's next public slap at Bishop Tobin, your Uncle Di is drumming his fingers on the desktop and waiting for something else: a show of support for Bishop Tobin from his brother bishops. 

Literally thousands of editorial columns have appeared in print, arguing that Bishop Tobin was wrong to confront the Congressman. I'm still waiting to see the first column penned by an American bishop, explaining why Tobin was right. 

Update: I stand corrected. A reader calls our attention to an editorial by Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Center, New York, in his diocesan newspaper. His tone is not combative but his message is clear:

That is why it is quite proper for a bishop to instruct any member of the faithful on what the Church teaches and what kinds of obligations a Catholic must assume to live fully the life of faith which is ours in the Catholic Church.

That's one supportive voice. Are there others?



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  • Posted by: Frodo1945 - Dec. 06, 2009 9:14 PM ET USA

    Bishop Tobin was run over by Chris Matthews. Matthews lectured him and hogged most of the interview time. When he did Speak, Bishop Tobin didn't get his points across but spent his time on his heals from Matthews' attacking questions. Some Bishops are really naive when it comes to handling the press. Its a pity because Bishop Tobin seems to have handled this situation with a good pastoral approach. Unfortunately politicians and the media don't play by the rules, they go for the jugular.

  • Posted by: Ken - Dec. 05, 2009 2:10 AM ET USA

    I spoke to my bishop, Bishop Galeone of St Augustine, FL on this matter, Here was his considered reply: You ask that I come out with a public statement concerning his action. I have sent Bishop Tobin a private message of support and encouragement for his decision. I chose not to make it a public statement. Why? To avoid what happened in the Notre Dame controversy. Once we start counting heads, as was done in that case, and we're informed that 83 bishops signed the petition disapproving of Notre Dame's president's action, the press then concludes that more bishops supported the invitation that was extended than disapproved.

  • Posted by: elts1956 - Dec. 04, 2009 12:22 AM ET USA

    The woman and the dragon (Rev 12:1): There are several interpretations of this scripture reading. None of them clear nor certain. This is my theory. The 1/3 of the stars swept from the sky by the dragon are those Bishops who have stood against the life and death issues we are fighting in our secular society. Why would the devil cast out his followers from the sky? Wouldn't he leave them in place to do his dirty work through their lack of standing against the culture of death? During the past election approximately 1/3 of our Bishops and clergy came out against the issue of abortion that was so strongly promulgated and supported by our present administration. It was the greatest issue of our time. The majority of the hierarchy stood by and said nothing. . Pray for our strong Bishops and Cardinals such as Chaput, Tobin, Burke, Finn, Martino (suddenly retired) and other faithful clergy who have had the courage to stand for what they believe and teach. We need more of them.

  • Posted by: - Dec. 03, 2009 9:00 PM ET USA

    Bishop Tobin looked totally out of his depth in his interview with Chris Matthews. Don't these guys get media training?

  • Posted by: Chestertonian - Dec. 03, 2009 8:18 PM ET USA

    I will email Bishop Tobin as well, thanking him and offering my prayers for his continued good work. But, I have to wonder why it has taken this long for any bishop to confront the Kennedys on their looooong history of publicly straying from Church teaching. Have we a bunch of bishops wearing blinders, or too fond of the Kennedy $$ in the Sunday collection, or are they simply invertebrates?

  • Posted by: Minnesota Mary - Dec. 03, 2009 6:15 PM ET USA

    I'm betting that Bishop Tobin will be marginalized by most of his brother bishops. They don't like it when a good shepherd speaks out and puts the largess of the Federal Government to the Church in jeopardy.

  • Posted by: Hal - Dec. 03, 2009 6:11 PM ET USA

    I emailed him my support, and his office sent a nice reply back thanking me and telling me they would pass my compliments and prayers along. I hope he's received a lot of those.

  • Posted by: New Sister - Dec. 03, 2009 2:23 PM ET USA

    I bet Archbishop Tobin is getting ample fan mail from laity, which is at once good - that the laity are uplifted by his leadership and the Catholic truth he defends - and sad, because I think Bishop Tobin would be the first to say he is only doing his job.