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The nightmare of religious belief

By Leila Marie Lawler (articles ) | Mar 16, 2007

Diogenes has commented before on the strangely unchallenged habit of atheists, liberals, and devotees of scientism to reserve to themselves the position of final arbiters of true opinion – of the grounds of true opinion. As Uncle Di rightly points out, a simple commitment to studying history, let alone an explicit adherence to reason and first principles, will soon reveal the spurious nature of their unspoken claim.

So, a bunch of these hyper-credentialed sorts got together for a conference on science and religion (exalting the first and eliminating the second) in November. In Steven Weinberg’s words there, “the world needs to wake up from its long nightmare of religious belief.” I guess we should believe him because he has a Nobel prize in physics.

I like this short effort to throw open the window of reality by Herschel Fogelman, Dean of the Yeshiva Academy in Worcester. Here is a little taste:

This reminds us of the atheistic government of communist Russia, which for 70 years used all means at their disposal to remove G-d from Russian civilization. Houses of religion were closed, and scholars and teachers believing in G-d were removed from their positions.


What is most objectionable today is the super arrogance of scientists — who as yet have not discovered the whys and whats inherent in creation — [but who] are nevertheless eager to save civilization from the onslaught of religion. None of the scientists has ever studied in depth, researched or learned the science of G-d and this way of life.


Based on the history of human behavior, one may conclude that those relating to one G-d may ultimately be subjected to the unbelievable exploits of the past.

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  • Posted by: - Apr. 08, 2007 2:04 AM ET USA

    Here's another statement that silly scientist made: "Religion largely relies on authority. We don't have anything like that in the world of science. We do have heroes, but they are not authorities to whom we go to for solutions of scientific problems. E.g., in my field, certainly Einstein is the greatest hero of the 20th century. But today it's understood than any reasonably good graduate student understands general relativity better than Einstein did. We have learned. We have progressed.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 18, 2007 12:07 AM ET USA

    “the world needs to wake up from its long nightmare of religious belief.” When science can finally decide with 100% accuracy what foods & medicines are 'healthy' or 'unhealthy' I'll then consider confering my faith in God onto scientists. They can't even keep a straight story about eggs, butter, oat bran, or vioxx for heaven's sake and they want me to trust them instead of belief in God?? I'd just like to wake up from the long nightmare of scientific interference in my dietary choices.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 16, 2007 11:31 PM ET USA

    As Normnuke suggests, - this "Endloesung" has already begun, perhaps even finished the job. Look at most educational institutions, who have, in the last 30 years, promoted and hired only like-thinkers. Otherwise how do you explain that almost 90 % of the higher educational system employees declare themselves "Democrats", - which nowadays means something else than say 40-50 years ago. Otto

  • Posted by: - Mar. 16, 2007 5:09 PM ET USA

    Dawkins at al. are mere peons to Lucretius. It is Lucretius, better and more eloquently than any writer since, who shows how the appeal to science in proof against the existence of God, begins in philosophy, with the assumption that God does not exist.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 16, 2007 4:37 PM ET USA

    Complacency on our part isn't warranted. A couple of years back Bill Clinton called on the world to recognize that the problems of the world were due to religious believers (meaning us more than them). In this kind of context the statement: “the world needs to wake up from its long nightmare of religious belief.” could easily become a call for Endloesung to the problem of atheism deniers. Not the messy kind, of course. Tenure denial. Firing. Paper rejection. These will do.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 16, 2007 4:33 PM ET USA

    Most science today is stained by dogmatism, politics, and in many cases both. A scientist who publishes authentic research which rigorously follows the scientific method doesn't have a prayer of winning the Nobel prize. (pun intended)

  • Posted by: - Mar. 16, 2007 2:32 PM ET USA

    These scientists also haven't discovered the who and how inherent in creation. A good scientist is one who has one eye on what he studies, the other eye a much larger context and asks how this all happened and how it ALL fits together. That is where the seed of religion is germanated.

  • Posted by: - Mar. 16, 2007 10:45 AM ET USA

    "G-d" I haven't see that written since my high school days on Long Island :) Here is the argument of these atheistic gnostics. a) We are right because we are so learned about X. b) You are wrong because you do not have a degree in X. c) You can study and try to get a degree in X. d) We will teach you everything you need to learn about X. e) If you can prove you agree with us then you will get a degree in X. f) If not, see argument "a".