and for our Saturday-afternoon schismatic liturgy,...

By Diogenes (articles ) | Sep 02, 2006

Check the weekly bulletin of St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis, and-- right next to the item on "Eco-Spirituality"-- you'll find this notice:

Call to Action Minnesota: Womenpriests Celebrate the Eucharist. On Saturday, September 23, 4-8 pm. Call to Action invites you to a Eucharistic Celebration with Regina Nicolosi presiding. Rev. Nicolosi was ordained as a womanpriest this summer. Following the Eucharist is a presentation by SJA parishioner Dr. Dorothy Irvin on "Ancient and Contemporary Models of Womenpriests and Deacons". Supper is included.

(Notice that the parish is not endorsing or sponsoring this parody of the Eucharist. Oh, no; certainly not. They're just announcing something that Call to Action is doing.)

Elsewhere in the bulletin the pastor tells about something he hears in Confession. Which is odd, not only because a priest is bound by the confessional seal, but also because the bulletin gives not a hint that confessions are actually heard at St. Joan of Arc parish.

Not that it's a quiet place. Just look at this line-up of the "Sunday Gym Liturgy Ministers:"

Presider: Fr. Jim DeBruycker
Welcome Giver: Pam Oleson-Kremer
Reader: Pat Greene
Hosts: Nona and Bob Bergh, Steve Cross, Lois Ebnet, Marge Thurin
Slide Projectionist: Sam Kent
Wine Ministers: Donna Diepolder, Laurie Encinas, Mary Kay Dooley, Peggy Langeslay, Joan and Jon Schaefer

Wine? They're serving wine? I guess we shouldn't be surprised, because wine is what their friends will be serving at the Womenpriest liturgy, after an invalid consecration by a sham priestess. What's the difference, really, between the Womenpriest mockery and the liturgy at St. Joan of Arc?

Maybe the parish mission statement will help us answer that question.

We transcend traditional boundaries and draw those who seek spiritual growth and social justice.

We welcome diverse ideas and encourage reflection on the message of the Gospel.

There's more, but you get the drift. You might get a suspicion that something's wrong at St. Joan of Arc. But you'd be wrong, because Archbishop Harry Flynn-- who is quick to take action when pastors question Church authority-- has not taken action.

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  • Posted by: - Sep. 05, 2006 8:41 AM ET USA

    From opening page of parish website, among other notices: "Joan Chittister's spiritual memoir, Chapters 10, 11 and 12 are covered by the SJA Bible Study Group .... " That explains a lot. They use the Bible that includes the "Book of Joan C." How can this parish be called Roman Catholic?

  • Posted by: Sterling - Sep. 04, 2006 11:33 PM ET USA

    Welcome Givers?

  • Posted by: - Sep. 04, 2006 7:27 AM ET USA

    I visited the web site and now I am off to take a shower.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 03, 2006 11:58 PM ET USA

    SJA has been a heterodox parish for years. Gloria Steinham once 'preached' there. A visiting priest felt free enough to invite women up to 'consecrate' w/ him. Flynn is orthodox. However, he suffered a 'spinalectomy' on his arrival in St. Paul. He is a weak man, lacking judgment in character and easily deluded in that regard. These are character weaknesses, not an attachment to sin or a sinful way of life. His advisors are leftovers from Roach. Pray the Lord to heal his affliction.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 03, 2006 10:12 AM ET USA

    Notice *this* week's bulletin: "The Bottom Line: Our income continues to be very soft. After ending the fiscal year with a $50,000 deficit we have begun the new fiscal year with another deficit through July and August. The staff has been asked to cut spending as much as possible, and the Finance Committee is having an emergency meeting to try to find some solutions to our financial difficulties." Suggestions welcomed here...

  • Posted by: - Sep. 03, 2006 12:47 AM ET USA

    Unfortunately, a priest must speak in a way that the parishoners can understand. Verbage such as "brain farts" seems right on target for SJA parish. The priest is probably trying to get reassigned and figured if publishing something the Arbp doesn't like got Fr. Altier reassigned... He just hasn't figured out that all he needs to do is defend orthodox Catholic teaching, then he will land a cushy job as an associate chaplain at an out-of-the-way care facility, well outside the Twin Cities.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 02, 2006 9:50 PM ET USA

    My attention too was for the first time drawn to this horrid parish known as St. Joan, as I found an article awkwardly mentioning St. Joan and then mentioning Fr. Altier as though there were a relationship when there isn't. I've been tracking news items on Fr. Altier since his suppression by Bishop Harry. Short of satanism, St. Joan is as herterodox as it gets; the website is replusive. Bishop Harry is so inextricably hooked into the heterodoxy that he gags a true evangelist and apologist.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 02, 2006 8:51 PM ET USA

    And this comment from the pastor says a lot about his character as a pastor - he actually put this in the bulletin! "“Whose brain fart was it to put communion ministers in the middle of the church?” is me. I have had a whole diaper full of brain farts in my life. This is just the latest. Of course manure is the best fertilizer."

  • Posted by: - Sep. 02, 2006 8:47 PM ET USA

    I think the strategy of the progressives is becoming more clear: since History and, indeed Simple Decency, are irrefutably on the side of openly homosexual clergy and womenpriests, they will simply ignore the Pope and continue as if their Bishop actively supported their cause. He does.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 02, 2006 5:40 PM ET USA

    The priest was talking in generalities about an issue that arises in confession and it was to make a point. While probably not the brightest idea, it is not a failure in his office. I feel sorry for the poor fellow, SJA parish is a disaster and any attempt to "order" it is an uphill climb on burning coals with the wind in your face. The priest sounds thoroughly stressed from the bulletin & could probably use a prayer. We should just give the place the Episcopalians and be done with it.

  • Posted by: - Sep. 02, 2006 3:48 PM ET USA

    I know what the Archbishop should do! Issue a statement on whatever the UN is debating. That willshow he is relevant and caring.

  • Posted by: Vincit omnia amor - Sep. 02, 2006 3:36 PM ET USA

    seeing how the AB permit this mess to continue, it makes one wonder what else he allows to go on. wow, they've got the whole "New Age" thing going on at St. Joan's! (and this is the upper mid-west not San Fran!)

  • Posted by: zonner - Sep. 02, 2006 2:07 PM ET USA

    What did he reveal? I believe the seal of confession binds the confessor and anyone who overhears from revealing sins told in the confession.Prudence would restrain a priest from telling something else which is outside the area of sins.