By Diogenes (articles ) | Feb 08, 2006

Commonweal has its knickers in a twist over Fr. Richard Neuhaus's "Gays in the Priesthood."

Weigel's "Truce of 1968" is a neoconservative myth, akin to the notion that a lack of American resolve lost Vietnam or that Ronald Reagan's principled belligerence ended the cold war. The idea that married Catholic laity might trust their own moral experience when it came to contraception has no place in Weigel and Neuhaus's tidy scenario. According to the neocon bible, the "disorder" that followed Humanae vitae was caused quite simply by Paul VI’s failure of nerve.

Coming from the folks that brought you Brokeback Birth Control, that's quite a compliment.

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  • Posted by: - Feb. 10, 2006 11:54 AM ET USA

    They forgot to include another common myth: "...or that one and one is always two."

  • Posted by: - Feb. 09, 2006 7:41 PM ET USA

    Objecting to Commonweal's propoganda is not enough. Stop supporting colleges and universities that buy into its agenda. Cancel subscriptions file lawsuits...operate like the ACLU.

  • Posted by: parochus - Feb. 09, 2006 1:51 AM ET USA

    This might be the smartest thing Commonweal has ever done. Picking a fight with Weigel and Neuhaus might make them relevant, if not misguided. The question is whether the heavy hitters take the bait or refuse to drop down to double-A ball.

  • Posted by: - Feb. 08, 2006 6:44 PM ET USA

    ”It is true, however, that like many Catholics, Commonweal is engaged in the difficult task of discerning whether new understandings of homosexuality are compatible with the gospel and the church’s moral tradition…” "New understandings of homosexuality". Huh...? And Lucifer saith unto God: "In view of new understandings of Pride... God...? God...?"

  • Posted by: - Feb. 08, 2006 6:23 PM ET USA

    Commonfeal might fizzle out, but it's throwing sparks and burning things down as it goes.

  • Posted by: - Feb. 08, 2006 3:14 PM ET USA

    Fascinating to see the dissenting crowd decry the church's moral activism, e.g. birth control, on one hand and the blast the bishops for their moral inactivity on the homosexual scandal that has torn the Churh apart. The refusal of the dissenting crowd to see that trusting your moral experience in area, e.g. birth control, might cause others to want to trust their own moral experience in other areas, e.g. homosexual predation on young men. So who's experience is normative in their worldview?

  • Posted by: - Feb. 08, 2006 3:09 PM ET USA

    Novak hits the bull's eye, but, unfortunately, I disagree with Leo13. Commonweal is supported by institutional subscriptions, not readers. The parents who wreck their retirement to send their kids to "non-confessional" Catholic universities are forced to support this wretched rag.

  • Posted by: - Feb. 08, 2006 2:18 PM ET USA

    Commonweal is no longer a Catholic publication. A key indication that they have departed from the Catholic Faith is the notion that the source of morality is a person's moral experience. Thus the Catholic Catechism is some "neocon" plot. This also reveals Commonweal's other pathology: ideology trumps all and hence Catholic doctrine is an interplay between liberal and conservative polarities. A simple question to the Commonweal folks: do you accept the authority of Humanae Vitae as binding?

  • Posted by: - Feb. 08, 2006 12:57 PM ET USA

    If we all ignored Commonweal it would fizzle out all by itself.