Let's hope he was joking.

By Diogenes (articles ) | Jun 27, 2005

"The decisions you make tonight will effect your whole future and your eternal future," Rev. Billy Graham told a rally in New York.

Then the 86-year-old evangelist made his own decision, that night, to praise Bill and Hillary Clinton. He said that Bill should become a preacher, leaving "his wife to run the country."


For decades, Rev. Graham carefully guarded his reputation for personal integrity. He made a point of never being alone with a women other than his wife, because he understood how damaging even the appearance of impropriety-- even a baseless accusation of impropriety-- could be to his public image. Now he let his guard down, and was duped by two of America's leading con artists.

It's a sad finale to a remarkable public career. Ironically, just a few hours later (in a very different context) Pope Benedict observed that with one careless mistake a man "can ruin his own life and that of others."

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  • Posted by: Barb Kralis - Jun. 29, 2005 6:41 PM ET USA

    Some Catholics find Billy Graham's endorsement of Hillary for President shocking?Why?For past 25 years, Graham has operated 'Pregnacy Crisis Centers' nationwide that distribute condoms and abortifacient information. Graham has always supported abortion in the case of incest and rape. Why do some think he is pro-life? Numberous other Protestant 'pro-life' leaders are in same quagmire. "So you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity!" (Matt.23:28)

  • Posted by: Barb Kralis - Jun. 29, 2005 4:04 PM ET USA

    The NY crowd grew in numbers during the Summer 2005 Graham revival meeting,filtering into the stadium to hear the words of a hypocrite.Graham calls himself 'Christian' yet supports politicians who promote procured abortion.Graham has preached to more than 210 million people in l85 countries,to Presidents and Kings, seeking his wayward advice.The "woes" that Jesus spoke to the Pharisees apply to all who hypocritically maintain that they are a disciple of Jesus and yet refuse to follow His word.

  • Posted by: - Jun. 29, 2005 2:18 PM ET USA

    Can you imagine? Bill becoming a preacher? Actually, that would mean the same to me as John Kerry being Catholic. Now Hillary running the US! That's a very scary thought. I picture Apocalypse coming sooner as morality in the world sinks to an all-time low. I don't know if it would be that bad, but it certainly couldn't be good.

  • Posted by: - Jun. 28, 2005 5:10 PM ET USA

    It seems that men who are taken seriously all their lives are in danger of saying anything silly when they get old, just to regain the attention. I was immediately reminded of Barry Goldwater when I read of Graham's Clinton foolishness.

  • Posted by: - Jun. 28, 2005 3:11 PM ET USA

    Billy Graham is a great American and has done much for Christianity in the US. However, The problem with Protestantism is that anyone can start his own denomination and gain legitimacy if he gets enough secular press coverage. The reason there are 26,000 protestant denominations is that each one decides what they want to believe. Ben XVI calls that relativism. So, don't be surprised by Dr. Grahams endorsement of Clinton as a preacher. Morality has always been what Bill wants it to be.

  • Posted by: The OX - Jun. 28, 2005 5:50 AM ET USA

    As a 70 year old Catholic, I was disappointed when I read " New York, Brooklyn dioceses cool to Billy Graham crusade (Washington Times)". However, I was totally disappointed when Billy Graham said that Bill Clinton should become a preacher, leaving "his wife to run the country." Let's pray for Franklin and ask Sean Hannity to have the courage to publicly discuuss his fathers aging remarks with his friend Franklin. Did the devil make him do it ?

  • Posted by: - Jun. 27, 2005 10:10 PM ET USA

    While I am not defending Billy Graham's politics, I do remind our readers that he is a lifelong Democrat. Now what ype of Democrat is he? We can never be sure. I choose to believe the best about Mr. Graham and hope he is a pro-life Democrat like formet Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey or even my former US Rep. Tony Hall from Ohio. But his apparent endorsement of the Clintons baffles me.

  • Posted by: - Jun. 27, 2005 6:33 PM ET USA

    They reduced him to an activist. A segregationist. By doing so they denied all else that he did, like preach the Gospel. (The gospel was was less than, but still powerful.) I think it was an effort to employ the boy, Rev. Franklin. Or to carry on the legacy. The problem is that they never let you give in without changing yourself. Old man Graham made a deal with the devils. What a legacy. They (our former first family, remember, so we're all culpable) obviously have absolutely no scruples.