Cheerleaders for Kinsey

By Diogenes (articles ) | Feb 09, 2005

The movie is "well-crafted, intelligently made," the reviewer tells us.

True, it's about a "sometimes difficult man," but you can feel the reviewer's contempt for those who think that he was "in league with the devil or the Communists, undermining the moral foundations of western society."

Yes, we're talking about Kinsey, the cinematic paean to the man whose "scientific" research-- now exposed as fraudulent-- helped usher in the sexual revolution. The reviewer is impatient with those who condemn Kinsey, and much more sympathetic toward those who believe that his work "paved the way to sexual sanity, liberating them from guilt and mental anguish by showing that what is considered ‘right’ or ‘normal’ in human sexual behaviour has little to do with the reality of how people conduct themselves sexually."

It's only a short review, but you won't find a trace of skepticism about Kinsey's methods, let alone criticism of his goals. Kinsey was interested in "objective information" and "in looking at human sexuality from a scientific point of view," we are told.

So who supplied this favorable review?

  • Planned Parenthood? No
  • The Village Voice? No.
  • Playboy magazine? No
    • The Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference.

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      • Posted by: Venerable Aussie - Feb. 10, 2005 6:08 PM ET USA

        On the ACBC's website above you'll also find two pathetic reviews of the Passion of the Christ - both issued at the same time as the great Cardinal Pell, realising the film's evangelistic potential, was talking it up in the secular press. For those of you who thrive on irony, check out Richard Leonard SJ's review where he praises Cardinal Mahony for standing up to this "schismatic" (ie Gibson) who doesn't "follow the Church's teachings" and has thefore "placed himself outside our community."

      • Posted by: - Feb. 10, 2005 10:08 AM ET USA

        The problem is the same for nearly all western Catholic bishops councils. They provide a base for faceless and unaccountable radicals to promote their agendas. At worst they become their own independent magisteriums.

      • Posted by: - Feb. 10, 2005 9:10 AM ET USA

        Surely you didn't expect orthodoxy from a national bishops conference!

      • Posted by: - Feb. 09, 2005 7:25 PM ET USA

        "The bishops are sleeping." Well, it's a long, long naptime for many of their excellencies. Is it sleep or a coma? And when they awake, will they recognize that the world has bypassed them?

      • Posted by: miasarx - Feb. 09, 2005 7:08 PM ET USA

        Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us.

      • Posted by: - Feb. 09, 2005 5:06 PM ET USA

        Epstein hasn't noticed the ever increasing butcher's bill for all this "sanity". Ignoring "what is considered ‘right’ or ‘normal’" may be thought "tolerant" and "diverse", but it only leads to lots of people with botched lives. If the ACBC publishes stuff like this, it may as well issue each of the faithful a revolver and bullet w/ instructions of how to play spin & squeeze - wouldn't make much difference, and the wages is just the same. Shame on them.

      • Posted by: - Feb. 09, 2005 3:21 PM ET USA

        I read the review. This is another example of the Catholic Bishops of the WORLD not paying attention to the people who write in their names. I can't believe that Cardinal Pell would agree with this review. Have the Conference employees ever heard of St. Ignatius Press?? Many Catholic and Christian authors have written of the fraudulent info in the Kinsey Report. The reviewer seems to be unaware therefore not qualified to write such a review. The Bishops are sleeping!!!