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This Insights eNewsletter was sent to subscribers on June 2, 2017.

eNewsletter Subject: The closing of the Catholic mind

In How conservative ideas are censored, and how to break that barrier, Phil Lawler explains the need to escape mere politics and put more energy into education and culture.

Catholic ideas cover a broader range, but most often they are rejected as well. Worse, they are too often drowned out from within. See my take on the influence of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus: Don’t worry: The Black Pope is just a symbol of the zeitgeist.

To grasp how ideas are banned in the secular world, consider the Catholic farmer in Michigan who was barred from a city market because he opposes same-sex marriage.

Sadly, most of the West today is governed by the principle that those who do evil hate the light. In other words: Zero tolerance for those who dissent in favor of the Good.


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