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Compilation of Websites and Articles for the Year of Faith

by Various

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  • Description:
    A compilation of websites and articles for the Year of Faith.
  • Publisher & Date:
    Catholic Culture, August 28, 2012


Year of Faith - Vatican

Year of Faith - USCCB

Catholics Come Home

EWTN Year of Faith News

Catholic Answers

Fr. Mitch Pacwa-Bible Study for the Year of Faith


Catholic Dads Headquarters

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

Catholics United for the Faith

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

The Catholic Encyclopedia

Catholic Education Resource Center

Fathers of the Church


Canon Law at the Service of Justice and Freedom in the Church as the People of God
Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, D.D., J.C.D.

A Summary and Guide to the Documents of the Second Vatican Council
Dr. Jeffrey Mirus

The Ecclesiology of Communion, 50 Years after the Opening of Vatican Council II
Marc Ouellet

The King’s Good Servant: Living the Faith in the Church and the World
Archbishop Charles Chaput

I tell you, I have never found such Faith
Nazareno Marconi

Art & Liturgy: Splendor of Faith
H. Reed Armstrong

Biblical Scholarship and the Faith
Kenneth D. Whitehead

Christ, Faith, and the Challenge of Culture
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Christians Need to Understand their Faith in order to Help Others to God
Pope Benedict XVI

Conscience and the Obedience of Faith
Jay Boyd

Directory on Popular Piety
Congregation for Divine Worship

Faith Involves the Whole Person
Pope John Paul II

Faith Thought Out and Lived Afresh Will Save Christianity
Pope Benedict XVI

Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason – (Encyclical)
Pope John Paul II

Make the Precious Pearl of Faith Shine for All
Pope Benedict XVI

Our Faith is a Fighting Faith
Bishop Daniel R. Jenky

Catechesi Tradendae (Apostolic Exhortation)
Pope John Paul II

Relativism: The Central Problem for Faith Today
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Secularization and Urbanization Must Be Faced with Solid and Mature Faith
Pope John Paul II

Service to the Faith is Also a Service to Joy
Pope Benedict XVI

The ‘Culture of Faith’ vs. the ‘Culture of Secularism
Mark S. Latovic

The Responsibility to Have a Well-Informed Faith Life
Bishop Robert James Carlson

The Art of Trinitarian Prayer
Jesus Castelano Cervera

Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?
David Arias

Hands Folded in Prayer
Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty

How to Develop a Prayer Life that Transforms
Brennan Pursell

St. Teresa’s Teaching on the Grades of Prayer
Jordan Aumann

The Magnificat: Mary’s Own Prayer
John Hardon, SJ

To Pray Always: The Liturgy of the Hours
Mary Bazzett

Prayer in Times of Suffering
John Paul II

Prayer, the Main ‘Weapon’ in the Fight Against Evil
Benedict XVI

The Five First Principles of Prayer
Jeff Mirus

The Ecclesial Context of Personal Prayer
Jeff Mirus

The Mystery and Power of Personal Prayer
Jeff Mirus

Prayer: A Primer on the Path to Union
Jeff Mirus

Union with God: Practice Is the Key
Jeff Mirus

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