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Catholic Exchange is a non-profit media organization that seeks to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church to the world through the modern tools of mass communication. Inspired by Pope John Paul II’s call for a "Springtime of a New Evangelization," and in faithfulness to Pope Benedict XVI, they strive to "put out into the deep" a relevant response to the need for greater catechesis and revival of the lay faithful.

This is a very well designed site that is easy and fun to use. The columnists are some of the Church’s most respected authors. The wide variety of resources makes this site well worth a visit.

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First Evaluated: 04/24/2003; Last Updated: 01/05/2012

  1. Fidelity: Excellent
  2. Resources: Excellent
  3. Useability: Excellent


  • News section  Resources  Example(s)
  • Feature articles and commentary  Resources  Example(s)
  • Church Today section  Resources  Example(s)
  • Online Catholic Store  Resources 
  • Teen Life feature articles  Resources 
  • Catholic Scripture study resources  Resources  Example(s)
  • Library of Catholic links and resources  Resources  Example(s)
  • Phone book of Catholic-friendly businesses  Resources 
  • Free web based email  Resources 
  • Catholic Exchange Radio and Podcasts  Resources 
  • Catholic Exchange Publications  Resources 
  • Catholic Exchange Film & Video  Resources 
  • Blogs  Resources 


  • Fidelity: Article which refers to the possibility that St. Joseph was previously married and had children from that marriage. Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Protestant columnists Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Secular Advertising Example(s)



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Catholic Exchange
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