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Mass exodus continues from German Catholic Church CWN - July 17

More than 200,000 Germans formally left the Catholic Church in 2014, accelerating the downward trend in the Catholic proportion of the country’s population. Germans who are officially enrolled in...

Brazilian archbishop resigns following apostolic visitation CWN - July 15

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a Brazilian archbishop following an apostolic visitation conducted by Cardinal Claudio Hummes. Archbishop Antônio Carlos Altieri, 63, was appointed...

Pope rebukes Bolivian President Morales for hammer-and-sickle crucifix CWN - July 9

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales drew a rebuke from Pope Francis when he presented the Pontiff with a crucifix mounted on a hammer and sickle. “That’s not right,” the Pope said when he saw the...

Vatican Radio site posts controversial lesbian photo CWN - July 8

The German-language site of Vatican Radio posted a photo of lesbians kissing, to accompany an article on changing attitudes toward same-sex unions. The photo was removed from the Vatican Radio...

Episcopal Church to vote on same-sex marriage CWN - July 1

The Episcopal Church is poised to hold a final vote on whether to permit same-sex marriages in its dioceses. The House of Bishops-- one of the two houses of the church’s bicameral legislature at...

Chairman of Fordham theology department enters into same-sex marriage CWN - July 6

The chairman of the theology department at Jesuit-run Fordham University has entered into a same-sex marriage. J. Patrick Hornbeck II and his partner, Patrick Anthony Bergquist, were joined in a...

Irish bishops reject plan to ask 'conservative' students to leave national seminary CWN - July 3

Under pressure from bishops, the Irish national seminary at Maynooth will welcome back several seminarians who had been asked to leave because they were viewed “too conservative,” the Irish Catholic...

Little Sisters of the Poor must comply with contraceptive mandate, US appeals court rules CWN - July 14

A US federal appeals court has ruled that the Little Sisters of the Poor must comply with the contraceptive mandate in the “Obamacare” health plan. The Tenth Circuit Court ruled that the Little...

Nuns assaulted in Mexico CWN - July 7

Three elderly nuns were assaulted at their parish convent in Matías Romero, a town of 40,000 in southern Mexico. The June 29 incident comes nine months after a similar attack on the parish...

Archbishop Gänswein on Synod: 'Why do some pastors want to propose what’s not possible?' CWN - July 21

Archbishop Georg Gänswein has questioned why some bishops-- particularly in his native Germany-- are proposing the admission of divorced and remarried Catholics to Communion, when that step is "not...

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