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Pope gives new name, new focus to John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family

With a motu proprio issued on September 19, Pope Francis has closed the Vatican Institute set up by St. John Paul II to study marriage and family life, replacing it with a new Institute with a...

North Korea launches another missile, escalating crisis

The Vatican newspaper gave this story front-page coverage in its 9/16 edition.

Head of refounded John Paul II Institute outlines his vision

L’Osservatore Romano has published a front-page article by Msgr. Pierangelo Sequeri, the president of the newly refounded John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Marriage and Family...

Cardinal Burke re-appointed to Apostolic Signatura

In a surprise move, Pope Francis has appointed Cardinal Raymond Burke to the Apostolic Signatura, the Church’s highest canonical court. The Pope had removed Cardinal Burke as head of the...

Pope Francis critiques premises of transgender movement

The Pontiff’s critique came in the 3rd section of an address to a markedly changed Pontifical Academy for Life, whose members are meeting in Rome for a 2-day conference. The Pope said that “the recently-advanced hypothesis of reopening the way for the dignity of the person by radically neutralizing sexual difference and, therefore, the understanding between man and woman, is not right ... The biological and psychical manipulation of sexual difference, which biomedical technology allows us to perceive as completely available to free choice – which it is not! – thus risks dismantling the source of energy that nurtures the alliance between man and woman and which renders it creative and fruitful.”

Death penalty never justifiable, Pope says

In an October 11 address marking the 25th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said that “it must be clearly stated that the death penalty is an inhumane measure...

Newly appointed Austrian bishop favors women as deacons, maybe priests

Bishop-designate Hermann Glettler, appointed last week to head the Innsbruck diocese, voiced his hope that the Church would soon allow the ordination of women as deacons, and said it is “not so utopian” to think of women priests as well. He strongly favors allowing divorced-and-remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

Pope’s new book carries preface by Italian gender-theory advocate

A new book by Pope Francis, Imparare ad imparare (“Learning to Learn”) appeared in Italian bookstores last Friday. The preface is by Valeria Fedeli, Italy’s education minister—who is an outspoken advocate of same-sex marriage and gender theory.

Louisiana court uphold priest’s refusal to testify on confession

A Louisiana judge has said that he does not have the authority to determine what constitutes a sacramental confession, thus apparently ending a legal drama that threatened the integrity of the...

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘I can’t give a straight answer’ on morality of homosexual acts

Questioned by a GQ interviewer on whether homosexual acts are immoral, Dr. Justin Welby, the worldwide leader of the Anglican communion, said: “You know very well that is a question that I can’t give a straight answer to.” Admittedly that he had phrased his reply poorly, he said that “I haven’t got a good answer.”