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Report: jihadists destroy St. George’s mausoleum in Mosul

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the jihadist group that took over Mosul in June and subsequently expelled Christians from the city, has destroyed the mausoleum of St. George, the city’s

Zhejiang: 360 crosses, Christian buildings destroyed

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) Chinese Communist officials have continued their campaign against Christian institutions in the eastern province of Zhejiang. Since January, the government has demolished 360 crosses or

Dates announced for Pope’s trip to Sri Lanka, Philippines

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) The Holy See Press Office has officially announced the dates of Pope Francis’s apostolic journey to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The Pontiff will visit Sri Lanka from January 12-15 and the

Ukraine: separatists release kidnapped priest

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) A Roman-rite priest who was abducted by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on July 15 has been released, the Religious Information Service for Ukraine reported. Father Viktor Vonsovych

In Caserta meeting, evangelical pastor greets Pope Francis as ‘my beloved brother’

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) The Holy See Press Office has released the remarks made by evangelical pastor Giovanni Traettino during his July 28 meeting with Pope Francis in Caserta, Italy. As he introduced “my beloved

Southern African bishops pledge to pray, advocate on behalf of Palestinians

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) Citing “your pain, humiliation and increased oppression,” the head of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference has expressed “our profound solidarity, our fervent prayers and our renewed

Prelates rue recent court decisions on marriage

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) Prelates around the country have criticized recent court rulings declaring that the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is unconstitutional. “Recent court decisions on

Liturgical Calendar: Memorial of St. Martha, virgin

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) Jesus liked to stay at the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, his friends at Bethany, when he was in Judea. One of these visits has ever remained dear to Christian memory. On that occasion Martha,

New Document: We Priests, Celibate Like Christ

(Tuesday, Jul. 29) As a Church historian, the German cardinal Brandmüller refutes the notion according to which clerical celibacy was an invention of the 10th century. He explains that its origin is with Jesus and the

European court: no 'human right' to same-sex marriage

(Monday, Jul. 28) The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that member nations are not required to “grant access to marriage to same-sex couples,” in a complicated case involving a transgendered

Vatican prelate voices fears for Iraqi Christians, during visit to California

(Monday, Jul. 28) The prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for Eastern Churches condemned religious violence, and offered prayers for the embattled Christians of Iraq, as he presided at the Divine Liturgy on July 27

In new interview, Pope speaks on leisure, family rest on Sunday

(Monday, Jul. 28) Pope Francis reflected on his youth, spoke about the importance of leisure to family life, and the brutality of warfare in a newly published interview. Speaking to the Argentine weekly Viva about

Colombian bishop welcomes rebel group's transformation into political party

(Monday, Jul. 28) The move by former guerilla groups to form political parties is a step toward peace for Colombia, Bishop Julia Cesar Vidal Ortiz told the Fides news service. The bishop, who has served as a

Family of Jesuit abducted in Syria issues appeal on anniversary of his disappearance

(Monday, Jul. 28) The family of an Italian Jesuit priest who was kidnapped in Syria has issued an appeal, as the anniversary of his disappearance arrives. Father Paolo Dell'Oglio was apparently captured near

5 killed in bombing of Catholic church in Nigeria

(Monday, Jul. 28) At least five people were killed, and several others seriously injured, when a Catholic church was bombed in Kano, in northern Nigeria, on July 27. The explosion at St. Charles church came

In talk to Evangelical congregation, Pope apologizes for Catholic hostility

(Monday, Jul. 28) Pope Francis apologized for Catholic cooperation in campaigns against Pentecostalists and Evangelicals, during a visit to a Protestant congregation in Caserta on July 28. The Pope was traveling

After investigation of diocese in Paraguay, Vatican suspends ordinations

(Monday, Jul. 28) The Vatican has suspended priestly ordinations in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, according to multiple media reports. Following an investigation of the diocese led by Cardinal Santos

Commentary: Renewal with God Behind Us: Man Determines All

(Monday, Jul. 28) In the first section of Who Is a Christian?, Hans Urs von Balthasar discusses the difficult situation the Church finds herself in today (or, to be more precise, in 1983 when the book was published;

Pontiff recalls World War I centenary: ‘no more war!’

(Monday, Jul. 28) At the conclusion of his Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis recalled that July 28 marks the centenary of the beginning of World War I. “As we remember this tragic event, I hope that the

‘Read the Gospel and find Jesus,’ says Pope

(Monday, Jul. 28) During his Sunday Angelus address in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis reflected on the Gospel from the Mass of the day (Mt. 13:44-52). “Whoever finds [the kingdom of God] has no doubts, he feels

Cardinal Marchisano dead at 85

(Monday, Jul. 28) Cardinal Francesco Marchisano died on July 27 at the age of 85. In a telegram of condolence, Pope Francis described him as “generous in his vocation as a priest and bishop, solicitous of the

Pope Francis: Jesus is the treasure, Jesus is the pearl

(Monday, Jul. 28) Pope Francis concluded his brief apostolic journey to Caserta on July 26 by celebrating evening Mass in the piazza in front of the city’s royal palace. Preaching about the parables of the

Pope says priests should be men of prayer who are close to the people

(Monday, Jul. 28) On July 26, Pope Francis made an apostolic journey to the southern Italian region of Campania and arrived by helicopter in Caserta, a city of 80,000. The visit to Caserta was the Pope’s sixth

‘No official confirmation’ of papal trip to Philadelphia

(Monday, Jul. 28) A day after Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia said that “Pope Francis has told me that he is coming” to the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in September 2015, the director of the

Papal condolences following plane crash in Mali

(Monday, Jul. 28) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, has sent condolences on behalf of Pope Francis following an Air Algérie plane crash in Mali that left 118 dead. The Pope assured the

Liturgical Calendar: Monday of the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time

(Monday, Jul. 28) According to the 1962 Missal of St. John XXIII the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, today is the feast of Sts. Nazarius and Celsus, first century martyrs, whose bodies were found by St. Ambrose

Commentary: Introducing the Church Fathers

(Sunday, Jul. 27) Several years ago, processed and made available online a set of the writings of the Fathers of the Church. In order to make our readers aware of this under-used resource,

Liturgical Calendar: Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

(Sunday, Jul. 27) "The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is

Liturgical Calendar: Memorial of Sts. Joachim and Anne, parents of Mary

(Saturday, Jul. 26) It was in the home of Joachim and Ann where the Virgin Mary received her training to be the Mother of God. Thus, devotion to Ann and Joachim is an extension of the affection Christians have always

Pope is surprise luncheon visitor at Vatican workers' cafeteria

(Friday, Jul. 25) Pope Francis surprised Vatican workers on July 25 by dropping into the staff cafeteria for lunch. Arriving without warning just after noon, the Pope took a tray, chose a Friday lunch of fish and

English primary school ordered to change admissions policy that favored Mass-going families

(Friday, Jul. 25) A Catholic primary school in England has been ordered by government officials to alter its admissions policies, which had given preference to the children of families that attended Mass

Commentary: Hans Urs von Balthasar on Renewal that Matters

(Friday, Jul. 25) The brilliant Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905 – 1988) was for a long time a controversial figure. Perhaps in some circles he still is. During his formation and education as a

Commentary: Sts. Anne and Joachim: Our Family Support

(Friday, Jul. 25) Many years ago as a small infant I became a member of the Catholic Church, baptized as "Jennifer Ann" in St. Anne Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. Being named after the mother of the

Christian aid workers slain in Afghanistan

(Friday, Jul. 25) Two Finnish women who have worked for a Christian aid organization in Afghanistan since 1997 were gunned down in Herat, the nation’s 3rd-largest city. “These women have given their lives-- now

‘China’s aging millions look forward to bleak future’

(Friday, Jul. 25) China’s population of elderly will rise to 350 million by 2030, and the nation’s one-child policy will “impose a huge burden on the country, shrink the labor force that has fueled its growth, and

Bishop Pates: mining companies, CAFTA have had harmful effects on Central America

(Friday, Jul. 25) Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines, the chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace, returned from a visit to El Salvador, Guatemala,

Pope recalls helping other priests hear confessions at shrine

(Friday, Jul. 25) In a message commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Shrine to St. Pantaleon in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis said he wished to be “close to you to be able to relive in some way the

Pope will visit Philadelphia in 2015 for World Meeting of Families

(Friday, Jul. 25) Archbishop Charles Chaput has disclosed the Pope Francis plans to attend the World Meeting of Families, to be held September 2015 in Philadelphia. Although the Vatican has not made an official

As Boko Haram expands, Cameroon’s Catholics pray for peace

(Friday, Jul. 25) As the Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram expands its operations from Nigeria to neighboring Cameroon, the nation’s Catholics gathered in churches on July 19 to pray for peace. “As

Syrian Orthodox leader laments silence of Muslim leaders in wake of Mosul

(Friday, Jul. 25) Speaking at his residence in Lebanon, the head of the Syriac Orthodox Church decried recent events in Mosul following its takeover by the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL), also known as

Holy See calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza-Israel conflict

(Friday, Jul. 25) The United Nations Human Rights Council met on July 23 to discuss the human rights situation in Gaza. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Holy See’s permanent representative to UN offices based in

Liturgical Calendar: Feast of St. James, apostle

(Friday, Jul. 25) St. James, known as the Greater, in order to distinguish him from the other Apostle St. James, our Lord's cousin, was St. John's brother. With Peter and John he was one of the witnesses of the

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