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CatholiCity is a Catholic start page. It focuses on delivering free Catholic materials to your door and providing daily Catholic content to your screen. The main resources featured are Catholic news and commentary, chat and discussion groups, and a large database of links, each with a short description. Catholicity claims that all its links are carefully screened for faithfulness to Catholic teaching, and on the whole, this is the case. However, we did find a few questionable links in the database and so advise that users employ a discerning eye.

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First Evaluated: 01/26/1998; Last Updated: 03/07/2013

  1. Fidelity: Excellent
  2. Resources: Excellent
  3. Useability: Excellent


  • Free books and CDs  Resources  Example(s)
  • Great searchable links page  Resources 
  • Catholic News and Commentary  Resources 
  • The Catechism, Simplified - Streamlined edition. Search by keyword or browse by topic.  Resources 
  • The Catholic Encyclopedia  Resources 
  • Baltimore Catechism  Resources 
  • Introduction to the Devout Life  Resources 
  • Catholic Baby Names  Resources 
  • How to Vote Catholic  Resources 
  • Father John McCloskey articles  Resources 
  • Catholic Commentary: Culture and Politics, Faith and Morals, Family Life, History, Pro-Life Issues, Reviews, the Vatican  Resources 
  • Prayer section  Resources 




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Website Established: 02/13/96
Mary Foundation
John Ettinger
Box 26101
Fairview Park, OH 44126
(440) 333-9827
(440) 333-8550 (fax)
[email protected]

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