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Catholic Gentleman’s Guide’s mission is to be everything Catholic and everything Man. Its mission is to provide a source of encouragement and Faith formation for Catholic Men who want to make the most of their Manhood for Christ. So they can become Men of God, by building up habits of virtue, discernment, and purpose in all their accomplishments each and every day as they direct their lives toward Manly Holiness. This is the mission of Catholic Gentleman’s Guide.

This is an excellent site for men written by a husband and father of three. He describes himself as "a Canadian prairie dweller and in the winter, you will most often find me with a good ol’ beard. I am a musician, singer, and composer. I enjoy the occasional pipe and have taken a liking to a casual scotch every so often. I am an avid DIYer on anything from home renos, mechanics, technology, and yes, even sewing. I enjoy work that gives me solitude – such as gardening, shoveling snow, painting, or tinkering on small projects." We think you will find his site encouraging inspiring and well worth your time.

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First Evaluated: 10/12/2016

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