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This website contains the scholarly writings of J.Budziszewski, who is presently a professor in the Departments of Government and Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. In his own words, "My academic focus is the ethical basis of politics. No, that doesn't mean that politicians are virtuous. It means that choices concerning right and wrong, good and evil, are inseparable from political life – so, among other things, whether the politicians and citizens are virtuous makes a difference. I think and write mostly about classical natural law; conscience; moral character; moral self-deception; family and sexuality; religion and public life; authentic vs. counterfeit versions of toleration and liberty; and the unravelling of our common culture. My latest project is a commentary on the Treatise on Law, which is part of the Summa Theologiae of the great Thomas Aquinas."

It is a delightful experience to peruse the different articles and comments available here, they are anything but dry or dull. Many will find the good professor's political incorrectness totally refreshing. (Here is an example.) We don't think you will be disappointed if you choose to give this website a visit.

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First Evaluated: 11/20/2013

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