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This site is the venue for the writings of Ronald Conte, self-described as a Catholic theologian. His site features numerous articles about Catholicism. Most controversial are his eschatology writings which give precise dates of future events right up to the coming of Christ (which he predicts to be in the 26th century). His claims are based on his interpretation of the Bible and private revelation throughout history.

While you may find something worthwhile on this site, it is replete with Mr. Conte's speculative theology. We suggest you avoid it unless you are a theologian and qualified to sift through and determine what is true and what isn't.

See Dr. Jeffrey Mirus' commentary on Magisteriumism and Other Myths

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First Evaluated: 06/24/2009; Last Updated: 01/17/2011

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  • Fidelity: Error regarding heresy of "Magisteriumism" Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Supports Medjugorje and Garabandal (unapproved apparitions)
  • Fidelity: Questionable links Example(s)
  • Other: Mr. Conte seems to consider himself the ultimate authority on the Faith on his discussion group CatholicPlanet.Net Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Author has published a catechism without ecclesiastical approval Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Author has published a Scripture translation without ecclesiastical approval, the so-called "Catholic Public Domain Bible"


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