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Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is self-described as "a non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the fullness of the Catholic Social Tradition in the public square. Founded in 2004, our mission is to provide information to Catholics about Church social teaching as it relates to public participation in our society, and to advance the prophetic voice of the Catholic social tradition." In reality this organization is more in line with Cardinal Bernardin's Common Ground mishmash of leftist "social justice" issues.

Voting for the Common Good: A Practical Guide for Conscientious Catholics published by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good — which is led by former advisors to Senators John Kerry and Hillary Clinton — is nothing other than a well-funded attempt to try to persuade Catholics that it is morally acceptable to continue to vote for the “personally opposed” pro-choice candidates who have swindled them in the past.

The guide notes that there can be “no litmus test” for Catholic voters and that there is “no Catholic voting formula.” It adds that “since we seldom, if ever, have the opportunity to vote for a candidate with the right positions on all the issues important to Catholics, we often must vote for candidates who may hold the ‘wrong’ Catholic positions on some issues in order to maximize the good our vote achieves in other areas.” Then it applies these half-truths to the question which is really at the foundation of the guide: “Is it okay to vote for a pro-choice candidate?”

We recommend you look elsewhere for guidance on political issues.

Please see Dr. Jeffrey Mirus' excellent commentary on single-issue politics, and these articles from the Catholic Culture library:

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