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Busted Halo is the Paulist Fathers' dismal attempt to create a website for Catholic young adults. According to their mission statement,

We live in an age filled with seekers in their twenties and thirties who are desperately trying to find deeper meaning in their lives but whose journey has little to do with traditional religious institutions. believes that the experiences of these pilgrims and the questions they ask are inherently spiritual.

Based in wisdom from the Catholic tradition, we believe that the joys and the hopes, the griefs and the anxieties of the people of this age are the joys and hopes, the griefs and anxieties of all God’s people. Nothing genuinely human fails to raise an echo in their hearts. strives to reveal this spiritual dimension of our lives through feature stories, reviews, interviews, faith guides, commentaries, audio clips, discussions and connections to retreat, worship and service opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else.

We are committed to creating a forum that is: open, informed, unexpected, unpredictable, balanced, and thought-provoking. Every time we ask questions about what our lives mean and what keeps us alive, we are talking about something that’s relevant to

Those poor souls who find their way here will not be strengthened in faith—in fact, they will be fortunate if they escape without losing faith or morals. A visit to the site produces one horrific example after another of dissent, blatant secularism, syncretism, and moral ambiguity. Needless to say, we strongly recommend that you completely avoid it.

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First Evaluated: 11/29/2007; Last Updated: 08/25/2013

  1. Fidelity: Danger!
  2. Resources: Poor
  3. Useability: Excellent


None Reported.


  • Fidelity: Articles by James Martin, S.J. Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Articles praising a sacrilegious play Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Article defending "The Vagina Monologues" Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Article promoting a documentary which "re-examines the scriptural prohibition toward homosexuality" Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Confusion about the nature of the Mass Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Questionable retreat centers recommended Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Incorrectly states the Church's teaching on consulting psychics Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Incredibly, the Moral Dilemmas page contains analysis by the notorious Fr. Richard Sparks, C.S.P. Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Blasphemous prayer Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Article promoting Buddhism Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Article attacking Church's teaching on women priests Example(s)
  • Fidelity: Articles favorable to Barrack Obama Example(s)


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