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St. Michael's Russian Catholic Church is located in the New York City metropolitan area. Along with the general parish information, this site contains a variety of resources on Russian Catholicism. There is a good section on Russian spirituality, as well as an excellent section of related links. For those interested in the Russian Church, this site is a goldmine. Our only complaint is that the design of the site makes it difficult to sift through the material and find specific information.

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First Evaluated: 06/08/2000; Last Updated: 03/07/2013

  1. Fidelity: Excellent
  2. Resources: Excellent
  3. Useability: Normal


  • History of the Russian Catholic Church  Resources 
  • Unofficial Directory of Russian Catholic and other Byzantine Slavonic Rite Churches  Resources 
  • Worldwide traveler's guide  Resources 
  • A brief parish history  Resources 
  • Russian Byzantine Catholic Churches news and recent events  Resources 
  • Large section on Russian Spirituality  Resources 
  • Eastern Christian Library  Resources 
  • Numerous links  Resources 


  • Fidelity: Links to World Council of Churches and United Religions Initiative


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St Michael Russian Catholic Church
266 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-2644
[email protected]

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