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This extensive site covers the art, history and architecture of the Vatican Basilica. It includes numerous pictures, an interactive floor plan map and the entire text of several books and scholarly articles. If you have ever wondered which saint was on top of the Colonnade or are doing historical research, St. Peter's is the place to visit for this and much more.

St. Peter's is not only home to the Pope, but is our spiritual home, where the Church has nurtured and raised Christians through her two thousand year history. However, for many of us St. Peter's is too far away to visit. This website is a wonderful way to experience her beauty and richness from your own home.

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First Evaluated: 07/29/2006; Last Updated: 02/13/2015

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  • Floor Plan of the Basilica and Square  Resources 
  • The history of St. Peter's  Resources  Example(s)
  • Images of St. Peter's  Resources 
  • List and history of the 140 Saint Statues on the Colonnades  Resources 
  • Tourist Info  Resources 
  • Grottos below St. Peter's  Resources 
  • Altars in St. Peter's  Resources 
  • Monuments in St. Peter's  Resources 
  • Books & Documents on St. Peter's  Resources 
  • The Vatican Necropolis - Scavi  Resources 
  • The Architecture of St Peter's Basilica  Resources 
  • Partorienti Chapel  Resources 
  • Bocciata Chapel  Resources 
  • The Passetto  Resources 
  • The Wind Rose  Resources 
  • The Treasury Museum  Resources 
  • Death and Conclave  Resources 


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