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Catholic Familyland is the website of the Apostolate for Family Consecration, an international association of Christ's faithful that seeks to simultaneously sanctify family and parish life. The Apostolate was founded by Jerry and Gwen Coniker in 1975, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. It was officially approved by the Church that same year on the 3rd of October, the month of the Holy Rosary. Its self-stated mission is “to provide continuous tri-media evangelization and catechetical programs to parishes and spiritual associations for the consecration of families in the Truth, through the Eucharistic and Marian spirituality of Pope John Paul II.”

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First Evaluated: 02/08/2014; Last Updated: 02/11/2014

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Apostolate for Family Consecration
3375 Rt. 36
Bloomingdale, OH 43910
(740) 765-5561 (fax)
[email protected]

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