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The mission of the Mary Mother of God Mission Society is to revive and serve the Holy Catholic Church in the Russian Far East. Their mission territory in Russia is centered on the city of Vladivostok and currently they have five parishes.

Between 1923 and 1935 the Catholic Church was exterminated in Eastern Russia. The Pastor and parishioners of this parish, revived in January 1992, are working hard to reestablish the Roman Catholic Church. They are also ministering to the many needs of the Russian people in their region.

This site is interesting because it provides a glimpse of the sufferings and successes of the Church in a Communist country. It also provides us with opportunities to help, either materially or with our prayers.

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  • General and historical information about the Church in Russia  Resources 
  • Current and archived issues of Vladivostok Sunrise, the parish newsletter  Resources 
  • Related links  Resources 
  • Missing Persons Search  Resources 
  • Information about the Society's music program  Resources 
  • An interesting section on candidates for sainthood from the city of Vladivostok  Resources  Example(s)
  • Information about tours and mission teams  Resources 
  • Online newsletter  Resources 
  • Information about the Grandma Mentoring Program  Resources 
  • Information about the Street Kids Rescue And Prevention Program  Resources 
  • Information about the Women’s Support Centers  Resources 
  • Brochures available in pdf files for printing  Resources 


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