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Seton Home Study School is the largest and most comprehensive Catholic home schooling program in the United States. Started in response to Catholic parents across the nation searching for an education that offers both Catholicity and academic excellence, Seton provides complete home schooling curriculums for grades K through 12. Seton is also the largest publisher of Catholic academic textbooks and workbooks for children in the United States. It offers parents a way of "teaching under the Magisterium of the Catholic Church."

The site itself is as filled with resources as the program is. It will be useful for Seton users and all homeschoolers in general.

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First Evaluated: 07/11/1997; Last Updated: 05/21/2014

  1. Fidelity: Excellent
  2. Resources: Excellent
  3. Useability: Excellent


  • Seton has a strong and complete curriculum, offering everything necessary for a basic Catholic education in all the traditional subjects.  Resources 
  • General information about Seton  Resources 
  • Catalog of courses and required texts  Resources 
  • List of counselors, teachers and their contact info  Resources 
  • Hot news and message board  Resources 
  • Online ordering  Resources 
  • Archive of Seton Newsletters to January 1996  Resources 
  • Resources for parents and students  Resources 
  • Internet supplements to courses  Resources 
  • Information on Seton Conferences  Resources 
  • Very attractive and well-organized site  Useability 


  • Fidelity: In some cases, Seton's curriculum seems to be restricted by an unnecessarily narrow view of what the Faith requires in various subject areas. Example(s)
  • Resources: Curriculum section lists all courses and required texts but neglects to list the authors.


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Seton Home Study School
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