Further Information in Support of Example:

"There is a consistent denial of the Church's teaching on the objective sinfulness of homosexual acts."

Here are a number of indications that this organization does not accept the Church's teaching on homosexuality.

  • The site consistently uses the terms "lesbian" and "gay" Catholics, rather than the term "persons with same-sex attractions". There is a fundamental flaw in using this terminology when speaking about persons with same-sex attractions. Using the terms "lesbian" and "gay" implies that this condition is somehow an intrinsic part of the person, rather than an objectively disordered passion and contrary to natural law.
  • There is a consistent call to welcome "lesbian and gay Catholics" into full communion with the Church. The mission statement says, "This ministry respects the human dignity and human rights of lesbian and gay persons, and affirms that all who are baptized are called to full participation in the life, worship and mission of the Church." There is no clarification concerning the need for acceptance of Church teaching and a life of chastity in order to be worthy to receive the Eucharist.
  • One of the hosts of a NACDLGM conference states to the media, "There is still this attitude that being gay is a sin; there is still a medical model that homosexuality is an illness." The context of the article clearly indicates that the speakers believes otherwise.
  • The list could go on.

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