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Catholic Activity: Valentine Game


  • costumes or symbols that give clues to the saint's identity
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A good valentine game to play at a party or in a classroom on this feast is patterned on "Who am I?" but it is called "What valentine am I?"


A good valentine game to play at a party or in a classroom on this feast is patterned on "Who am I?" but it is called "What valentine am I?" Each child uses his patron saints, gives brief hints about their lives and, if possible, shows symbolic clues.

For example, Elizabeth, Betty, Betsy, or Bess can use any of St. Elizabeth's lines at the Visitation (after some profitable research into the Gospel to find exactly what they were) or could wear a crown or carry a basket of bread or roses for St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary. If she were a mother and had one, she could merely point to "my son John."

A girl named Mary has countless Mary symbols she might use, or she can repeat that meaningful line of Our Lady at the marriage feast at Cana: "Do whatever He tells you." It sums up everything Our Lady has to say.

A girl named Ann can wear a crown and hold a doll wearing a crown, because St. Ann is often shown crowned in the statues venerated at her great shrines. Another symbol of St. Ann is a cradle with a child in it representing the Blessed Virgin.

The question "What valentine am I?" translates, in this game: "What lover of Christ am I?" It is a good question.

Activity Source: Year and Our Children, The by Mary Reed Newland, P.J. Kenedy & Sons, New York, 1956

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