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Painting and Reality

by Etienne Gilson

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    Painting and Reality Table of Contents
    Table of contents for of Painting and Reality by Etienne Gilson. The chapters are taken from lectures given at the A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts in 1955. The book is about the kind of reality proper to paintings and their relation to the natural order.
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    Pantheon, 1957

Table of Contents



List of Plates

I. Physical Existence

1. Physical Existence

2. Aesthetic Existence

3. Existence and Operation

4. Existence and Execution

II. Individuality

1. Invention of the Material

2. Material Causality

3. Originals and Reproductions

III. Duration

1. Identity

2. Material Causality

3. Originals and Reproductions

IV. Ontology of Paintings

1. Form and Becoming

2. Nothingnedss and Creation

3. Form and Being

V. The Causality of Form

1. Form and Subject

2. Germinal Forms and the Possibles

3. Life and Death of Paintings

VI. The World of Paintings

1. Paintings and Beauty

2. Being and Beauty

3. The Quest of Beauty

VII. Painting and Language

1. Language and Aesthetic Experience

2. Painers and the Talking World

3. Paintings and Their Enjoyment

VIII. Imitation and Creation

1. The Labyrinth of Painting

2. Pictures and Paintings

3. A Qualitative Univers

IX. The Significance of Modern Painting


I. Joshua Reynolds

II. Eugene Delacroix

III. Juan Gris

IV. Eric Gill

V. Amedee Ozenfant


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