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1 Year for Priests, The
2 Year for Priests: Complete Identification with Christ
3 Year of Faith. God Reveals His "Benevolent Purpose"
4 Year of Faith. How to Speak about God?
5 Year of Faith. Introduction, The
6 Year of Faith. The Desire for God., The
7 Year of Faith. The Reasonableness of Faith in God
8 Year of Faith. The stages of the Revelation
9 Year of Faith. The Ways that Lead to Knowledge of God
10 Year of Faith: What Is Faith?, The
11 Year of the Eucharist: A Time for Meeting Christ
12 Year of the Eucharist: Suggestions and Proposals, The
13 Year of the Priest, The
14 Year to Bear Fruit, A
15 Yearning for Freedom and Truth Can Never Be Eliminated
16 Years of Imprisonment Could Not Break Slipyj’s Indomitable Fidelity
17 Years of Storm and Stress: Joseph Matt and Americanism
18 Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hell
19 Yet More on Monika the Modernist
20 You Are Accountable Ultimately to God
21 You Are Eloquent Signs of Communion
22 You Are Not Business Managers, But Stewards of God’s Mysteries
23 You Are Sent into the World to be of Christ
24 You Are the Heart and Hands of Christ
25 You Are The Salt Of The Earth...You Are The Light Of The World
26 You Are the Salt of the Earth; … You Are the Light of the World
27 You Bear Witness to Communion with Peter
28 You Better Watch Out—St. Nicholas is Coming to Town
29 You Bring Christ to the Academic World
30 You Can Trust Me, I'm a Psychic
31 You Cherish The Cross, It Is Life
32 You Do Not Know When the Lord Is Coming
33 You Express Church's Fruitful Vitality
34 You Guard the True Spirit of the Game
35 You Have a Right to Dream
36 You Have Clothed Yourselves with Christ
37 You Must Be Dwelling in Christ
38 You Must Take Up Your Cross Daily
39 You Revealed These Things to Children
40 You Shall Not Kill
41 You Show God's Tenderness to the Poor
42 You Were Buried with Him in Baptism, in Which You Were Also Raised with Him
43 You Will Be My Witnesses to the End of the Earth
44 You Will know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free
45 Young and the Elderly: without Balance between Generations, the Freedom of Society Becomes Authoritarianism, The
46 Young Are the Future, with Wings and Roots, The
47 Young Continue to Be a Prophetic Sign of Hope for the Future, The
48 Young Mexicans, the Greatest Treasure of this Land
49 Young Migrants
50 Young People Are Crying Out for a Challenge
51 Young People Cultivate Spiritual Life and Formation
52 Young People God Challenges Us All to Be Better
53 Young People Need High Moral Values
54 Young People Respond Courageously to the Lord's Call
55 Young People Should Speak of Christ without Fear
56 Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment
57 Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment Preparatory Document
58 Young People: Aim at High Ideals! Be Saints!
59 Young People: Be Apostles to Your Peers
60 Young People: Be Bearers of the Joy of the Holy Spirit
61 Young People: Be Part of the Great Mosaic of the Church
62 Young People: Build a Future of Hope for All Humanity
63 Young People: Build Your House on the Rock of Christ
64 Young Pro-Lifers Confront Olympic Condom Pushers
65 Young, the Fertile, and the Ambitious, The
66 Your Chains Are the Glory and Pride of the Church! the Truth Has Set You Free!
67 Your Communities Thirst For God and Seek To Follow His Commandments
68 Your Country Has A Special Vocation
69 Your Efforts to Alleviate the Suffering of Your People Bear Witness to God's Love
70 Your Essential Task Is To Strengthen the Family As the 'Domestic Church'
71 Your Example Inspires Those Who Long for Peace
72 Your First Commitment Is to Prayer
73 Your Future Lies in Unity
74 Your Gospel For The Sake Of The World
75 Your Life Work Helps You Touch the 'Hand of God'
76 Your Martyrs and Confessors Knew the Truth and the Truth Set Them Free
77 Your Mission Is To Preserve The Faith And Bear Witness With Prophetic Life
78 Your Pastoral Ministry Must Be Addressed to Everyone
79 Your People Need Bishops of 'Charity, Humility, Simplicity of Life'
80 Your Rule: Break Bonds That Make Us Slaves of Sin
81 Your Task as Bishops Is to Preach the Truth that Comes 'From Above'
82 Your Word Is a Lamp to My Feet and a Light to My Path
83 Youth Conditions and Culture, Inescapable Point of Reference for Pastoral Outreach
84 Youth Meeting at the Greek-Catholic Cathedral - Damascus
85 Youth Need Sound Catechesis and a Solid Sacramental Life
86 Youth of Catholic Action: Only God Is Enough
87 Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment