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1 Sacerdotalis Caelibatus (The Celibacy Of The Priest)
2 Sacerdotii Nostri Primordia (On St. John Vianney)
3 Sacra Propediem (On the Third Order of St. Francis)
4 Sacra Virginitas (On Consecrated Virginity)
5 Sacram Liturgiam (The Sacred Liturgy)
6 Sacrament in Crisis, A
7 Sacrament of Confession Not Easy for Priests or People, But Valuable for All
8 Sacrament of Confirmation, The
9 Sacrament of God's Mercy, The
10 Sacrament of Marriage, Icon of God's Love for Humanity, The
11 Sacrament of Penance, The
12 Sacrament of Penance, The
13 Sacrament of the Eucharist, The
14 Sacramental Grace in Marriage
15 Sacramental Nature of Matrimony, The
16 Sacramental Protection of the Family
17 Sacramentality of Human Love According to Saint John Paul II, The
18 Sacraments and the History of Salvation, The
19 Sacraments of Reconciliation, the Priesthood and the Eucharist Are Manifestations of Mercy of the Father, The
20 Sacraments: Channels of Divine Grace
21 Sacramentum Caritatis
22 Sacred Art as a Pedagogical Tool
23 Sacred Art: a Rebirth?
24 Sacred Edifices
25 Sacred Heart And The Eucharist, The
26 Sacred Heart and the Eucharist, The
27 Sacred Heart Of Jesus, Mystery of God's Love
28 Sacred Language Restored
29 Sacred Music — Time to Reconnect with Worship?
30 Sacred Music Contributes to New Evangelization
31 Sacred Music Is Integral Part of Liturgy
32 Sacred Scripture And Tradition: Theologically-Based Architectural Principles For A New Millennium
33 Sacred Signs and Active Participation at Mass
34 Sacred Signs and Religious Formation: An Application of the Teachings of Monsignor Romano Guardini
35 Sacred Tradition: The Forgotten Doctrine?
36 Sacred Twosome, A
37 Sacredness of Human Life in a Desacralized World, The
38 Sacredness of Life and the Real Presence, The
39 Sacredness Of Tradition, The
40 Sacrifice and Vocations
41 Sacrifice, a Christian Recipe for Marriage
42 Sacrorum Antistitum and the Background of the Oath Against Modernism
43 Sacrum Septenarium
44 Saeculo Exeunte Octavo (On The Independence Of Portugal)
45 Saepe Nos (On Boycotting In Ireland)
46 Saepe Venerabiles Fratres (On Thanksgiving For Twenty-five Years Of Pontificate)
47 Safe Motherhood and the 'Conspiracy of Silence'
48 Safeguard the Memory of the People
49 Safeguarding Human Life: The Very Beginning
50 Saint Albert the Great
51 Saint Alphonsus Liguori
52 Saint Ambrose of Milan
53 Saint Anselm
54 Saint Anthony of Padua
55 Saint Athanasius of Alexandria
56 Saint Augustine of Hippo (2)
57 Saint Augustine of Hippo (3)
58 Saint Augustine of Hippo (4)
59 Saint Augustine of Hippo (5)
60 Saint Basil
61 Saint Bede, the Venerable
62 Saint Benedict
63 Saint Benedict of Norcia
64 Saint Birgitta
65 Saint Bonaventure
66 Saint Bonaventure (2)
67 Saint Boniface, the Apostle of the Germans
68 Saint Bridget of Sweden
69 Saint Catherine of Bologna
70 Saint Catherine of Genoa
71 Saint Catherine of Siena
72 Saint Chromatius of Aquileia
73 Saint Clare of Assisi
74 Saint Columban
75 Saint Cyprian
76 Saint Cyril of Alexandria
77 Saint Cyril of Alexandria’s Defense of Mary
78 Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
79 Saint Dominic Guzmán
80 Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
81 Saint Eusebius of Vercelli
82 Saint Francis de Sales
83 Saint Francis of Assisi
84 Saint Francis of Assisi
85 Saint Francis of Assisi in a New Light
86 Saint Germanus: Bishop and Patriarch of Constantinople
87 Saint Gertrude the Great
88 Saint Gianna Beretta Molla: Wife, Mother and Physician
89 Saint Gregory Nazianzus Part 1
90 Saint Gregory Nazianzus Part 2
91 Saint Gregory of Nyssa
92 Saint Gregory of Nyssa - 2
93 Saint Gregory the Great (1)
94 Saint Gregory the Great (2)
95 Saint Hilary of Poitiers
96 Saint Hildegard of Bingen
97 Saint Hildegard of Bingen (2)
98 Saint Ignatius of Antioch
99 Saint Irenaeus of Lyons
100 Saint Isidore of Seville
101 Saint Jerome (1)
102 Saint Jerome (2)
103 Saint Joan of Arc
104 Saint John Chrysostom
105 Saint John Damascene
106 Saint John Eudes
107 Saint John of Avila and the Reform of the Priesthood
108 Saint John of the Cross
109 Saint Joseph Cafasso
110 Saint Joseph Continues in His Role as Protector of the Body of Christ
111 Saint Joseph the Worker, Man of Faith and Prayer
112 Saint Juliana of Cornillon
113 Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
114 Saint Leo the Great
115 Saint Leonard Murialdo and Saint Joseph Cottolengo
116 Saint Matilda of Hackeborn
117 Saint Maximus of Turin
118 Saint Paul (20): St Paul's Life and Legacy
119 Saint Paul : Theology of the Sacraments
120 Saint Paul: Letters to the Colossians and Ephesians
121 Saint Paul: "The Greatest Missionary of All Times"
122 Saint Paul: Spiritual Worship
123 Saint Paul: The Apostle’s teaching on the relation between Adam and Christ
124 Saint Paulinus of Nola
125 Saint Paul's Concept of Apostolate
126 Saint Peter Canisius
127 Saint Peter Damian, “Gomorrah”, and Today's Moral Crisis
128 Saint Philip Neri and the Priesthood
129 Saint Pius the Tenth
130 Saint Robert Bellarmine
131 Saint Romanus the Melodist
132 Saint Tarcisius
133 Saint Teresa of Avila
134 Saint Theresa of Lisieux
135 Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
136 Saint Thomas Aquinas
137 Saint Thomas Aquinas (2)
138 Saint Thomas Aquinas (3)
139 Saint Veronica Giuliani
140 Saintliness Means Listening to Jesus and Following Him
141 Saintly Scholars of the Church, The
142 Saints Among Us
143 Saints Are Part of the Present and Future of the Church
144 Saints Reflect Infinite Love of Trinity
145 Saints Witness To Abiding Power Of Spirit
146 Salesians: Protecting, Reviving Faithfulness to the Call
147 Salted With Fire
148 Salutis Nostrae (Proclaiming A Universal Jubilee)
149 Salvadorian Bishops: Ambitious Efforts at Evangelization
150 Salvation is a Life-Long Process
151 Salvation is Both Faith and Works
152 Salvation Is 'for All Peoples'
153 Salvation Is Humanity's Ultimate Destiny
154 Salvation Outside the Church
155 Salvation, an engineer’s perspective
156 Salvifici Doloris (the Christian Meaning of Suffering)
157 Same Security that a Child Feels in the Arms of a Loving and All-Powerful Father, The
158 Same-Sex “Marriage,” “Hate Crimes,” and the New Totalitarianism
159 Same-Sex Attractions
160 Same-Sex 'Marriage' and Mental Health
161 Sanctification of the Priest Is Closely Linked to That of His People, The
162 Sanctifying, Evangelizing and Catechizing a Parish
163 Sanctions Should Not Become Instruments Of War
164 Sanctity in Marriage: It's the Same Difference
165 Sanctuarium in Ecclesia
166 Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother
167 Sanctus”: A Catechetical Signpost for the Mass , The
168 Santa Maria Ara Coeli
169 Santa Maria Della Grazia
170 Sapientiae Christianae—On Christians as Citizens
171 Satanism, Witchcraft and Church Feminists
172 Satis Cognitum (On The Unity Of The Church)
173 Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent
174 Saving Love Everywhere
175 Saving One Life Cannot Justify Destroying Another
176 Saving the Best for Last: Blessed Karl I of Austria
177 Savior According to St. Paul: a Theological Exegesis of the Christological Hymn of 1 Timothy, The
178 Saviour of the Jews
179 Say "Yes' to Christ and to Your Noblest Ideals
180 Say 'No' to Hatred and Violence
181 Say with Peter: You Are the Messiah, Son of the Living God
182 Say 'Yes' To the Lord Who Comes
183 Scandal of Prime Minister Paul Martin's 'Moral Incoherence'
184 Scandals
185 Scapular Devotion, The
186 Scapular Medal, The
187 Scapular of Carmel, a Treasure For the Church
188 Schism, Obedience and the Society of St. Pius X
189 Schismatic Traditionalists
190 Schools Must Help Students Learn Moral Values
191 Schools of Spirituality
192 Schools, Places of Integral Formation of the Person
193 Science and Faith in the Search for Truth
194 Science and Religion in Identity Crisis
195 Science and Technology Cannot Fulfil All Needs
196 Science and the Eucharist
197 Science in the Service of a New Global Ecological Balance
198 Science Must Not Become the Criterion of Good
199 Science Must Promote the Human Search for What Is Good
200 Science Should Serve Humanity, Build Peace
201 Science That Is Ethically Responsible vs Science That Is Not
202 Scientific Achievement Must Aim at the True Good of Man
203 Scientific and Philosophical Expertise: An Evaluation of the Arguments on 'Personhood'
204 Scientific Findings Prove Harms of Soft Drugs
205 Scientific Progress Must Respect Human Dignity
206 Scientific Status of Intelligent Design, The
207 Scientific Study of the Bible
208 Scientists: Relic authenticates Shroud of Turin
209 Scottish Bishops' Pastoral on Human Embryo Legislation
210 Scottish Executive Should Give 'Unequivocal Support to Marriage'
211 Scouting in the Balance
212 Scriptural Reflection on the Rosary: the First Joyful Mystery, A
213 Scripturarum Thesaurus
214 Scripture Is a Source of Constant Renewal
215 Scripture on Homosexuality (Part 1 and Part 2)
216 Scruples and Psychology
217 Scruples, Neuroses, and the Confessional
218 Scrupulosity And How To Overcome It
219 Scrupulosity: The Occupational Hazard of the Catholic Moral Life
220 Search for God is the Fundamental Aim of Life
221 Search for Tranquility through Tranquilizers, The
222 Search for Truth Is Search for God
223 Searching for Viable Peace
224 Season's Finale, The
225 Second Apology Of Justin For The Christians Addressed To The Roman Senate, The
226 Second Council of Constantinople
227 Second Council of Lyons
228 Second Council of Nicaea
229 Second European Synod Was Sign of Hope For Catholics in Ukraine
230 Second Gift of the Holy Spirit: God's Understanding, The
231 Second Lateran Council
232 Second Look at Penance Services, A
233 Second Session of the Council of Trent
234 Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty, a review, The
235 Second Vatican Council and the Holy Eucharist
236 Second Vatican Council II Closing Speeches and Messages
237 Second Vatican Council Was an Extraordinary Time of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer, The
238 Secrecy of Confession Is Absolute
239 Secret Nazi Accounts of Events of July, 1942
240 Secret No More
241 Secret of Church's Dynamism Is Christ
242 Sectarianism and Secularism: Bugbears for the Catholic Church in Scotland
243 Sects Or New Religious Movements: a Pastoral Challenge
244 Secular Humanism and Catechesis
245 Secularism
246 Secularism and the Common Good
247 Secularism as a State Religion
248 Secularism: Main Challenge Facing Church in Slovenia
249 Secularism's Empty Box
250 Secularization and Urbanization Must Be Faced with Solid and Mature Faith
251 Secularization, A Challenge for the Church in Germany
252 Sedated to Death? When Comfort Care Becomes Dangerous
253 Seder, Last Supper, Crucifixion, Resurrection
254 See Advent's Meaning Through Mary
255 See That Diocesan Tribunals Faithfully Exercise Ministry of Truth and Justice
256 See that Sunday Is Recognized and Celebrated as the Lord's Day
257 See the Human Faces
258 See The Loving Hand Of Our Father At Work In Mysteries Of Creation
259 See What Love the Father Has Given Us!
260 Seeds of Truth Are Found in Other Religions
261 Seeing Christ in All People
262 Seeing Clearly
263 Seeing Peter through Eastern Eyes
264 Seek a New Humanism of Work
265 Seek New Paths of Evangelization for Church and Society
266 Seek the Essential and Proclaim the Gospel, Especially to the Least Among Us
267 Seek Unity by Strengthening Relations Between Various Christian Churches
268 Seek Ways That Will Enable Us To Resolve The Divergences That Still Endure
269 Seeking a Health Plan that Does Not Expand Abortion
270 Seeking Clarity: A Plea to Untie the Knots in "Amoris Laetitia"
271 Seeking Peace in Marriage
272 Seeking Sanctity in the Desert and in the World
273 Seeking the Face of God
274 Seeking Truth Is Essential to Being Human
275 Self Interest, Rightly Understood
276 Self-Esteem: Why? Why Not?
277 Self-Giving Love: Humanae Vitae's Paradoxical Wisdom
278 Selling of a Myth, The
279 Seminarians, Priests, and Religious Encourged to Remain with the Lord
280 Seminaries: Prepare Sound Young Men To Follow Christ In A Secularized Society
281 Sempiternus Rex Christus (On The Council Of Chalcedon)
282 Senator Santorum on Being Catholic and a Politician
283 Senator Santorum Tells Graduates to 'Rebel Against the Culture'
284 Send Forth Your Spirit
285 Sense of the Faith, The
286 Sent Out into the World: the Holy Spirit, the Principal Agent of Mission
287 Sentinels Of A New Dawn Of Hope
288 Separating Human Being from Person Devolves into Self-Alienation, Social Injustice
289 September 24: Feast of Our Lady of Ransom
290 Serbia Christian Roots Offer Values for Reconciliation
291 Serious Deficiencies Abound in Popular Religion Text
292 Sermon by the Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Count von Galen
293 Sermon on the Holy Guardian Angels
294 Sermons on the Three Hours’ Agony
295 Sertum Laetitiae (On The Establishment Of The Hieracrhy In The United States)
296 Servant of God, Frank Duff
297 Servants and 'Voices' of Christ, Who Is Master of the Word
298 Serve the Lord with Detachment from the World
299 Service Not Servitude
300 Service of Authority and Obedience, The
301 Service To Life Grows Out Of Communion Of Persons
302 Service to the Common Good
303 Service to the Faith Is Also a Service to Joy
304 Service to the Pope and to the Holy See
305 Serving Justice and Peace Is an Imperative Task of the Church
306 Serving the Poor
307 Serving the Poor and Marginalized Was St. Giovanni Calabria's Charism
308 Serving Truth in the University
309 Serving, not Manipulating, Humanity
310 Sescentesima Anniversaria
311 Set Aside Arrogance, Let Us Bow before Those Whom the Lord Has Entrusted to Our Care
312 Set Out Anew from Christ!
313 Set Out Anew On The Path Of Sincere Negotiation
314 Set Your Face Resolutely Against All That Might Harm the Catholic Faith
315 Setting the Record Straight About a Recent Book
316 Setting Priorities: The Desire of Adults or the Good of the Children
317 Setting the Record Straight
318 Seven Epistles Of St. Ignatius Of Antioch, The
319 Seven Keys to a Christian Home
320 Seven Keys to a Christian Home
321 Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
322 Seven Sacraments, The
323 Seventeen Most Common Errors in the Liturgy, The
324 Seventeen Questions about Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials
325 Seventeenth Session of the Council of Trent
326 Seventh Session of the Council of Trent
327 Sex Education: The Basic Issues I
328 Sex Education: Vatican Guidelines
329 Sex in Contemporary Literature - Modern 'Classics' and Condemned Works
330 Sex in Contemporary Literature - The Line Between Liberty and Lechery
331 Sex Tourism and How It Is Combated by Missionaries
332 Sex, Family and the Liberty of the Church
333 Sex, Lies, and Videotape
334 Sex, Marriage and the Supreme Court
335 Sex, Propaganda, and Higher Education: Inside the Opinion Mill
336 Sexual Anarchy: The Kinsey Legacy
337 Sexual Revolution Is Doomed, The
338 Sexual Revolution: Built Upon Sand
339 Sexual Salvation without Repression and Condemnation
340 Shadow of Cain Looms over History from 1914 to the Present, The
341 Shakedown: How Catholics Are Getting Ripped Off in the Name of Justice
342 Shameful History of Population Control, The
343 Shameless Archbishop . . . Weakland's Self-Revelations Are A Cautionary Tale, The
344 Shape, Significance and Ecclesial Impact of Eucharistic Congresses, The
345 Share The Experience Of Being With The Suffering
346 Share the Original Experience of Christianity ... The Personal Encounter With Jesus
347 Shared Ecumenical Task: Bearing Witness to the Living God
348 Shared Values and Rights for Dialogue among Cultures
349 Sharing the Earth's Resources to Feed the Hungry
350 Sharing the Treasure of Catholic Social and Moral Teaching
351 Shepherd Of Israel, Come To Our Aid!, O
352 Shine Like Beacons of God's Mercy in the World
353 Short Biography of Luisa Piccarreta
354 Short Biography of St. Francis of Assisi
355 Short Biography of St. Therese of Lisieux
356 Short Dream, A
357 Should Bakers be Required to Bake Gay Wedding Cakes?
358 Should Catholics Be Environmentalists?
359 Show Concern for Plight of Migrants
360 Show Heavenly Father's Truth and Love to Your Contemporaries, Who Are Thirsting for Real Values
361 Show Mercy to our Common Home
362 Show the Maternity of the Church
363 Show The Transformative Power Of Catholic Life And Teaching
364 Show Us, O Lord, Your Mercy; Grant ... Salvation
365 Shrine Built By the Poorest, The
366 Shrine That Charlemagne Built, The
367 Shrine That Has Never Been Destroyed, The
368 Shrine: Memory, Presence and Prophecy of the Living God, The
369 Shrines in Macao
370 Shrines in the Walls
371 Shrines of North America
372 Shrines to Our Lady
373 Shrines: A Tool for Evangelization
374 Shroud of Turin: An Icon of the Mystery of Easter Saturday
375 Shroud whispers: believe in God's love and flee from the misfortune of sin, The
376 Shrove Tuesday and Shrovetide
377 Shun the Worship of Idols
378 Si Diligis
379 Sick Are a Word of Hope and Joy, The
380 Sick Children And The Canonical Right To Sacraments
381 Sick People May Perceive the Merciful Love of God
382 Sick: 'Silently Calling for Solidarity', The
383 Sign of Contradiction and the new world order
384 sign of hope and communion, A
385 Sign of the Jubilee, A
386 Signatories to a Declaration of Life by Pro-Life Physicians
387 Significance of Joseph Husslein, S.J., The
388 Significance of Martyrdom, The
389 Significance of Modern Painting, The
390 Significance of the Apostolic Constitution "Anglicanorum Coetibus", The
391 Signing Apostolic Letter, Year Of The Rosary
392 Signing of the Apostolic Exhortion Africae Munus
393 Signs of Hope at the End of This Century
394 Signs of our Times — and What they Require from Priests, The
395 Sigrid Undset's Time Warp
396 Silence and Solitude
397 Silence and Solitude Reveal the Presence of God
398 Silence and Word: Path of Evangelization
399 Silence Is Indispensable for Prayer
400 Silence of God Is only Apparent, The
401 Silence the arms and return to dialogue!
402 Simeon is Open to the Lord's Action
403 Simon and Jude
404 Simple Purpose: Helping Tribunals Handle Their Work Better, A
405 Sin of Onan Revisted, The
406 Sin, Even In Those, Without Faith, Goes Against Our Conscience
407 Sing a New Song with Your Lives
408 Sing In Praise Of Christ's Redeeming Work
409 Sing To The Lord For He Is Triumphant
410 Sing to the Lord, All the Earth!
411 Singing for the Supper or the Sacrifice?
412 Singing the Mass
413 Singing the Mass: We Cannot Say that One Song Is as Good as Another
414 Singing With the Angels
415 Singulari Nos (On The Errors Of Lammenais)
416 Singulari Quadam (On Labor Organizations)
417 Singulari Quidem (On The Church In Austria)
418 Sins of Omission
419 Sister and the Submarine, The
420 Sister Faustina and Devotion to the Divine Mercy
421 Sisters of the 'Good Thanksgiving'
422 Sixteenth Session of the Council of Trent
423 Sixth Session of the Council of Trent
424 Sixth World Congress for the Pastoral Care of Gypsies
425 Six-year Pontificate, a Dynasty of Evangelizing Zeal, A
426 Slavery as Domestic Servitude
427 Slavorum Apostoli (The Apostles of the Slavs)
428 Slovaks Endured Relentless Persecution
429 Smart Raids & Rescues of Slaves
430 So Who Really are the Pentecostals?
431 Soap Out That Mouth! the Usage of Bad Language
432 Social Ethics In The Young Karol Wojtyla: A Study-In-Progress
433 Social Footprints of Contraception, The
434 Social Networks: Portals of Truth and Faith; New Spaces for Evangelization
435 Social Order Before and After the Protestant Reformation, The
436 Social Pastoral Ministry to Involve the People in Reconstruction and Growth
437 Socialization of Property, The
438 Social-Renewal Catholics
439 Society and Church Need Genius of Woman
440 Society as Whole Depends on Stable Families
441 Society in Transition Needs the Committed Witness of Lay, A
442 Society Of Catholic Social Scientists: Catholic Social Science And The Reconstruction Of The Social Order, The
443 Solidarity and Commitment to Overcome Difficulties
444 Solidarity Is Not an Option but Duty
445 Sollicitudo Rei Socialis (On The Social Teaching Of The Church)
446 Solving The Puzzle Of Natural Family Planning
447 Solzhenitsyn and Russia's Golgotha
448 Some Afterthoughts on New York State's Redefining Marriage
449 Some Aspects of Christian Meditation
450 Some Aspects of the Church Understood as Communion
451 Some Further Perspectives on Anne Catherine Emmerich
452 Some General Notes on Sacred Edifices
453 Some Observations Concerning the Catholic Theological Society of America Report on Tradition and the Ordination of Women
454 Some Practical Lessons of Historical Spirituality
455 Some Reflections on Confirmation
456 Some Reflections On The Present War
457 Some Reflections upon Religious Art
458 Some Scriptural Arguments For The All-Male Priesthood
459 Some Theological And Philosophical Aspects Of Spiritism
460 Some things change, some things really don't
461 Son of Divorce
462 Son of God Brings Fullness of Salvation
463 Son of Man Gave His Life as Ransom, The
464 Son Of Man Has Not Come To Be Served, But To Serve, And To Give His Life ..., The
465 Sons and Daughters of the Light: A Pastoral Plan for Ministry With Young Adults
466 Sons of God and the Sons of Perdition, The
467 Soul of Europe, The
468 Sound Catechesis and Careful Formation of the Heart
469 Sound Catechesis Enables Believers To Meet New Challenges
470 Sounds of Silence: The Symbolic Persecution of Pius XII
471 Source of Joy and Practical Help, A
472 Sources on Saint Francis of Assisi
473 South America, Our Lady in the New World
474 Sowing the Seeds of Chastity
475 Spain's Black Legend
476 Spanish Civil War, The
477 Spanish Inquisition: Fact Versus Fiction, The
478 Spe Salvi - Saved by Hope
479 Speaking the Truth Is Heart of Media Ethics
480 Speaking, Understanding the Language of the New Media
481 Speakout: Silence of the Faithful is Cowardice
482 Special Assembly for Africa: The Church in Africa in Service to Reconciliation, Justice and Peace
483 Special Bond Of Communion Uniting You With Peter
484 Special Indulgence for the Year for Priests
485 Special Synod for America (Lineamenta)
486 Special Time To Listen To The Lord, On This Lake Jesus Makes A Proposal To You, A
487 Special Year to Get Priests Back in Shape, A
488 Spectata Fides (On Christian Education)
489 Speech of Pope Benedict XVI to the Ambassador to the Holy See from the United States of America
490 Speech to Italian Farmers
491 Speech to the Last Council Meeting
492 Spesse Volte (On The Suppression Of Catholic Institutions)
493 Spider-Man and the Return to the Honorable Hero
494 Spins of Omission - A Review of 'The Popes Against the Jews'
495 Spirit Accompanies Jesus' Public Life
496 Spirit Acts in All Creation and History
497 Spirit and the Bride say, 'Come', The
498 Spirit Bestows Gift of Transcendent Life
499 Spirit Calls Church To Task Of New Evangelization
500 Spirit Calls Us To Move Beyond Divisions
501 Spirit Enables Us To Share in Divine Nature
502 Spirit Is Active Wherever the Truth Is Sought
503 Spirit Is Always Capable of New Surprises, The
504 Spirit is gradually revealed in Scripture
505 Spirit Is Guiding The Church Toward Full Unity, The
506 Spirit Is Present in the Paschal Mystery
507 Spirit Is Source of Communion, The
508 Spirit Is Source of New and Eternal Life
509 Spirit Is the Source of Ministries, The
510 Spirit Leads Church on Path of Renewal
511 Spirit Of Assisi Is More Necessary Than Before, The
512 Spirit of Dialogue, The
513 Spirit of Protestantism, The
514 Spirit of the Family Is the Constitutional Charter of the Church, The
515 Spirit of the Prophetess, The
516 Spirit Of Welcome Must Be Present Everywhere, The
517 Spirit Prays Through Us in the Psalms, The
518 Spirit Sends Us to Proclaim the Gospel
519 Spiritans, The
520 Spiritual and Cultural Role of Cinema
521 Spiritual and Material Mission to Rural America, A
522 Spiritual and Psychological Value of Frequent Confession, The
523 Spiritual Animal: Sacramental Nature of Church Art and Architecture, The
524 Spiritual Combat
525 Spiritual Ecumenism Is Soul Of Ecumenical Movement
526 Spiritual Exercises Favor the Contemplation of Christ
527 Spiritual Formation in Seminaries (Ratio Fundamentalis Instutionis Sacerdotaolis)
528 Spiritual Note in the Renaissance, The
529 Spiritual Pedagogy of Indulgences, The
530 Spiritual Power Of The Word Of God
531 Spiritual Reading — Who Needs It?
532 Spiritual Value of Music Infuses Us with Hope
533 Spiritual Warfare: The Occult Has Demonic Influence
534 Spirituality For All Seasons, A
535 Spirituality for Widows
536 Spirituality in the Professions and Workplace
537 Spirituality Of Dialogue Gives Reasons For Persevering
538 Spirituality Via Metaphysics: Maritain on Individuality and Personality
539 Spiritus et Sponsa
540 Splendor in Justice and Law, The
541 Splendor of the Church
542 Splinter Catholics Have It Their Way
543 Sport and the Educational Emergency
544 Sport Builds Friendship and Goodwill
545 Sport Can Help to Build Civil Society
546 Sports Should Provide Healthy Recreation
547 Spread Beautiful Fragrance Of Christ's Holiness
548 Spread Christian Values Through the Media
549 Spread the Dignity of Being Sons of God
550 Spread the Gospel in Secular World
551 Spread the Joy of the Faith
552 Spreading Joy Is Genuine Form of Love
553 Spring Brings Good News For Liturgy
554 Spurious Epistles Of Ignatius Of Antioch
555 Sr. Faustina Kowalska: A Model for Eucharistic Spirituality
556 Sr. Faustina: God's Gift to Our Time
557 St Augustine
558 St Edith Stein and St Maximilian Mary Kolbe
559 St Ignatius of Loyola and the Development of the Society of Jesus
560 St John Chrysostom - 2
561 St Joseph, Image of God's Fatherly Love
562 St Paul and the Church
563 St Paul and the Spirit
564 St Paul Offers Five Ways Of Dialogue And Mission
565 St Paul's "Conversion"
566 St. Agostina Paid the Price for Love with Her Life
567 St. Anselm of Canterbury: Scholarship Rooted in Prayer
568 St. Basil - Part 2
569 St. Basil The Great
570 St. Bernard of Clairvaux
571 St. Bernard of Corleone
572 St. Bernardino Fostered Holy Name Devotion
573 St. Bonaventure 3
574 St. Bridget Calls Us to Work for Unity
575 St. Bridget: A Unique Model Of Feminine Holiness
576 St. Brigit: The Mary of the Gail
577 St. Christopher the 'Christ Bearer'
578 St. Clement, Bishop of Rome
579 St. Ephrem
580 St. Faustina, Apostle of Divine Mercy
581 St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Virgin, Foundress
582 St. Francis Borgia
583 St. Helena and the True Cross
584 St. Ives, Patron Saint of Lawyers
585 St. Joan of Arc on the Big Screen
586 St. John Bosco’s Ten Steps to Helping Our Youth
587 St. John Chrysostom: The Prophet of Charity
588 St. John Fisher, Marriage, and Moral Absolutes
589 St. John Mary Vianney, the Curé d'Ars
590 St. John Neumann: Model for Priests
591 St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II Were Not Afraid to Look upon the Wounds of Jesus
592 St. José María Robles Hurtado
593 St. Joseph — a Compilation
594 St. Joseph and the Third Christian Millennium!
595 St. Joseph the Workman
596 St. Joseph, a Witness to Fulfillment of the Promise
597 St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church
598 St. Joseph: a Theological Introduction
599 St. Joseph: Man of Trust
600 St. Joseph’s Hospital no longer Catholic
601 St. Josephine Bakhita Was a Humble Witness to God's Love
602 St. Joseph's Role in the Spiritual Life
603 St. Justin, Philosopher and Martyr (c. 100-165)
604 St. Katharine Drexel Evangelized Native and African Americans
605 St. Kinga
606 St. Kinga's Love of the Bridegroom Was Expressed in Countless Works of Charity
607 St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Apostolic Doctor
608 St. Lawrence: Proto-Deacon of the Roman Church
609 St. Louis, Confessor, King of France
610 St. Luigi Scrosoppi
611 St. Marcellin Founded the Marist Brothers to make Jesus Known'
612 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Reception of the Sacred Heart
613 St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Immaculate Conception
614 St. Maximus the Confessor
615 St. Michael: Guardian of the Church
616 St. Odo: Change of Lifestyle Based on Humility, Austerity
617 St. Paul and His Extraordinary Spiritual Heritage
618 St. Paul and the Apostles
619 St. Paul Apostle to the Gentiles
620 St. Paul Migrant, Apostle of the Peoples
621 St. Paul of the Cross: Outstanding Example of the Reparative Character of the Night of the Spirit
622 St. Paul, Ephesians 5 and Same-Sex Marriage
623 St. Paul's Call for Unfailing Confidence in God
624 St. Paul's New Outlook
625 St. Peter Claver: Slave of the Slaves Forever
626 St. Peter Damian
627 St. Peter Damian: Monk and Church Reformer
628 St. Peter's, Warts and All
629 St. Pio of Pietrelcina Guided Souls and Alleviated Suffering
630 St. Rafqa Petronilla al-Rayès
631 St. Richard and the Brigittines
632 St. Rita of Cascia
633 St. Robert Bellarmine's Influence on the Writing of the Declaration of Independence & the Virginia Declaration of Rights
634 St. Stephen: Meditation upon Sacred Scripture in Order to Understand the Present
635 St. Teresa Eustochio Verzeri
636 St. Teresa Presented a New Way of Being Carmelite in a World Which Was Also New
637 St. Teresa's Teaching on the Grades of Prayer
638 St. Theodore the Studite: Order, Obedience, Renunciation
639 St. Thérèse’s Teacher: Our Lady of the Little Way
640 St. Thomas and the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
641 St. Thomas, Apostle 1,950 Years Ago; St. Francis Xavier 450 Years Ago
642 St. Toribio de Mogrovejo: Apostle of Peru
643 St. Vincent Ferrer and the Divided Papacy
644 St. Wenceslas Preferred Sanctity to Worldly Power
645 Staggering Number of People Are Fleeing War or Persecution, A
646 Stakes Could Not Be Higher, The
647 Stand by the Truth (John 8: 32)
648 Standing for Freedom
649 Standing on Both Feet: The Rural Homestead
650 Standing to Sue
651 Standing Up for Kneeling
652 Stanley L. Jaki
653 Star Shall Come From Jacob, A
654 Stark Contrast, A
655 Start Again from Christ: Be His Witnesses in the New Millennium
656 Starting Afresh from Christ: A Renewed Commitment to Consecrated Life in the Third Millennium
657 State Exists to Serve, Not Usurp, the Family, The
658 State Must Recognize Pubic Relevance of Religion
659 State Must Recognize the Specific Identity of the Family Founded upon Marriage, The
660 State of the US Catholic Church at the Beginning of 2006
661 Statement by Connecticut Bishops Regarding Plan B
662 Statement Concerning Bishop Geoffrey Robinson
663 Statement Concerning Alleged Apparitions to Gianna Talone-Sullivan
664 Statement Concerning the Case of Theresa Schiavo
665 Statement for Respect Life Sunday
666 Statement from Bishop William Murphy on Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi’s Support of Gay Marriage
667 Statement of Bishop Bruskewitz Excommunicating Certain Groups
668 Statement of Bishops of Zambia Regarding Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
669 Statement of Cardinal Renato Martino on behalf of Terri Schiavo
670 Statement of Conclusions
671 Statement of Conscience
672 Statement of Iraqi Patriarchs and Bishops
673 Statement of Reconciliation
674 Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Alberta on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
675 Statement of the Catholic Medical Association on the case of Mrs. Terri Schindler-Schiavo
676 Statement of the Holy See on Human Cloning addressed to the United Nations
677 Statement of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts
678 Statement of the President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
679 Statement on "Same-Sex Marriage"
680 Statement on Book by Sr. Elizabeth Johnson
681 Statement on Decision to Appeal to Supreme Court Regarding Order to Break Seal of Confession
682 Statement on Father Nicholas Gruner
683 Statement on Homosexuals Receiving the Eucharist
684 Statement on Human Cloning and Research on Human Embryos
685 Statement on Human Dignity, Conscience, and Health Care
686 Statement on 'Left Behind' Books, Videos
687 Statement on New Ways Ministry
688 Statement on Physician-Assisted Suicide
689 Statement on Political Action
690 Statement on Pontiff's Words Regarding Condoms
691 Statement on Responsibilities of Catholics in Public Life
692 Statement on Same-Sex Marriage
693 Statement on the 2012 Elections, A
694 Statement on The Catholic Church’s Teaching Regarding Marriage
695 Statement on the Community of Divine Innocence
696 Statement on the Information Highway by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
697 Statement on the Nebraska School Activities Association’s Policy on Transgender Student Participation
698 Statement Regarding Archdiocesan Transition from Girl Scouts to American Heritage Girls
699 Statement Regarding Senator Kennedy
700 Statement to the Faithful on Notre Dame
701 Stating the Truth about the Scourge of Genocide
702 Stations of the Cross
703 Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum
704 Status of Society of St. Pius X Masses
705 Statute of the Pontifical Academy for Life
706 Statutes Approved for the Recently Established Association of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration
707 Statutes of the Dicastery to Promote Integral Human Development
708 Statutes of the new Dicastery for the Laity, Family, and Life
709 Stay in the 'Sweet Company' of Jesus to Live Well
710 Staying Faithful to the Jesuit Mission in Our Schools
711 Stem Cell Research: Down The Slippery Slope From Contraception
712 Stem Cell Research: Is There a Moral Way?
713 Stem Cell Sleight-of-Hand
714 Stephen, the Protomartyr
715 Stepping Closer to the Reform of the Reform
716 Sterile Priests Do Not Help the Church
717 Sterilization as Contraception
718 Sterilization Law in Germany
719 Sterilization: Catholic Teaching and Catholic Practice
720 Sticks and Stones
721 Sticks, Stones, and Broken Bones: The History of Anti-Catholic Violence in the U.S.
722 Still The World's Most Catholic Country
723 Stone Rejected ... Has Become Cornerstone, The
724 Stopping Sex-Slave Trade in the Global Economy?
725 Stopping The International Criminal Court
726 Stopping the Spread of HIV/AIDS
727 Stopping the Spread of HIV/AIDS--A Response
728 Stopping the Violence
729 Stories and Play
730 Stories of the Korean Martyrs
731 Stork's Assistant-the Nursemaid, The
732 Story of a Vocation, The
733 Story of Bl. Mary MacKillop, Australian Foundress, The
734 Story of the Vanishing Schism: the Strange Case of Cardinal Lara, The
735 Strength of God Counteracts Human Weakness, The
736 Strength of the Church Is Concealed in the Deep Waters of God, The
737 Strength to Face the Phenomenon of Terrorism, The
738 Strengthen Fraternity
739 Strengthen Spiritual and Moral Values in Society
740 Stromata, Or Miscellanies, Book I, The
741 Stromata, Or Miscellanies, Book II, The
742 Stromata, Or Miscellanies, Book V, The
743 Stromata, Or Miscellanies, Book VI, The
744 Stromata, Or Miscellanies, Books III - IV, The
745 Stromata, Or Miscellanies, Books VII-VIII, The
746 Strong Sense of the Privilege and Duty of Living in Assisi, A
747 Strong Societies Are Built on Strong Families
748 Structural Change Is Part of the Dynamic of Mission
749 Structures For a New Church Model
750 Sts Cyril And Methodius: Christian Faith Does Not Stifle But Purifies, Exalts, Integrates Cultural Values
751 Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher: Men for Our Season
752 Students have the right to learn the Church's teaching in all its richness
753 Studiorum Ducem (On St. Thomas Aquinas)
754 Study of Christian Culture, The
755 Stygian Lifeboat: On the River of Moral Relativism, A
756 Style Counts
757 Subject in a Vegetative State: a Personalistic View, The
758 Subject to the Governor of the Universe: The American Experience and Global Religious Liberty
759 Submission on Marriage
760 Submission to the Ad Hoc Committee on Sexual Abuse - USCCB
761 Subsidiarity at Work: a Catholic's Vision of Social Policy
762 Subsidiarity in Art
763 Subsidiarity, Solidarity, and the Lay Mission
764 Sudan: Country of Terrorism, Religious Persecution, Slavery, Rape, Genocide, and Man-Made Starvation
765 Sudanese Bishops' Appeal for American Help
766 Suffer the Children: Sex-ed programs Designed by Prostitution Advocates
767 Suffer the Children: The Disaster of 'Talking about Touching'
768 Suffering Is Also God's Gift
769 Summa Quae (On The Church In Poland)
770 Summary and Guide to the Documents of the Second Vatican Council, A
771 Summary of Pope John Paul II's Catechesis on Original Sin
772 Summary of the Final List of Propositions for the Special Assembly for the Middle East
773 Summi Dei Verbum
774 Summi Maeroris (On Public Prayers For Peace)
775 Summi Pontificatus (On The Unity Of Human Society)
776 Summo Iugiter Studio (On Mixed Marriages)
777 Summorum Pontificum
778 Summorum Pontificum
779 Sun Rising In The East On Priests And Altars
780 Sunday Shows God's Love for His Creatures
781 Sunday: Day of Rest and Community Prayer
782 Sunday: Primordial Nucleus of the Liturgical Year
783 Superhuman: The Uncharted Territory of Transhumanism
784 Superiore Anno (On The Recitation Of The Rosary)
785 Support the Continental Mission Proclaimed at Aparecida
786 Supporting Parents, the Primary Educators and Protectors of Their Children
787 Suppression of Popular Devotions in Today's Catholic Church, The
788 Supreme Court Ruling Prompts New Call to Act
789 Supremi Apostolatus Officio (On Devotion Of The Rosary)
790 Surprise of an Encounter, The
791 Surviving As a Catholic Family in the Third Millennium
792 Sustainable Development Calls For Advancement Of Human Beings
793 Sustainable Development: a Global Agenda Structured on Population Control
794 Swami From Oxford, The
795 Syllabus of Pius IX, The
796 Symbol of Communion with Church of Rome
797 Symeon the New Theologian
798 Symphony Of Faith, The
799 Synergy between Institutions and the Catholic Church
800 Synod at the Service of the Church's Mission and Commuion
801 Synod Decides . . . Not To Approve Restricted Inerrancy Doctrine
802 Synod Is Not a Parliament, The
803 Synod Is Not a Parliament, The
804 Synod Success — Next Step: Involve the Whole Church
805 Synodal Church Is a Church of Listening, A
806 Synthesis of Instruction "Dignitas Personae"
807 Synthesis of the Declaration of Dominus Iesus
808 Syriac Versions Of The Epistles Of Ignatius Of Antioch