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1 Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth)
2 Pacem, Dei Munus Pulcherrimum (On Peace and Christian Reconciliation)
3 Pacifist and the Bible, The
4 Padre Pio Of Pietrelcina, Apostle Of The Confessional
5 Padre Pio: One With Christ, One With Sinners
6 Padua's Prophet
7 Paenitentiam Agere (On The Need For The Practice Of Interior And Exterior Penance)
8 Painting and Language
9 Painting and Reality - Images
10 Painting Angels, Saints and Their Symbols
11 Painting Money: The Ugly Business of Contemporary Art
12 Pakistan: Seeds of Gospel Still Grow Despite Difficulties
13 Palliative Care: The New Stealth Euthanasia
14 Palm Sundays
15 Panorama of Missionary Activity in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America
16 Papacy and the Modern World, The
17 Papal Address to members of the Diplomatic Corps
18 Papal Address to Youth at Dos Coqueiros Stadium
19 Papal Appeal on Behalf of Women
20 Papal Diplomacy Is Service to Humanity
21 Papal Directives for the Woman of Today
22 Papal Errors in the Ordinary Magisterium?
23 Papal Homily at Close of Africa Synod
24 Papal Letter Concerning the Lifting of the SSPX Excommunications
25 Papal Message to Congregation for the Causes of Saints
26 Papal Protection of the Jews
27 Paper Boats Filled With Violets: A Story of Mother Cabrini
28 Paraclete, Perennial Soul of the Church
29 Pardon, Rather than Condemn
30 Parental Rights Overshadowed By
31 Parenthood Reflects the Love of God the Father
32 Parents Are Called to Help Children Understand the Dignity of Their Bodies
33 Parent's Blueprint for Making Youth Holy, A
34 Parent's Guide to Chastity Education, A
35 Parents have the inalienable duty and right to educate their children
36 Parents Must Give More Time To Their Children
37 Parish Has Essential Role in Welcoming the Stranger and Integrating the Baptized from Different Cultures
38 Parish Is the Place in which We Learn to Live Our Faith, The
39 Parish Social Justice
40 Parish, A Beacon Radiating the Light of Faith, The
41 Parishes Be Inspired By the First Community of Jerusalem
42 Parma University Students Meet Pope
43 Part II: a Catholic Perspective on Domestic Partnerships
44 Part II: Paulists' RENEW 2000 Is Just a Front For Call To Action
45 Partial-Birth Abortion and Catholics
46 Participate Actively in Political and Social Life
47 Participating in the Sacred Liturgy
48 Participation
49 Partnership with God: Christ Glorified in the Sacrifice of the Farmer
50 Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrine of the Modernists)
51 Paschal Mystery Is Present Reality, The
52 Paschalis Sollemnitatis (The Preparation and Celebration of the Easter Feasts)
53 Pass on the Riches of Your Spiritual Heritage
54 Passing of Years, The
55 Passion According to Tolkien, The
56 Passion and the Death, The
57 Passion for Truth, the Key to St. Augustine's Life
58 Passion of the Christian, The
59 Passover Meal: A Ritual for Christian Home, The
60 Passover of Christ Brings Hope, The
61 Past Present (Hilaire Belloc: Seeing History with Eyes Wide Open)
62 Pastor Bonus
63 Pastor of God's Church
64 Pastor Of Hermas, The
65 Pastoral Approach to Marriage Should Be Founded on Truth, The
66 Pastoral Care of Couples Who are Cohabitating
67 Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons
68 Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, The
69 Pastoral Care of Migrants: a Way of Accomplishing the Church's Mission Today, The
70 Pastoral Care Of Persons Apparently Dead
71 Pastoral Care Of The Family
72 Pastoral Care Of The Family: Couples In Diffulculty
73 Pastoral Care of Vocations: Sowing Trust and Hope
74 Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization, The
75 Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization
76 Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization (Preparatory Document)
77 Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (Gaudium et Spes)
78 Pastoral Courage of Demetrius Gallitzin, The
79 Pastoral Epistles: Letters to Timothy and Titus
80 Pastoral Function Of Ecclesiastical Museums, The
81 Pastoral Guidelines for Fostering Vocations to Priestly Ministry
82 Pastoral Instruction Aetatis Novae On Social Communications
83 Pastoral Instruction on the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Finca Betania
84 Pastoral Letter From Your Priests, A
85 Pastoral Letter of 1792, The
86 Pastoral Letter of 1884, The
87 Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation, A
88 Pastoral Letter on Courage, A
89 Pastoral Letter on Freedom of Conscience and Religion
90 Pastoral Letter on Homosexuality
91 Pastoral Letter on Morality and Conscience, A
92 Pastoral Letter On the Duties of Catholic Politicians and Voters, A
93 Pastoral Letter on Widowed, Separated and Divorced
94 Pastoral Letter to the Clergy 1829, The
95 Pastoral Letter to the Laity
96 Pastoral Life and Catholic Doctrine
97 Pastoral Message of Kansas Bishops on Sunday Communion Without Mass
98 Pastoral Message on Abortion
99 Pastoral Ministry to the Divorced and Remarried
100 Pastoral Ministry to Young People with Same-Sex Attraction
101 Pastoral Nature Of The Directory
102 Pastoral Norms Concerning the Administration of General Sacramental Absolution
103 Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities
104 Pastoral Problem of Masonic Membership, The
105 Pastoral Reflection on the Sacrament of Confirmation
106 Pastoral Visit to Turkey
107 Pastoralis (On Religious Union)
108 Pastoralis Actio
109 Pastoralis Officii
110 Pastoralis Officii (On The Morality Of Dueling)
111 Pastors Must Inspire Trust in People
112 Pastors Must Not Be Afraid to Follow Paul VI's Example in Teaching True Nature of Conjugal Life
113 Pastors Should Be Men Of Faith, United, Capable Of Facing Secularized Society
114 Paternae (On The Education Of Clergy)
115 Paterno Iam Diu (On the Children of Central Europe)
116 Paths to Rome: Washing of Feet on Holy Thursday
117 Patient in a Vegetative State Is a Human Person, A
118 Patriarchal Family in History, The
119 Patriot, Not a Nationalist, A
120 Paul of Tarsus
121 Paul VI Generously Gave Himself to Christ
122 Pauline Year to Be Characterized by Ecumenism
123 Paulists' RENEW 2000 Is Just a Front For Call To Action
124 Paul's Ecclesiological Dimension
125 Pay to Pray: The Church's Simony Problem
126 Peace and Justice Come to Life in the Family, the First Champion of Human Rights
127 Peace Is Constructed by Overcoming Inner Evil
128 Peace Is Possible And Is a Duty
129 Peace Is the Goal to Which All Humanity Aspires
130 Peace Is the Goal to Which All Humanity Aspires
131 Peace Must Be Patiently Built Day After Day
132 Peace Must First Be Built In the Human Heart
133 Peace Must Guide the Destiny of Peoples
134 Peace Of Christ Will Dispel Hostility
135 Peace Requires a Leap of Faith
136 Peace Warrants Great Sacrifices on the Part of All
137 Peace, A Divine Gift to Be Constantly Implored
138 Peace, A Gift to Be Invoked, A Task to Be Carried Out
139 Peaceful Coexistence among Different Religions Is Possible
140 Peasant Girl to Battlefield Commander: St. Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years' War
141 Pedagogical Value of Confession, The
142 pen Letter to the Bishops , An
143 Penance: Encounter with the Merciful Father
144 Penitential Fasting Is Therapy for the Soul
145 Pennsylvania Bishops Document on Cohabitation
146 Pentecost Involves the Three Divine Persons
147 Pentecostalism Controversy, The
148 People of Culture Must Strive for Truth, Defend It and Live in Accordance with It
149 People of This Country Are Known for Their Great Vitality and Creativity, The
150 People Who Bless, A
151 People Who Complain and People Who Are Grateful
152 People Who Walked in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light, The
153 People Who Walked in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light, The
154 Peoples of Oceania Know That Jesus Is the Way That Leads to Truth and Life, The
155 Peregrinantes (Proclaiming A Holy Year For 1750)
156 Perennial Newness of the Gospel of Life, The
157 Perennial Relevance of the Teachings of St. Anselm
158 Perform The Work Of Evangelization, National Reconciliation
159 Pergrata (On The Church In Portugal)
160 Perilous Vegetative State, The
161 Permanent Consecration: Anchor Of Priestly Sanctity
162 Permoti Nos (On Social Conditions In Belgium)
163 Perpetual Virginity as Prophetic Sign
164 Persevere in Quest for Unity
165 Persian Church, The
166 Persistent Vegetative State
167 Person and Teaching of St. Paul, The
168 Personal Approach to the Scrupulous
169 Personal Dignity: Our Right, Dead or Alive
170 Personal Sin Has Repercussions on Society
171 Persons in 'Vegetative State' Deserve Proper Care
172 Peruvian Archbishop Leaves a Valuable Legacy
173 Peter and Paul Sealed Their Witness with Blood
174 Peter and Paul: Signs of Unity and Fidelity
175 Peter and the Orthodox: a Reprise
176 Peter in Rome
177 Peter Is Charged with Feeding the Sheep
178 Peter Lombard
179 Peter Strengthens His Brothers in Faith
180 Peter the Venerable
181 Peter, the Apostle
182 Peter, the Fisherman
183 Peter, the Rock
184 Peter's Fall
185 Peter's Primacy
186 Petition for the Confirmation of the Council of Trent
187 Petition from the Vietnamese Bishops
188 Petrine Ministry Is Based on Christ's Promise
189 Petrine Ministry Serves Unity of Faith
190 Petrine Ministry: Logic of Humility and Service
191 Pharmacists with Targets on their Backs
192 Philip Pullman's Dark Materials
193 Philip the Apostle
194 Philosophical and Religious Thought of Teilhard de Chardin, The
195 Philosophy Is One of the Noblest of Human Tasks
196 Philosophy of American Patriotism In the Present Crisis, The
197 Philosophy of Woman of St. Thomas Aquinas, The
198 Physical Death of Jesus Christ, The
199 Physical Existence
200 Physician of Body and Soul
201 Physician-Induced Death: Measure 16 and H.109
202 Physician's Relationship With Morality, The
203 Pieni L'animo (On The Clergy In Italy)
204 Pilgrim Place of Central Europe, The
205 Pilgrimage in the Great Jubilee, The
206 Pilgrimage to the Roots of our Faith, A
207 Pilgrimage To The Stars
208 Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace - Prayer in Preparation of the Meeting in Assisi
209 Pill From Hell, The
210 Pitfalls of Pluralism
211 Pius IX, Vatican II and Religious Liberty
212 Pius XII and the Holocaust
213 Pius XII and the Jews
214 Pius XII and the Jews: Greatness dishonored
215 Pius XII Saved More Jews Than Schindler
216 Pius XII: Saintly Defender of European Jews
217 Pius XII: the Martyrdom of Silence
218 Pius XII’s Defense of Jews and Others: 1944-45
219 Place of Philosophy in Moral Theology, The
220 Place Of Popular Devotion
221 Place Of Virtue In Catholic Social Teaching, The
222 Place Where Accepted Values Are Overturned, A
223 Placing Health in Mary's Hand
224 Plainsong Must Return To Our Parishes
225 Plan A: Keep “Plan B” Out of Catholic Hospitals
226 Plan for Pastoral Care and Evangelization in Slovakia
227 Planned Parenthood Health Care Hoax, The
228 Plant the Cross of Christ in your life!
229 Planted and Built Up in Jesus Christ
230 Planted and Built Up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith
231 Plastic Perfection? The Ethics of Breast Implants
232 Plea For The Christians, A
233 Please Promote The Year Of The Rosary
234 Pleasure and the Saint
235 Plenary Indulgence Declared for Lourdes Pilgrimages
236 Plenary Indulgence for Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
237 Plenary Indulgence for the 15th World Day of the Sick
238 Plenary Indulgence for the Year of Faith
239 Plenary Indulgence for World Youth Day 2008
240 Poet for the Kingdom: The Sacramental Stories of J. R. R. Tolkien, A
241 Poland Needs People of Faith and Conscience
242 Policy Reforms Must Support the Family
243 Policy Suggestions for the Church
244 Polish Pope's Maestro (Parts 1 & 2), The
245 Political and Religious Status of the Jewish People in the Days of Our Lord
246 Political Campaigns Are Triggering Outbreaks of Enthusiasm
247 Political Conversation and Witnesses to Belief
248 Political Correctness: How They Market Homosexuality
249 Political Service Calls for Unswerving Morality
250 Politicians and Communion
251 Politician's Promise: No Right to Life! No Freedom!, A
252 Politics And Logic
253 Politics and Moral Complexity: God’s Law Comes First
254 Politics and the Devil
255 Politics, Abortion, and Communion
256 Poll Shows No Demand for Inclusive Language
257 Pondering “Gradualism” and the “Midterm” Report
258 Pondering the Inaccurate Claim of ‘New Sins’ and the Prevalence of the Same Old Sins
259 Pontifical Academies: A Culture Worthy of Human Life
260 Pontifical Academy For Life Issues Statement For Fifth Anniversary of Encyclical 'Evangelium Vitae'
261 Pontifical Biblical Commission: Yesterday And Today
262 Pontifical Council Cor Unum, The
263 Pontifical Council for Culture, The
264 Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue Denounces and Condemns the Practices of Terrorists in Syria and Iraq
265 Pontifical Council for the Family, The
266 Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts answers a 'dubium'
267 Pontifical Oriental Institute: A Heritage of Wisdom
268 Pontifical Representatives: Always Remain Pastors
269 Pontifical Universities: Priority to Spiritual Life
270 Pop Goes the Mass (part one)
271 Pope (Pius XII and Leo XIII) Speaks on Rural Life, The
272 Pope Addresses United States Bishops on Crisis of Marriage and the Family
273 Pope Advances Sainthood Cause of 6-Year-Old Italian Girl
274 Pope and Curia Reaffirm Value of Priestly Celibacy
275 Pope and Priests: Feet on Earth, Eyes on Heaven
276 Pope Asks G-8 To Hear The Cry Of The Poor Nations
277 Pope at Mount Sinai, The
278 Pope Baptizes Thirteen Infants, The
279 Pope Benedict in Austria
280 Pope Benedict Speaks to Muslims
281 Pope Benedict XVI and Academic Freedom
282 Pope Benedict XVI and the Liturgical Reform
283 Pope Benedict XVI Answers Questions on Special Television Broadcast
284 Pope Benedict XVI Final Address to Cardinals
285 Pope Benedict XVI Meditation at Opening of Synod of Bishop for the MIddle East
286 Pope Benedict XVI Message for Lent 2010
287 Pope Benedict XVI on Conscience
288 Pope Benedict XVI on Two Crucial Issues Facing the Church: The Liturgy and Priestly Celibacy
289 Pope Benedict XVI’s interview with Bayerische Rundfunk, ZDF, Deutsche Welle and Vatican Radio
290 Pope Benedict XVI's Farewell Message from Lourdes
291 Pope Benedict XVI's Meditation During Blessed Sacrament Procession in Lourdes
292 Pope Benedict XVI's Meeting with Representatives of the Jewish Community
293 Pope Benedict's Homily at Consecration of the Church of the Sagrada Familia
294 Pope Benedict's State of the World Address
295 Pope Calls For A Rediscovery Of The Rosary
296 Pope Condemns All Forms of Direct Euthanasia, The
297 Pope Confers Episcopal Ordination on Six Prelates
298 Pope Encourages Bavarians to Follow Christian Values
299 Pope Encourages Pilgrimages To Mary's House in Turkey
300 Pope Encourages the Small Turkish Catholic Community
301 Pope Expresses Shock at Inhuman Terrorist Attacks on U.S.
302 Pope Francis Address to the Diplomatic Corps
303 Pope Francis Address upon Arrival at Sri Lanka during His Apostolic Journey
304 Pope Francis' Chirograph to Establish New Commission
305 Pope Francis Invocation for Peace
306 Pope Francis Praises the Heroic Strength of the Filipino People in the Face of Disaster
307 Pope Francis Recalls His Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
308 Pope Francis Recounts His Pastoral Trip in Asia
309 Pope Francis Speaks to Journalists on Papal Flight from Brazil
310 Pope Francis Speaks with Journalists on the Flight to Manila
311 Pope Francis Urges Us to Reject Worldliness
312 Pope Goes on 'Spiritual Pilgrimage' to the Family, The
313 Pope Highlights the Importance of Family-Run Farms, The
314 Pope Highlights the Vital Role of Philosophy
315 Pope Impressed by Sense of the Sacred in Africa
316 Pope in India & Georgia, The
317 Pope in Poland, The
318 Pope Indomitable, The
319 Pope Invites Young People to Say "Yes" to God
320 Pope Invites Youth to Trust in the Lord
321 Pope Joan?
322 Pope John Paul and President Bush at Castelgandalfo
323 Pope John Paul II Homily for World Youth Day's Prayer Vigil
324 Pope John Paul II Opening Address at the Puebla Conference
325 Pope John Paul II Pays Tribute to Reagan
326 Pope John Paul II Visits Armenian Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Torkom
327 Pope John Paul II, Address to Women Religious in Turin on September 4, 1988.
328 Pope John Paul II's 1994 Christmas Message to Children
329 Pope John Paul II's Address to the Diplomatic Corps
330 Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Proclaiming St. Thomas More Patron of Statesmen and Politicians
331 Pope John Paul II's First Urbi et orbi Message
332 Pope John Paul II's Greatest Achievement Might Lie Ahead
333 Pope John Paul II's Homily at the Closing Mass of the 10th World Youth Day
334 Pope John Paul II's Homily at the Mass Beginning His Pastoral Ministry
335 Pope John Paul II's Vocation Day Message (April 24, 1994)
336 Pope John Paul Invites All to Work for Unity without Becoming Discouraged by Difficulties
337 Pope John: Daily Striving For Holiness, Optimism
338 Pope Leaves Mexico Reiterating His Call for Solidarity
339 Pope Leo XIII: a Critique of the Modern World
340 Pope Leo XIII's Message to America
341 Pope Leo’s Ideal Was Not State Control
342 Pope Meets Bishops of Angola and Sao Tome
343 Pope Offers Prayers for Americans during the WTC and Pentagon Tragedy
344 Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II: “Being True with Body and Soul”
345 Pope Paul VI, Not Clinton, Was Right About Contraception
346 Pope Pius IX
347 Pope Pius XII -- a Compilation
348 Pope Pius XII and the Theological Treatise on the Church
349 Pope Pius XII, An Agent of the Final Solution?
350 Pope Pius XII's Presumed
351 Pope Places 'All Your Worries and Aspirations at the Feet of the Virgin'
352 Pope Praises Deep Christian Roots of the United Kingdom
353 Pope Praises the Constant Relevance of "Fides et Ratio"
354 Pope Praises Work of Institute of Sacred Archaeology
355 Pope Prays for the Fallen of All Wars and All Nations
356 Pope Recalls Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon and Holy Land
357 Pope Recall's Difficulties Faced by Christians In Middle East
358 Pope Recalls Leaders' Responsibility to Guarantee Peace
359 Pope Replies to Journalists' In-Flight Questions
360 Pope Speaks His Mind. A Cardinal Explains Him, The
361 Pope Speaks with Roman Priests on Lent, Evangelization, Judgment
362 Pope St. Pius V and Quo Primum
363 Pope Tells American Bishops: Fight Death Culture
364 Pope Tells Young People: You Are the Hope of the Church
365 Pope to Curia: 2009, A Year Passed under the Sign of Africa
366 Pope to New Bishops: Faithfulness, Prudence, Goodness
367 Pope Urges Authorities to Uphold Laws that Favor Traditional Family
368 Pope Urges Lifting Of Embargo, Just Peace Stops Terrorism
369 Pope Urges 'Pax Christi' to Promote Reconciliation
370 Pope Who Outlasted a Tyrant, The
371 Pope: Beauty of Faith Is Not an Obstacle to Artistic Creation, The
372 Pope: Serene and Peaceful Coexistence in Middle East, The
373 Pope’s Radical Call to the New Evangelization, The
374 Pope's Address to Political & Civil Authorities in Luanda
375 Pope's Address to Journalists
376 Pope's Address to Movements on Promotion of Women
377 Popes and Democracy, The
378 Popes and the Eastern Rites, The
379 Pope's Appeal for the Day of Fasting, Prayer, and Charity for Peace, The
380 Pope's Childhood: In His Own Words, The
381 Pope's Exhortation to Asia, The
382 Pope's Homily for Easter Vigil, Easter 2001
383 Pope's Homily for Mass of the Lord's Supper, 2001
384 Pope's Team: the Vatican's Secretariat of State, The
385 Popes Through the Ages
386 Pope's Trip Fulfils Old Dream
387 Pope's Words to Cameroon Muslim Leaders
388 Pope's written message to the Cuban Bishops
389 Popess Who Just Won't Go Away, The
390 Popular Attendance at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
391 Popular Devotional Practices: Basic Questions and Answers
392 Popular Education During the Middle Ages
393 Popular Liturgical Song Is Bond of Unity
394 Popular Movement Is One of the Most Pressing Challenges to Christian Faith
395 Popular Music Should Carry a Red-Flag Warning Label
396 Popular Piety And The Life Of Faith
397 Population Conference Draft Document Criticized
398 Population Growth Does Not Bring About World Poverty
399 Population that Does Not Care for Children and the Elderly Abuses the memory of the Past and Promise for the Future, A
400 Populorum Progressio (On The Development Of Peoples)
401 Pornography
402 Pornography and Priestly Vocations
403 Pornography and Violence in the Media
404 Pornography's Corrosive Growth
405 Pornography's Impact on Married Love
406 Porta Fidei
407 Portrait of Dietrich von Hildebrand, A
408 Position of the Catholic Medical Association on Human Cloning
409 Positive Role of the Laity in the Church's Mission
410 Positive Signs of Fraternity on Ecumenical Journey
411 Post-Abortion Grief
412 Postmodernism: Catastrophe Or Opportunity — Or Both?
413 Postulator's Story, The
414 Poverty in the World Is a Scandal
415 Poverty, Peace, Universality in the Cross
416 Power of Finance and of the Media, The
417 Power of Grace, The
418 Power of Holy Spirit for World Mission
419 Power of Intercession: The Prophet Elijah's Prayer, The
420 Power of Love Annihilates Forces of Evil and Death
421 Power of Love is Given to Man and Woman as a Share in God's Love, The
422 Power of the Pope and the Marriage of the Baptized, The
423 Power to Define Marriage, The
424 Power To The People Can Only Mean Property To The People
425 Practical Tips for Marriage
426 Practice of Abortion in Our Country and City Holds Hidden Dangers, The
427 Praedecessores Nostros (On Aid For Ireland)
428 Praise God For Mysterious Workings Of Providence
429 Praise God For The Gift Of His Law
430 Praise The Lord, King Of All The Earth
431 Praise To Him Who Sits Upon The Throne
432 Pray for Peace and Conversion of Sinners
433 Pray for Salvation of Humanity in Daily Prayer
434 Pray for the People, Like Moses
435 Pray The Harvest Master To Send Chaste Laborers
436 Pray The Rosary Daily For The Gift Of Peace
437 Pray the Rosary Often This Month!
438 Prayer and Song for Forty-Seventh International Eucharistic Congress
439 Prayer and the Holy Family of Nazareth
440 Prayer at An Abortion Chamber
441 Prayer For Peace at the Greek-Orthodox Church in Quneitra
442 Prayer for Priests, A
443 Prayer for the Dead
444 Prayer for Unity and Reconciliation among Christians
445 Prayer Gives Essential Meaning to Our Daily Activities
446 Prayer in the Book of Revelation
447 Prayer in the Letters of St. Paul
448 Prayer in the second part of the Book of Revelation (Rev. 4:1-22:21)
449 Prayer In Times Of Suffering
450 Prayer Is Never Detached from Reality
451 Prayer Is Ray Of Light In Self-Sufficient World
452 Prayer of Futility, The
453 Prayer of Jesus at the Last Supper, The
454 Prayer of Jesus Linked to His Miraculous Healing Action, The
455 Prayer of Lady Macbeth: How the Contraceptive Mentality has Neutered Religious Life, The
456 Prayer of Pope Pus XII
457 Prayer of the Holy Father at the Western Wall
458 Prayer Opens the Heart to Those Most In Need
459 Prayer Opens the Way to the Mystery of God's Plan
460 Prayer Responds to Human Beings' Desire for God
461 Prayer to Mary Immaculate
462 Prayer to St. Michael
463 Prayer to St. Michael
464 Prayer, Dialogue, Shared Witness Are Ways Of Waiting For The Spirit To Come
465 Prayer, Penance and the Eucharist are the Principal Sources of Spirituality for Married Couples
466 Prayer, the Main "Weapon" In the Fight Against Evil
467 Prayer, the Most Important Moment of a Priest's Life
468 Prayers for Farmers
469 Prayers for Priests
470 Prayers for the Prisoners
471 Prayers for the Success of the Synod of Bishops
472 Prayers for Travelers
473 Praying for the Dead and Gaining Indulgences During November
474 Preaching Conversion Through The Beatitudes: Bernard Of Clairvaux's Ad Clericos De Conversione
475 Preaching the Historical Jesus
476 Preaching the Word Is My Duty, So That the Son of Man Will Find Faith on Earth
477 Preaching To Children About Abortion
478 Pre-Election Letter to the People of Arlington
479 Pre-Eminence of St. Peter: 50 New Testament Proofs, The
480 Preface to Norms Regarding the Manner of Proceeding in the Discernment of Presumed Apparitions or Revelations
481 Pregnant Women 'Inherit' Some Characteristics of Their Children
482 Prelates of Caucasus Support Faithful in Difficulties
483 Preliminary Report: the Vatican and the Holocaust
484 Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage
485 Preparatory Catechesis for the Consecration of the Youth of the World to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ
486 Preparing for Marriage
487 Preparing for Marriage
488 Preparing for Your Mission as Priests with Mary's Help
489 Preparing Young People For Marital Fidelity
490 Presbyterium of the Diocese, The
491 Prescription Against Heretics, The
492 Presence of Mary, The
493 Presence of the Church in the University and in University Culture, The
494 Presence of the Trinity in Human Life
495 Presentation By Archbishop Julian Herranz
496 Presentation By Cardinal Jorge A. Medina Estevez
497 Presentation By Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
498 Presentation of Apostolic Letter for the Eucharistic Year
499 Presentation on Instruction Regarding the Eucharist
500 Presentation on Marriage and Same-Sex Unions
501 Presentation Prefigures the Cross
502 Preserving Marriage: The Union of One Man and One Woman
503 President Of 'Ecclesia Dei' Presents Letter Of Canonical Establishment
504 Presidential Address at Plenary Assembly of Southern African Catholic Bishop's Conference
505 Presiding in Doctrine and Presiding in Love
506 Press Conference en Route to Cameroon
507 Press Release Regarding the Alleged Commission on Medjugorje
508 Pretzels for God
509 Prevent Dissemination of Ideologies Which Obscure Truth
510 Prevent Violence By Addressing Its Roots
511 Price Of My Soul’s Salvation, The
512 Price Of Priestly Pederasty, The
513 Priest and Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World: New Media at the Service of the Word, The
514 Priest and the Third Christian Millennium, The
515 Priest as a Man of Communion
516 Priest Martyrs of England, The
517 Priest Of God, You Embody The Mystery Of Mercy!
518 Priest of the Gulag: Walter Ciszek, SJ, The
519 Priest Shortage;: Natural Or Man-(And Woman-) Made?, The
520 Priest Who Died Three Times, The
521 Priest, Minister of Divine Mercy, The
522 Priest, Pastor and Leader of the Parish Community, The
523 Priest, Pastor And Leader Of The Parish Community, The
524 Priesthood and Pastoral Care of the Family
525 Priesthood and the Masculinity of Christ
526 Priesthood in Christian Unity, The
527 Priesthood Is Not the Means for Social Advancement, The
528 Priesthood Is the Love of the Heart of Jesus, The
529 Priestly & Religious Celibacy: Is It Dead, or Should It Be?
530 Priestly Chastity
531 Priestly Identity: Crisis and Renewal
532 Priestly Life Requires Ever-Increasing Thirst for Sanctity
533 Priestly Life: Conversion Of Life, Evangelical Poverty, Celibacy, Service
534 Priestly Perspective of 'Eight Mile', A
535 Priestly Power to Bless, The
536 Priests and the Importance of Fatherhood
537 Priests Are Conformed to Christ the Head
538 Priests Are Set Apart in Order To Be True Servants of God's People
539 Priests Are witnesses of the Power of God
540 Priests Configured to Christ
541 Priests' Continuing Formation
542 Priests' Eucharistic-Sacrificial Mission Is Inseparable from Their Pastoral Mission
543 Priests In Crisis
544 Priest's Ministry and Spiritual Life Are Intimately Connected
545 Priests Must Live in Christ through Prayer
546 Priests Must Tend Constantly Towards Sanctity
547 Priests Should Teach Faithful About Indulgences
548 Priest's Struggle For Sanctity, The
549 Priests Too Need God's Forgiveness
550 Priests Who "Desert," Priests Who "Come Back"
551 Priests Within Associations of the Faithful
552 Priests, By Ordination, Share in Christ's Mission
553 Priests: Accompany Human Beings on Their Journey
554 Priests: Complete Adherence to Christ and His Church
555 Priests: Inner Strength, Dedication to Souls
556 Priests: Men of God, Obedient to His Will
557 Priests: Promoters of the Encounter Between Man and God
558 Priest-Scholar Takes the Helm, A
559 Primacy Of Grace, The
560 Primacy of Grace: Letter to Diocesan Priests, The
561 Primacy of Peter, The
562 Primacy of Peter, The
563 Primacy of the Kingdom of God and the Courage to Say No to Evil, The
564 Primacy of the Successor of Peter in the Mystery of the Church, The
565 Primer on Peace, A
566 Prince Gallitzin
567 Prince of This World and the Evangelization of Culture, The
568 Princeps Pastorum (On The Missions, Native Clergy, And Lay Participation)
569 Principi Apostolorum Petro (On St. Ephrem the Syrian)
570 Principle of Subsidiarity and the “Welfare State”, The
571 Priorities for Catholic Voters
572 Priscilla and Aquila
573 Prisoners of War
574 Privacy vs. Orwellian Intrusions
575 Private Character and Public Leaders
576 Private Revelations: "Keep to What Is Countenanced by the Church"
577 Privatizing Marriage Is Impossible
578 Privatizing Marriage Is Unjust to Children
579 Privatizing Marriage Will Expand the Role of the State
580 Privilege of Being a Man, The
581 Pro Life, Civil Law and Individual Duty
582 Pro-Abortion Politicians Risk the Possibility of Hell
583 Probe Noscitis Venerabiles (On The Discipline For Clergy)
584 Probe Nostis (On The Propagation Of The Faith)
585 Problem of Christian Prophecy, The
586 Problem of Dissent in Light of the 'Commentary on the Concluding Formula of the Profession of Faith'
587 Problem of Evil, The
588 Problem of Evil, The
589 Problem Of Evil: Evil In Free Human Person
590 Problem of First Confession, The
591 Problem of Gender Feminism, The
592 Problem Of Suffering Reconsidered, The
593 Problem of Threats to Human Life, The
594 Problems Facing the Family
595 Problems with Darwinism
596 Proceed and Act Together in a Spirit of Communion
597 Proceeding Toward Reunion at Last: Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy
598 Process Theology and Secularization
599 Proclaim Christ Child's Message Of Hope Throughout The World
600 Proclaim Christ Light Of All Peoples!
601 Proclaim Gospel In Word And Deed
602 Proclaim the Gospel of Mercy
603 Proclaim the Gospel Without Compromise
604 Proclaim the Human Face of God
605 Proclaim the Truth About God and Man
606 Proclaim to All that 'Deus Caritas Est'
607 Proclaiming and Living the Gospel: the Duty of All
608 Proclaiming Christ in the Digital Era Is a Special Field for the Young
609 Proclaiming Christ in the Media
610 Proclaiming Christ with Words and the Witness of Life
611 Proclaiming the Church's Teaching on Marriage in the Age of Birth Control and Dissent
612 Proclaiming the 'Splendid Truth of the Family'
613 Proclamation of Christ in Asia Requires Careful and Extended Effort, The
614 Professionalism, Service and Sanctity in Life
615 Profile of Fr. Robert Drinan, A
616 Profile of the Catholic Teacher of Medicine
617 Profile of the Catholic Teacher of Medicine
618 Profiles of the Architects of the Culture of Death
619 Profound Love for the Person: Key to the Service of Life
620 Profoundly Different Understanding, A
621 Program for Year 2000 Must Help Us Discover Glory of God Revealed in Christ
622 Progress in Overcoming Old Divisions
623 Progress: True and False
624 Progressive Inhumanity, Part One: The State against the Family
625 Progressive Inhumanity, Part Three: Hatred of the Past
626 Progressive Inhumanity, Part Two: The State against the Churches
627 Pro-life Mass — Catholic identity
628 Promise Is To You and Your Children, The
629 Promise of Tabor Is Fulfilled at Easter, The
630 Promised Objectivity: Americans Receive Planned Parenthood Ideology
631 Promises to Abraham Were Fulfilled in Christ
632 Promising Sources for Sound Catechetics
633 Promote a Deeper Awareness of the Responsibility of Lay People
634 Promote a global culture of solidarity
635 Promote Encounter through Dialogue against Violence
636 Promote Global Action to Support Peace
637 Promote Links Between Gospel and Culture
638 Promote Marriage and the Family
639 Promote Medicine Respecting The Patient As Person
640 Promote Peaceful Co-Existence between Nations
641 Promote Real Economic Democracy
642 Promote Reconciliation Which Flows From Evangelization
643 Promote Solid Famly Life as a Model for United Church Life
644 Promote The Culture Of Life Vigorously
645 Promote the Dignity of Christian Marriage
646 Promote the Economy of Honesty
647 Promote the Equal Dignity of All God's Children
648 Promote the Maturation of Moral Conscience
649 Promote the Sacrament of Penance
650 Promote The Social Doctrine Of The Church To Improve The Social Order
651 Promote The Spirituality Of Christian Marriage
652 Promote Understanding Between Cultures
653 Promote, Preserve, Protect Marriage
654 Promoting a Culture Respectful of Life
655 Promoting Authentic Eucharistic Adoration
656 Promoting Lasting Peace and Sustainable Development in Africa
657 Promoting the 'Gospel of the Family and of Life'
658 Promulgation of the New Code of Canon Law (Sacrae Disciplinae Leges)
659 Promulgation of the Roman Missal Revised by Decree of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (Missale Romanum)
660 Proofs for the Existence of God in the Light of Modern Natural Science, The
661 Propaganda: Past and Present
662 Propers or "Other Suitable Songs"?
663 Prophecy of a New World
664 Prophetic Document of the Magisterium of the Church, A
665 Prophetic Priesthood of Christ and the Eucharist
666 Proposals for a Correct Reading of the Second Vatican Council
667 Propose and Spread the Faith in a Serious Way
668 Proposes Prayer and Fasting to Counteract Violence
669 Proposing Vocations in the Local Church
670 Prosaic Virtue and Poetic Goodness
671 Prospects for Peace and Rumours of War: Religion and Democracy in the Years Ahead
672 Prospects For Xenotransplantation
673 Protect and Promote for All the Basic Right of Water
674 Protect Children that They May Look to the Future with Confidence
675 Protect Refugee Children From Sexual Abuse
676 Protect The Rights Of Migrants
677 Protect the Vital Cohesive Role of the Family
678 Protect Yourself from the Internet's Moral Dangers
679 Protecting Freedom of Conscience in Health Care
680 Protecting Human Genome Is Responsibility of All Humanity
681 Protecting Human Life
682 Protecting our Children from Catholic Schools
683 Protection of Human Rights Is Indispensable
684 Protocol Agreement of the Vatican and Archbishop Lefebvre, The
685 Protocol for Catholic Media Programming and Media Outlets
686 Provide Education And Support For Church Persons From Other Parts Of Asia
687 Providence Protects The Faithful Believer
688 Providentissimus Deus (On The Study Of Holy Scripture)
689 Providing Correct and Balanced Information
690 Proximity to People Suffering from Infectious Illness
691 Psalm 110 (109)
692 Psalm 119 (118): A Celebration of the Beauty of the Word of God
693 Psalm 23- The Closeness of God Transforms Reality
694 Psalms: The Book of Prayer Par Excellence, The
695 Psalter Is Ideal Source of Christian Prayer
696 Pseudo-Dionysius, the Areopagite
697 Psychics and Witches: What Scripture Says
698 Psychoanalysis of Luther: Escape from Pessimism, The
699 Psychology and Moral Problems
700 Psychotherapy for Scruples, A
701 Psychotherapy for Scruples, A
702 Public Servants and Moral Reasoning
703 Public Sin and the Reception of Holy Communion
704 Public Statement on Direct Sterilization in Catholic Hospitals
705 Publications of Roman Curia, Holy See-Related Institutions
706 Puerto Rico: Facing Challenges of This Moment of History
707 Pulpit Abuse
708 Pure Heart Can Love God and Bring the Commitment of Marriage to Fulfilment, A
709 Purgatory And Catechesis
710 Purgatory Is Necessary Purification
711 Purgatory: Service Shop for Heaven
712 Purgatory? Where Is That In The Bible?
713 Purification Of The Soul Here Or Hereafter
714 Purification, Commonly Called Candlemas-Day, The
715 Purifying Our Hearts In Order to Recognize God
716 Purity, Chastity Are Habits That 'Clean Our Hearts'
717 Purposes of Punishment, The
718 Pursue The Work Of Rebuilding In Spirit Of Dialogue
719 Pursue Your Study of Media Ethics
720 Pursuing the 'Last Things'
721 Pursuit of Uniformity Erodes the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The
722 Put The Church On The Map
723 Put the Poor at the Center of the Filipino Church
724 Put Your Enthusiasm at Christ's Service
725 Put Your Trust in Mary, Mother of Christ
726 Putting Technology at the Service of Man


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