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1 Jacob - Prayer: Battle of Faith, Call for Perserverance
2 Jacques Maritain’s Service to Truth
3 James, the Greater
4 James, the Lesser
5 Japan, Research and the Meaning of Life
6 Jean-Baptiste de La Salle: Educator and Saint
7 Jefferson Bible, The
8 Jehovah's Witnesses: Just Incredible!
9 Jerusalem, Mother Of All Peoples
10 Jerusalem, Praise Your Saving God
11 Jerusalem: Considerations of the Secretariat of State
12 Jesuits and the Catholic Reformation — Part 1: The Founder, The
13 Jesuits 'Brave and Expert Rowers' in the Barque of Peter
14 Jesuits, The
15 Jesuits: Full Fidelity to the Society's Original Charism
16 Jesus Talks with a Rabbi: Ut Unum Sint
17 Jesus Asks You to Love Him Above All
18 Jesus at the Sight of the Crowds, Was Moved with Pity
19 Jesus' Birth Reveals Depth of God's Love
20 Jesus Cannot Be Understood Without His Mother
21 Jesus Chooses the Marginal as Witnesses
22 Jesus Chose to Come to the World as Part of a Family
23 Jesus Christ Alive in His Church - the Source of Hope for Europe
24 Jesus Christ Brings Us Mercy, Grace and Help in All Our Needs
25 Jesus Christ Is Risen! He Is Truly Risen!
26 Jesus Christ Is Source of Hope for Europe
27 Jesus Christ is the Way for Oceania
28 Jesus Christ Is the World's True Wealth
29 Jesus Christ Must be Explicitly Preached
30 Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life
31 Jesus Christ, the Only Saviour of the World: Bread for New Life
32 Jesus Entrusted Church to Mary's Care
33 Jesus Gave His Life As a Ransom For Many
34 Jesus Goes Before Us to the Father
35 Jesus' 'Hour' Is Time of Human Salvation
36 Jesus Instituted Sacrament of Penance
37 Jesus Is Risen, and He Gives Us Peace
38 Jesus Is Supreme Encounter of God and Man
39 Jesus Is the New and True Lamb
40 Jesus Is the Salvation for Every Person and for Every People
41 Jesus Is the Savior and Liberator of Mankind
42 Jesus' Life Is Reference Point For Our Faith
43 Jesus Lives in the 'Celebration' of the Eucharist
44 Jesus Loves Those Who Make Mistakes
45 Jesus of Nazareth is Heart of Christian Faith
46 Jesus Our Contemporary
47 Jesus' Pain on the Cross Reflects the Pain of Humanity
48 Jesus' Prayer before Dying
49 Jesus Prayer before Dying - Part 2
50 Jesus Resolves the False Opposition between Obedience and Freedom
51 Jesus reveals loving face of the Father
52 Jesus Reveals the Father's Merciful Face
53 Jesus Said: ‘It Is Accomplished’
54 Jesus Savior of Men
55 Jesus Says: 'Come, Follow Me'
56 Jesus Seminar Should Go Back to School
57 Jesus the Divine Teacher
58 Jesus Walks with Us Through the Ages
59 Jesus Wants to Be Your Friend, Your Brother, Teacher of Truth and Life
60 Jesus with the Samaritan Woman
61 Jesus, Model of Every Priest
62 Jesus, Son of Humankind?
63 Jesus, Son of Humankind? The Necessary Failure of Inclusive-Language Translations
64 Jesus: Head of his body, the Church
65 Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, The
66 Jews and Christian Share much Together
67 Jews and Christians, Co-Operate to Face Challenges
68 Jews' Role in Christ's First and Second Coming
69 John Climacus
70 John Dewey - Radical Social Educator
71 John Dewey: Prophet of American Naturalism
72 John Duns Scotus
73 John Duns Scotus: Champion of the Immaculate Conception
74 John Leonardi: Ecclesial Renewal and Fidelity to Christ
75 John of Salisbury
76 John Paul II and the Gift of Clarity
77 John Paul II Communicated Hope
78 John Paul II: Servant of God, Hero of History
79 John Paul II's 1996 Lenten Message
80 John Paul II's Address to New Cardinals
81 John Paul II's General Audience of February 22, 1995
82 John Paul II's Spiritual Testament
83 John Paul's Distinctive Contribution
84 John Scotus Erigena
85 John the Baptist, an Enduring Model of Fidelity to God
86 John XXIII: Pope of Saint Joseph
87 John, Son of Zebedee
88 John, the Seer of Patmos
89 John, the Theologian
90 Joint Communique of Pope John Paul II and Catholicos Karekin II
91 Joint Declaration Between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation on the Doctrine of Justification, The
92 Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
93 Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
94 Joint Pastoral Statement on Principles of Catholic Social Teaching and Health Care Reform
95 Joint Statement from Bishop Kevin Farrell and Bishop Kevin Vann
96 Joint Vatican-US Statement on Pope
97 Josemaria's Way
98 Journalists, Help Me Work for the Good of Society
99 Journey of Faith in the Footsteps of John Paul II, A
100 Joy In Times of Difficulty Because God Is With Us
101 Joy Is Rooted in the Freedom that God Gives
102 Joy of Advent, The
103 Joy of Faith and the Education of the New Generations, The
104 Joy of God Is the Joy of Forgiveness, The
105 Joyful Expectation of Christmas Among Christians
106 Joys of the Resurrection, The
107 Jubilee Commitment to Freedom and Justice
108 Jubilee Grace Calls for Christ Centered Personal and Pastoral Life
109 Jubilee Implies Commitment to Justice
110 Jubilee Is Fitting Occasion for Strengthening Ecclesial Communion
111 Jubilee Is Missionary Feast 'Par Excellence'
112 Jubilee Is Occasion to Reduce International Debt
113 Jubilee Pilgrimage to Greece, Syria and Malta, 2001
114 Jubilee Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - Collection
115 Judas
116 Judas Code: Another Non-Gospel, The
117 Judas Iscariot and Matthias
118 Judgement On The Apparitions Of Kibeho
119 Judges Cannot Bend the Objective Norm or Interpret Divine law in an Arbitrary Way
120 Julian of Norwich
121 Jungian Psychology as Catholic Theology
122 Junipero Serra, Conquistador
123 Just As I Have Loved You, You Also Should Love One Another
124 Just Look
125 Just Man Lives By Faith, The
126 Justice
127 Justice Beyond the Grave: The Vindication of Cardinal Danielou
128 Justice in Pieces - Faith in Public Life
129 Justice Scalia's Dissenting Opinion on the Ruling on Texas Sodomy Law
130 Justice Should Be Administered in Obedience to God's Law
131 Justice, Charity and Truth Must Guide the Roman Rota
132 Justice, Peace, Freedom and Reconciliation for Cuba
133 Justice, the Most Unpopular Virtue
134 Justin On The Sole Government Of God.(1)
135 Just-War Theory, Catholic Morality, And The Response To International Terrorism


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