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1 I Am On A Spiritual Journey
2 I Appeal for Greater Solidarity and Political Will
3 I Appeal to World's Scientific Authorities: Halt the Production of Human Embryos!
4 I Appeal to Your Young People to Answer the Lord's Call in Their Life
5 I Arose, and Am Still with You
6 I ask Everyone to Save Humanity from Wars, to Respect Human Life and the Family
7 I Believe in God
8 I Believe in God: the Almighty Father
9 I Come as a Pilgrim of Faith and Hope
10 I Concluded My Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of St. Paul
11 I Cry With My Voice to the Lord!
12 I Entrust The World To Divine Mercy
13 I Express My Closeness To The Indigenous People, Guadalupe And St. Juan Diego Have A Deep Missionary Meaning
14 I Express My Thanks To You
15 I Go to the United States With Joy
16 I Greet You, Ukraine, Brave Witness to the Faith
17 I Have Come Among You as a Pilgrim of Peace
18 I Have Come as a Pilgrim to Santiago
19 I Have the Joy of Announcing 37 New Cardinals
20 I Invite You Never to Abdicate the Mission Entrusted to You
21 I Pay Homage to Your Martyrs
22 I Pay Tribute To This Temple, Which Bears On Its Columns The Sign Of Martyrdom
23 I Pray that Peace May Be God's Gift to the Land He Chose to Be His Own
24 I Shall Miss Brazil
25 I Suffer 'So that God's Plan May Be Completed'
26 I Survived Because "I Knew I Was Expected"
27 I Thank God for Ineffable Gift of Jesus Christ
28 I Thank God for My Priesthood and Pray That He Will Send More Labourers into His Harvest
29 I Urge Catholics to Pray for the Dead
30 I Want the Church To Go into the Streets
31 I Was in Prison and You Came to Me
32 I will Always Be with You in Prayer
33 I Will Arise and Return to My Father
34 I Will Give My Life for the Salvation of Souls
35 I Will Give You Shepherds (Pastores Dabo Vobis)
36 I Wish for a Church that Is Poor and for the Poor
37 I Wish To Reaffirm The Catholic Church's Respect For Islam, For Authentic Islam
38 Iamdudum (On The Law Of Separation In Portugal)
39 Iampridem (On Catholicism In Germany)
40 iberal Arts and Sexual Morality , The
41 Ice Bucket Challenge’s Ethical Surprise, The
42 ich, Not States, are Called to Help Others , The
43 Icons Show the Human Face of God
44 Idea And Prospects Of A Center For Catholic Studies At A Public Institution Of Higher Learning, The
45 Identifying Demons
46 Ideologies of Evil
47 Idolatry & Sodomy
48 If Anyone Eats This Bread, He Shall Live
49 If Christ Has Not Been Raised
50 If God Didn't Forgive Everyone, the World Would Not Exist
51 If God is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?
52 If the Lord Does Not Build the House
53 If You Are Not Willing to Act Like Shepherds, Change Path
54 If You Want Justice, Defend Life; If You Want Life, Embrace Truth
55 If You Want Peace, Reach Out to the Poor
56 If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation
57 ifferent Meanings of Human Acts In the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death - Part 2 , The
58 Ignorance—Invincible and Vincible
59 Ignoring Sex Differences Harms Society
60 Il Fermo Proposito (On Catholic Action In Italy)
61 Illegal Immigration and the Church: Philanthropic Lawlessness
62 Illusion of Neutrality, The
63 Imitate St Joseph's Simple, Hard-Working Style
64 Imitate the Humility of Mary
65 Immaculate Conception (Ineffabilis Deus), The
66 Immaculate Conception Defined by Pius IX
67 Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin, The
68 Immorality of Human Cloning, The
69 Immortale Dei (On The Christian Constitution Of States)
70 Immortality of the Soul and the Resurrection of the Dead, The
71 Imperative Of Courtesy, The
72 Imperative of 'Signs of Clinical Death' for Organ Transplants
73 Implosion: The Collapse of the United Nations
74 Importance of Christology: Pre-existence and Incarnation, The
75 Importance of Christology: the Decisiveness of the Resurrection, The
76 Importance of Christology: the Theology of the Cross, The
77 Importance of Fathers in Our Search for God, The
78 Importance of Harmonizing Human Love with Respect for Life
79 Importance of Latin, The
80 Importance of Listening to the People of God, The
81 Importance of Priestly Celibacy, The
82 Importance of the Christian Name, The
83 Importance of the Health Care Apostolate, The
84 Importance of the Hierarchy in the Church, The
85 Importance of the Imagination, The
86 Importance Of The Reality Of The Universe In The Work Of Stanley L. Jaki, The
87 Importance of the Witness Given by Christian Families, The
88 Important Moment, An
89 Important Role In European Culture and History, An
90 Important Vehicle of Lofty Human Values, An
91 Imposed Peace Is Not Enough–It Must Be Loved, Free and Fraternal
92 Impressionable Minds: Teaching Politically Correct History
93 Imprimatur Withdrawn From the Liturgical Psalter
94 In a Secularized Society Your Voice Is Needed More Than Ever
95 In a World That Makes a Myth of Strength and Power, the Elderly Must Witness to True Values
96 In Adoration Before The Tabernacle, Contemplate The Face Of Christ
97 In Aeternum Cantabo
98 In All Our Trials, God Has The Last Word
99 In Amplissimo (On The Church In The United States)
100 In Baptism Jesus Is in Solidarity with Us
101 In Charity They Experience Sentiments Of Christ: Meek, Humble Of Heart, Share In God's Love
102 In Christ the Whole of Humanity Will Be Blessed
103 In Christ We Find the Meaning of Life
104 In Christ You Can Face the Future with Hope
105 In Confession We experience the Joy of God's Forgiveness
106 In Confidence
107 In Defence of Broken Hearts
108 In Defense of the Orthodoxy of The Marian Movement of Priests
109 In Denial
110 In Dominico Agro (On Instruction In The Faith)
111 In Each Newborn We Recognize that Life Is a Gift of God
112 In Embryonic Stem Cell Research, End Does Not Justify the Means
113 In Eucharist Christ Comes As Light, Life Of The World
114 In Eucharist We Find Invisible Face of Christ
115 In Hac Tanta (On St. Boniface)
116 In Her, All God's Promises Have Been Proved Trustworthy
117 In Ipso (On Episcopal Reunions In Austria)
118 In Love with God and All Humanity
119 In Mary The Lord's Promise Is Fulfilled
120 In Multiplicibus Curis (On Prayers For Peace In Palestine)
121 In Obedience to Christ: A Pastoral Letter To Catholic Couples and Physicians on the Issue of Contraception
122 In Order to Safeguard the Faith (Ad Tuendam Fidem)
123 In Plurimis (On The Abolition Of Slavery)
124 In Praeclara Summorum (On Dante)
125 In Prayer We Abandon Ourselves To God's Embrace
126 In Search of Lost Symbols, Contemporary Biblical Illiteracy
127 In Supremo Apostolatus
128 In That Child Lying in the Stable, God Has Shown His Glory
129 In the "Opera Omnia" of Ratzinger the Theologian, the Overture Is All about the Liturgy
130 In the Act Itself of Her Birth the Church Is Already 'Catholic'
131 In The Beginning: John Paul II's First Homily
132 In the Cenacle, Where the Church Was Born to Go Forth
133 In the Church We Are All Missionaries and Disciples
134 In the Courthouse Was the Word
135 In the Crosshairs of the Canon
136 In the Footsteps of John Paul II, a Witness of Faith
137 In the Light of Fatima Towards the Third Millennium: Pius XII, Father, Teacher and Friend of Our Time
138 In The Lion's Den
139 In The Service Of Life
140 In the Shadow of the Crescent
141 In the Spirit We Read the Signs of the Times
142 In the Temple of the Church There Are No Useless Bricks
143 In the Third Millennium Build Your House on the Rock That Is Christ Living in His Church
144 In Times of Crisis, the University Nurtures Hope
145 In Times Of Difficulty Say, 'Jesus, I Trust In You'
146 In Truth and Love (Pennsylvania Bishops' Pastoral Letter)
147 In Truth, Peace
148 In Vitro Fertilization: Ethical Implications and Alternatives
149 In You, Mary, Love Has Triumphed
150 inal Prophecy? , A
151 Inaugural Mass Full of New Symbolic Gestures which Emphasize Pope as Successor of Peter
152 Incarnation and Spiritual Doctrine, The
153 Incarnation Reveals Glory of the Trinity
154 Incarnation Touches Depths of Humanity
155 Incarnationis Mysterium
156 Inclusive Language: Is It Necessary?
157 Increase the Sense of Belonging to the Church
158 Increasing Attention To Ecclesiology, An
159 Incredibili (On Persecution In New Granada)
160 Incredible Creed of Jehovah Witnesses, The
161 Index Of Forbidden Books, The
162 Indiana Jones and the Prophets of Doom
163 Indictment of Sir Thomas More, The
164 Indissolubility, Divorce and Holy Communion
165 Indissoluble Bond: 'Romanum' and Petrinum'
166 Indulgenced Prayer for a Christian Family
167 Indulgences Are Expression of God's Mercy
168 Indulgences Attached To Divine Mercy Devotions
169 Indulgences: Spreading the Wealth
170 Indult for Use of Roman Missal of 1962 According to Judgment of Diocesan Bishop
171 Inerrancy of Scripture and the Second Vatican Council, The
172 Infallibility in the Context of Three Contemporary Developments
173 Infallibility of Humanae Vitae
174 Infant Jesus of Prague, The
175 Infertility Treatments, in Accord With Church Teaching
176 Infinite Love of the Holy Spirit Does Not Abandon Us, The
177 Infinite Value Of Christ's Passion And Death
178 Inflated Reputation of Hans Urs von Balthasar, The
179 Ingravescentibus Malis (On The Rosary)
180 Ingruentium Malorum (On Reciting The Rosary)
181 Inhabiting the Digital Universes with a Believing Heart
182 Inimica Vis (On Freemasonry)
183 Iniquis Afflictisque (On The Persecution Of The Church In Mexico)
184 Initial Education in Family Relies on 'Feminine Genius'
185 Injustices among Nations Are Threats to Peace
186 Inner Circle, The
187 Inner Freedom Is Needed to Overcome Selfishness
188 Innocence and Humility
189 Innovative Models
190 Inquisition Requires Calm, Objective Analysis
191 Inscriptions Reveal Pilgrims’ Devotion
192 Inscrutabile (On The Problems Of The Pontificate)
193 Inscrutabili Dei Consilio (On The Evils Of Society)
194 Inscrutabili Divinae Sapientiae (Proclaiming A Universal Jubilee)
195 Inside Call To Action
196 Inside Look at Voice of the Faithful, An
197 Insignes (On The Hungarian Millennium)
198 Inspiration and Truth in Interpretation of Sacred Texts
199 Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani
200 Institutional and Charismatic Aspects: Quasi Coessential to the Church's Constitution
201 Instructing Converts
202 Instruction Calls for Necessary Change in Attitude and Practice
203 Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery (Inaestimabile Donum)
204 Instruction for Applying the Liturgical Prescriptions of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches
205 Instruction in Handling Causes of the Nullity of Marriage
206 Instruction on Admitting Candidates Coming From Other Seminaries or Religious Communities
207 Instruction on Certain Aspects of Theology of Liberation
208 Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation
209 Instruction on Infant Baptism
210 Instruction on Liturgical Formation in Seminaries
211 Instruction on Missionary Cooperation
212 Instruction on Prayers for Healing
213 Instruction on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation
214 Instruction on Sacred Music (Tra le Sollecitudini)
215 Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian
216 Instruction on the Historical Truth of the Gospels
217 Instruction on the Historical Truth of the Gospels
218 Instruction on the Manner of Distributing Holy Communion (Memoriale Domini)
219 Instruction Regarding the Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priest
220 Instructor (Paedagogus) Book I, The
221 Instructor (Paedagogus) Books II-III, The
222 Instrumental Music and the Liturgy
223 Instrumental Music in Church
224 Instrumentum Laboris: The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
225 Insufferable Arrogance of Multiculturalism, The
226 Integral Education to Combat Racism and Intolerance
227 Integral Vision of Health Care
228 Intentions for the Month of May
229 Inter Caetera
230 Inter Multiplices (Pleading For Unity Of Spirit)
231 Inter Munera Academiarum
232 Inter Praecipuas (On Biblical Societies)
233 Inter Sollicitudines, Motu Proprio of Pope Pius X on Sacred Music
234 Interdependence and Solidarity to Meet World Challenges
235 Inter-Institute Collaboration for Formation (1999)
236 Interior Cross: Mother Teresa and Her Dark Night of the Soul, The
237 Interior Prayer: Founded on Loving Much: An Interview with Author Father Jacques Philippe
238 Internal Order of States and People, The
239 International Religious Freedom: An Imperative for Peace and the Common Good
240 Internet Must Transmit a Church Which Is Home to All, The
241 Internet: A New Forum For Proclaiming The Gospel
242 Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, The
243 Inter-Religious Dialogue: A Vital Need of Our Time
244 Intervention Of The Holy See At The Conference At Doha
245 Intervention on Human Rights
246 Interview of Pope Benedict XVI with the Journalists during the Flight to Berlin
247 Interview of the Holy Father Benedict XVI During the Flight to France
248 Interview Pope Benedict XVI during the Flight to the Holy Land
249 Interview with Bishop Jean Laffitte on Theology of Human Love
250 Interview with Bishop Padilla of Mongolia
251 Interview with Msgr. Gaenswein, Secretary to Pope Benedict XVI
252 Intimate Union with Christ is the Secret
253 Intolerance Of Absolute Moral Relativists, The
254 Intolerant Tolerance
255 Introducing 'Redemptionis Sacramentum'
256 Introduction to Eugenics
257 Introduction to St. Bede’s Hall, Oxford, England
258 Introduction to the Australian Bishops' Statement of Conclusions
259 Introduction to the 'Compendium'
260 Introibo Ad Altare Dei
261 Inventory and Catalogue of the Cultural Heritage of the Church, The
262 Invicti Athletae (On St. Andrew Bobola)
263 Invincible Ignorance About Contraception
264 Invincibly Defended by the Banner of the Cross
265 Invitation to Inauguration of Year for Priests
266 In-Vitro Fertilization and the Hermeneutic of the Gift
267 Involuntary Human Servitude
268 Iranian Catholics Strong in the Faith, Rooted in Their Land
269 Ireland: Lasting Peace Built on Forgiveness, Reconciliation
270 Irish Madonna of Hungary, The
271 Irish Soldiers of Mexico, The
272 Irrelevant? Should Christianity Still Have a Voice in the Public Square?
273 Is Acupuncture Acceptable for Catholics?
274 Is Bioethics Ethical?
275 Is Christ 'Really' Among Us Today?
276 Is Christianity a Comfortable Religion?
277 Is Domus Dei D.O.A.?
278 Is 'Ecumenism' a Bad Word?
279 Is Ecumenism a Heresy?
280 Is Freemasonry Incompatible with the Catholic Faith?
281 Is Genuflecting at Communion Disruptive?
282 Is Harry Potter Good for Our Kids?
283 Is Hospice Movement Going Beyond End-of-Life Care?
284 Is It The Voice of The Faithful?
285 Is Marriage Just Discrimination?
286 Is Music Sacred?
287 Is Natural Family Planning a Heresy?
288 Is New Oxford Review Becoming a Protestant Publication?
289 Is Openness a Virtue?
290 Is the Education of Women a Modern Idea?
291 Is the Eucharist Really Christ's Body and Blood?
292 Is the Poem of the Man-God Simply a Bad Novel?
293 Is the Pope Green?
294 Is the Vatican Being Ignored?
295 Is there a Catholic Media?
296 Is There a Right To Die?
297 Is There a Spirituality of Study?
298 Is There Error in the Bible?
299 Is There Salvation Outside the Church?
300 Is There Salvation Outside the Church?
301 Is Today's Population Ready to Face the Idea of Evil?
302 Is 'Together for Life' Faithful to Magisterial Teaching on Contraception?
303 Isaiah's Prophecy Fulfilled in Incarnation
304 ishop and the Conference , The
305 ishop: Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World - Lineamenta , The
306 Islam
307 Islam and Western Democracies
308 Islamic Faith in An Age of Realism
309 Islam's Unreasonable War Against Benedict XVI
310 ismal State of Most Catholic Colleges and Universities , The
311 Isn't It Just a Catholic Rubber-Stamp on a Divorce?
312 Israel's Wisdom
313 It Ain't Just Dirt, It's God
314 It Came From The Roman Church . . .
315 It Didn't Go Out With Vatican II
316 It Didn't Just Happen
317 It Is Essential That You Remain Faithful to Your Christian Roots
318 It Is Faith Which Gives Us a Home in This World
319 It Is God, not Grand Promises, Who Changes the World
320 It Is Good To Be Here!
321 It is Hard for the Corrupt to Turn Back
322 It Is in the Home Where One Learns to Truly Live
323 It Is Necessary to Guarantee Respect For the Rules in All Circumstances
324 It Is Necessary to Restore the Primacy of God in the World
325 It Is Not A Liberal Cause To Support Abortion: It Is Anti-Life And Anti-Church
326 It Is Not a Liberal Cause To Suppport Abortion: It Is Anti-Life and Anti-Church
327 It Is on Prayer That the Effectiveness of Action Depends
328 It Is Time for the Church to Set Aside Her Worldliness
329 It Leers Towards Totalitarianism
330 Italian Episcopal Conference: Urgent Task of Education
331 Italy, Be Proud Of Your Christian Roots
332 itness of Marriage , The
333 It's (Past) Time to End Population Control
334 It's a Matter of Honesty: To Receive Communion, We Need to Be in Communion
335 It's the Parents' Duty to Form Personalities
336 Iucunda Sane (On Pope Gregory The Great)
337 Iucunda Semper Expectatione (On The Rosary)
338 IVF and the Catholic Couple
339 IVF's Insidious Medical Defects


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