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1 C.S. Lewis on ‘Xmas and Christmas’
2 Call Me Charlie
3 Call No Man Father?
4 Call to Communion: Anglicanorum coetibus and Ecclesial Unity, The
5 Call to Holiness of Homosexual Persons, The
6 Call to Marriage is Woven Deeply into the Human Spirit, The
7 Call to Prayer to Avert "black mass"
8 Call to Vigilance: Pastoral Instruction on New Age, A
9 Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium
10 Called as Peacemakers to Strengthen Communion and Spread Compassion
11 Called by Name
12 Called to Be Catholic: Church in a Time of Peril
13 Called to Be Ministers of Christ Jesus
14 Called to Compassion and Responsibility: A Response to the HIV/AIDS Crisis
15 Called to Live in the Holy Spirit
16 Called to Put Out into the Deep
17 Called to Radiate the Word of Truth
18 Called to Serve Christ in the Sick
19 Called, Like Mary, to Be Filled with God's Word
20 Calling All Christians to the Duty of Evangelizing Culture
21 Calling on Our Better Angels
22 Calvary of Hungary's Cardinal Mindszenty, The
23 Calvin and Calvinism
24 Cameroon Bishops' Statement on AIDS
25 Can a Catholic Vote in Support of Abortion?
26 Can Clergy Sex Offenders Be Helped?
27 Can Contracepting Parents Teach Their Children Chastity?
28 Can Epikeia Be Used in the Pastoral Care of the Divorced and Remarried Faithful?
29 Can Human Cloning Be 'Therapeutic'?
30 Can Infants Be Born Again?
31 Can Outsiders Be Insiders?
32 Can Reform Come?
33 Can Teens Stay Connected Without Losing Touch?
34 Can We Keep Our Churches Catholic?
35 Can We Speak of Repression in the Church?
36 Can You Trust Thomas Merton?
37 Canon Law and Fr. Gruner's Suspension (a divinis)
38 Canon Law at the Service of Justice and Freedom in the Church as the People of God
39 Canon Law, Vatican II, and Eucharistic Devotion
40 Canonical History of the Lefebvrite Schism, A
41 Canonical status of Rev. Father Tomislav Vlašić, OFM, The
42 Canonization of Bl. Jan Sarkander and Bl. Zdislava of Lemberk Olomouc, Czechoslovakia
43 Canonization of Saints
44 Canonizing Uncle Fred
45 Canons of Friendship, The
46 Canons Regular Of Premontre (Norbertines: Premonstratensians: O. Praem.)
47 Cantate Domino Canticum Novum
48 Canticle in the First Letter of Peter
49 Canticle Of Thanksgiving After Nightmare Of Illness
50 Canticle Uses Language Of Love
51 Capital Punishment
52 Caravaggio: Artist and Scoundrel
53 Cardinal Arinze Denies He Approved U.S. Archbishop Giving Sash Wearing 'Gays' Holy Communion
54 Cardinal Biffi Warns of the Looming Danger of An Eloquent
55 Cardinal Cañizares on the New Missal Translation
56 Cardinal Dolan's Letter to Bishops Regarding Contraception Mandate
57 Cardinal Edward Cassidy's Letter to the Lutheran World Federation Concerning the Joint Declaration
58 Cardinal George Letter on the Church's Teaching on Abortion
59 Cardinal Hummes Letter for World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests
60 Cardinal Law's Statement Asking for a Moratorium on Pro-Life Demonstrations
61 Cardinal Mahony Wants Liturgy Purged of all European Elements
62 Cardinal Mahony's: Gather Faithfully Together
63 Cardinal Martini Problem for The Church, The
64 Cardinal Martyr of England, The
65 Cardinal Meisner on the Importance of the Document 'Catholics in Political Life'
66 Cardinal Mercier's Letter on Modernism
67 Cardinal O'Brien Calls on Politicians to Respect Conscience
68 Cardinal O'Connor dies at age of 80
69 Cardinal O'Connor's Response to Violence at Abortion Clinics
70 Cardinal Pell's Response to the Privileges Committee
71 Cardinal Peter Erdo on the Church in Hungary
72 Cardinal Piacenza on Women Priests, Celibacy & the Power of Rome
73 Cardinal Pujic's Address to the Tenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops
74 Cardinal Ratzinger and Revision of Canonical Penal Law
75 Cardinal Ratzinger Answers the Main Objections
Raised Against the Declaration ‘Dominus Iesus’
76 Cardinal Ratzinger Blames Church Crisis on Liturgical Collapse
77 Cardinal Ratzinger On Liturgical Music
78 Cardinal Ratzinger Warns of 'Aggressive Secularism'
79 Cardinal Ratzinger's Remarks Regarding the Lefebvre Schism
80 Cardinal Raymond Burke's Homily on Martyrdom
81 Cardinal Recollections
82 Cardinal Re's Letter to President of U.S. Episcopal Conference
83 Cardinal Rigali Urges Congress To Respect Conscience Rights
84 Cardinal Rigali's Letter to Congress Regarding FOCA
85 Cardinal Sarah Homily at Ordination
86 Cardinal Sodano Reads a Text on the 'Third Secret'
87 Cardinal Trujillo Interview on Homosexual 'Marriage'
88 Cardinal Wuerl Relatio Post Disceptationen Summary
89 Cardinal Zen on Pope's China Letter
90 Cardinals are Called to Give their Lives for the Church
91 Cardinals on Trial: John Fisher and Joseph Mindszenty
92 Care Of Souls Is Primary Task Of Bishop, The
93 Care of the Sick and Dying
94 Careerists and Climbers Doing "Great Harm" to the Church
95 Careful Discernment and Formation of Seminarians
96 Careful Selection And Training of Candidates For The States Of Perfection And Sacred Orders
97 Caring for Persons in the Persistent Vegetative State
98 Caritas Enterprise: Laborious and Stimulating, The
99 Caritas in Veritate
100 Caritas in Veritate, Abridged
101 Caritas in Veritate: Building A World of Justice and Peace
102 Caritas Internationalis: Witness to Love of God
103 Caritas: Assist In the Mission to Spread the Love of God
104 Caritas: the Practice of Love by the Church as a "Community of Love"
105 Caritate Christi Compulsi (On The Sacred Heart)
106 Caritatis Studium (On The Church In Scotland)
107 Carl Jung's Journey from God
108 Carmelite without a Contemplative Life Is a Lifeless Body, A
109 Carry Christ to the Campus and the World
110 Carry Cross In Triumph, The Proof That God Is Love
111 Carry On The Nation's Reconstruction With Focus On Dignity Of The Person
112 Carry Out Your Global Pastoral Plan 2001-2006 With Missionary Zeal
113 Caryll Houselander and the Flowering of Christ
114 Case Against Same-Sex Marriage, The
115 Case For Earlier Marriage, A
116 Case For Home Education, A
117 Castel Gandolfo: Gardens of the Popes
118 Casti Connubii (On Christian Marriage)
119 Catacombs: Witness To Early Heroism
120 Catechesis Flows from Byzantine Marian Spirituality
121 Catechesis of Fasting
122 Catechesis on God the Father (Collection)
123 Catechesis on God the Holy Spirit (Collection)
124 Catechesis on God the Son, Jesus Christ (Collection)
125 Catechesis on the Angels
126 Catechesis on the Eucharist and the Christian Family
127 Catechesis on the Holy Trinity
128 Catechesis Should Follow Jubilee Return To Confession
129 Catechism by the Catacombs
130 Catechism Is A Sound Tool For Ecclesial Communion
131 Catechist Holds the Memory of God and Revives It in Others, The
132 Catechumens: Keep the Enthusiasm of the Moment You Opened Your Eyes to Faith
133 Cathedral from the Romanesque to the Gothic Architecture: The Theological Background, The
134 Cathedral Is Sign and Call to Communion
135 Cathedral of Chartres, The
136 Catholic Origins of Manliness, The
137 Catholic & Lutheran Common Statement
138 Catholic Action Must Be Family of Families
139 Catholic Action: Learn the Art of True Love
140 Catholic Alternative to Europe’s Social Model, A
141 Catholic and Lutheran Declaration on Justification
142 Catholic Apologist's Scriptural Cheat Sheet, The
143 Catholic Apparitions of Jesus to Blessed Faustina, Crakow, Poland: Devotion to the Divine Mercy
144 Catholic Biblical Scholarship
145 Catholic Bishops Urge Voters to Challenge Attacks on Christian Values "at the Ballot Box"
146 Catholic Campaign for Human Development - 2003 Update
147 Catholic Charities' Slogan . . . Examining Its Left-Wing Roots
148 Catholic Church a Point of Reference in Hungary
149 Catholic Church and Conversion, The
150 Catholic Church and Racial Laws, The
151 Catholic Church Condemns Same Sex Marriage
152 Catholic Church Has A Primary Role In Latin America
153 Catholic Church Has Made No Exception Regarding Abortion Since Ancient Times
154 Catholic Church in Cambodia
155 Catholic Church in the Middle East: Communion and Witness, The
156 Catholic Church Is Deeply Saddened by Any Acts of Anti-Semitism by Christians
157 Catholic Church: The Divinely Ordained Protector of Human Life, The
158 Catholic Church's Fight Against Trafficking & Human Slavery
159 Catholic College Bans Play's Theatrical Production
160 Catholic College, The
161 Catholic Conspiracy Theories
162 Catholic Contribution to the 12-Step Movement, The
163 Catholic Culture For True Humanism
164 Catholic Doctrine on the Holy Trinity
165 Catholic Duty to Be Pro-life, The
166 Catholic Education and the "Mind of Christ"
167 Catholic Education Must Be Both Education and Catholic
168 Catholic Encyclopedia: The Rule of St. Benedict
169 Catholic Exegetical Landscape, The
170 Catholic Experience of Small Christian Communities, The
171 Catholic Faith Is Your Vocation
172 Catholic Families And The Education Tax
173 Catholic Health Care in Jeopardy
174 Catholic Holocaust of Nagasaki—“Why, Lord?”, The
175 Catholic Identity
176 Catholic Identity and Respect for Other Traditions
177 Catholic Identity In Movements and Communities
178 Catholic Identity in the American Public Arena
179 Catholic Identity of Educational Institutions, The
180 Catholic Institutions Exist for One Reason Only: 'To Proclaim the Gospel'
181 Catholic Institutuions, an Expression of Church Heritage
182 Catholic Lay-Driven Re-evangelization of Western Culture, A
183 Catholic Martyrs of the Holocaust
184 Catholic Morality Revisited — and Thrashed
185 Catholic Music: It’s Time to Stop Making Stuff Up
186 Catholic Novelists and Their Readers
187 Catholic Orthodoxy: Antidote Against the Culture of Death
188 Catholic Parochial School Music
189 Catholic Participation to Be Increased
190 Catholic Perspective on Domestic Partnership, A
191 Catholic Physician Talks to Engaged Couples, A
192 Catholic Physician, The
193 Catholic Poem in Time of War: The Lord of the Rings, A
194 Catholic Politicians are called to be 'Pro-Life'!
195 Catholic Politicians Criticize Pope: A Response
196 Catholic Practices and Recapturing the Sacred
197 Catholic Presence at the Harare Assembly
198 Catholic Press Exists to Help Bishop's Teaching Mandate
199 Catholic Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, The
200 Catholic Religion Proved By Protestant Bible
201 Catholic Response to Scandal
202 Catholic Scholars Take Stand Opposing the Common Core
203 Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, The
204 Catholic School, The
205 Catholic Schools and the New Evangelization – ‘A most valuable resource’ (Pope Francis)
206 Catholic Schools and Universities Must Not Be isolated and Must Engage in Dialogue with Contemporary Culture
207 Catholic Schools Deserve Equal Recognition
208 Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Madison Will Not Adopt the Common Core State Standards
209 Catholic Schools in the Republic of Ireland: A Position Paper
210 Catholic Shrines Hard Hit by Tsunami in Asia
211 Catholic Social Doctrine Begins with Subsidiarity
212 Catholic Social Teaching: A Beacon and Leaven for Europe
213 Catholic Social Teaching: It’s Time to End the Misrepresentations
214 Catholic Social Thought And American Civilization
215 Catholic Teaching regarding the Legitimacy of Neurological Criteria for the Determination of Death
216 Catholic Universities and Their Catholic Identity
217 Catholic Universities: Lead Students to Light of the World
218 Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium (Part I), The
219 Catholic Vision Of Frank Capra, The
220 Catholic? Prove It?
221 Catholicae Ecclesiae (On Slavery In The Missions)
222 Catholicism
223 Catholicism and Buddhism: Incompatibilities in Love
224 Catholicism And Democracy
225 Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind
226 Catholicism Exegesis Today: An Interview with Albert Vanhoye
227 Catholicism Under Attack
228 Catholicism vs. Freemasonry—Irreconcilable Forever
229 Catholicity of 12-Step Programs, The
230 Catholic-Lutheran Joint Declaration, The
231 Catholic-Muslim Statement on Dialogue
232 Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue: Light and Shadows, The
233 Catholics and Freemasonry
234 Catholics and Organ Donation
235 Catholics and Orthodox Defending Christian Values
236 Catholics and Orthodox: Dialogue on Question of Primacy
237 Catholics and Socialism
238 Catholics and the "Fourth Estate"
239 Catholics and the Cult of Fun
240 Catholics and the Freemason 'Religion'
241 Catholics and the Modern Mentality
242 Catholics and the Next America
243 Catholics and the Sexual Revolution
244 Catholics Give the Best Parties
245 Catholics in Arab Regions: Builders of Peace and Justice
246 Catholics in Bangladesh: Foster Unity and Peace
247 Catholics in Political Life
248 Catholics Must Face Squarely the Dire Threat to Religious Liberty
249 Catholics of Viet Nam Pay Homage to Our Lady of La Vang, The
250 Catholics Supporting the Denial of 'Nutrition and Hydratiion' are not in Communion With the Church
251 Catholics, Protestants, and History
252 Catholics, Secularists, and Civil Society
253 Causing Animals Needless Suffering Is Contrary To Human Dignity
254 Caves of Covadonga, The
255 CDF Commentary on Artificial Hydration and Nutrition
256 CDF Tasks Are Linked to the Mission of the Pope
257 Celebrate and Serve Life!
258 Celebrating 125 years of Faith in Action: Witnessing to the 'Yes' of Jesus Christ
259 Celebrating Christmas: with the Accent on Christ
260 Celebrating Corpus Christi
261 Celebrating the Immense Gift of the Lord Jesus
262 Celebrating the Sign of the Oil of Gladness
263 Celebrating the Spirit of the Liturgy
264 Celebrating the Year of Saint Paul June 28, 2008 – June 29, 2009
265 Celebration of Mass Ad Orientem in a Parish Setting
266 Celebration of the Eucharist, The
267 Celebration of the Pope's Sixty Years as a Priest
268 Celibacy Dates Back to the Apostles
269 Celibacy in the First Two Centuries
270 Celibacy: Beware of Quick-Fix Solutions
271 Celtic Spirits, The
272 Center Community Life on the Eucharist and Practice Authentic Solidarity
273 Center For Action and Contemplation, The
274 Center of Concern—Another Bernardin Legacy, The
275 Centering Prayer Meets the Vatican
276 Centesimus Annus (On the Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum)
277 Centrality of Truth in the Thought of Joseph Ratzinger, The
278 Century after Rahner, The
279 Chaldean Bishops: Facing Ordeals Alongside Their Faithful
280 Challenge All Forms of Injustice
281 Challenge for Believers Today Is to Help Europe Return to Its Christian Origins
282 Challenge of Chastity, The
283 Challenge of Secularism, The
284 Challenge to the Privy Council (Campion's "Brag")
285 Challenges of Secularism, Unbelief and Religious Indifference
286 Challenges Our Children Face, The
287 Change Idea: Older Citizens As Resource, Not Burden
288 Changing Our Culture with the Fire of Faith
289 Changing Times
290 Chant Leaves the Ivory Tower
291 Chant Resources for Parishes
292 Chant: Music for the Few? Or the Many?
293 Chapter Eight – The Internalization of Music
294 Chapter Five – Poetry and Beauty
295 Chapter Four - Creative Intuition and Poetic Knowledge
296 Chapter Nine – The Three Epiphanies of Creative Intuition
297 Chapter One - Poetry, Man, and Things
298 Chapter Seven – Poetic Experience and Poetic Sense
299 Chapter Six – Beauty and Modern Painting
300 Chapter Three - The Preconscious Life of the Intellect
301 Chapter Two - Art as a Virtue of the Practical Intellect
302 Character & Circumstance
303 Character Education in Adolescence
304 Character Education Walks Again!
305 Character Formation
306 Character of Jesus Christ, The
307 Charisms Are a Way of Growing in Faith, The
308 Charitable Acts Make Christ's Gospel More Credible
309 Charitas (On The Civil Oath In France)
310 Charitate Christi (Extending Jubilee To The Entire Church)
311 Charity and Family: the Keys to Ecumenical Collaboration
312 Charity Exceeds Philanthropy by 'Showing' Christ
313 Charity Is Principal Strength and Guide of the Church
314 Charity Is Response to God's Call to Love
315 Charity of Pope Pius XII, The
316 Charity Work As an Expression of Evangelical Love
317 Charity, Christian Anthropology, and New Global Ethics
318 Charity: Soul of the Mission
319 Charity: the soul of missionary activity
320 Charles Borromeo and Catholic Tradition Regarding the Design of Catholic Churches
321 Charles Borromeo: Hero of Reform
322 Charles de Foucauld, Model Of Adoration And Dialogue
323 Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People
324 Charter of the Rights of the Family
325 Chastity and Modesty
326 Chastity: A Pastoral Letter
327 Chesterton and the New Pagans
328 Chesterton, Kossovo of the Serbians, and the Vocation of the Christian Nation
329 Chesterton: Christian Response to Nietzsche
330 Chicago Catholics Acclaim Papal Pick
331 Chief Person Responsible for the Work of Evangelization, The
332 Chief Rabbi's Conversion, The
333 Chief Task Facing Your Churches Is a Renewed Proclamation of the Gospel
334 Child Is Born, A
335 Child Molestation by Homosexuals and Heterosexuals
336 Child Sex Tourism
337 Child Slaves for Sport
338 Child: State Property?, The
339 Child-Centred Education
340 Children and the Cinema
341 Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education
342 Children Are Supreme Gift of Married Life
343 Children Have a Right to a Secure Future
344 Children of Nietzsche, The
345 Children of the Reformation
346 Children: a Message of Life and Hope
347 Child's Dream, A
348 Chile: Illuminate All Areas of Life with the Light of Faith
349 China: Twenty Million Communists at Prayer
350 China: Where Past and Present Meet
351 China's First Saint
352 Chinese Cardinal Ignatius Kung Pin-mei Dies in Stamford, USA
353 Chinese Connection, The
354 Chivalry of St. Joseph, The
355 Choose Democratic Options That Guarantee Fundamental Human Rights
356 Choose the Way of Democracy
357 Chosen, The
358 Christ and Reconciliation
359 Christ and the Church
360 Christ Became Obedient Unto Death
361 Christ Child, Sign Of Peace And Freedom, The
362 Christ enters into culture and brings it the gift of purification and fullness
363 Christ Frees Us from the "Old Yeast" of Sin
364 Christ Gives Us the Certainty of Our Own Resurrection
365 Christ Has Conquered Evil Fully and Finally
366 Christ Has Won a Splendid Victory!
367 Christ in Common Law
368 Christ invites you to share His joy and find happiness in loving others
369 Christ Is Answer to Human Pain
370 Christ Is Calling You to Serve His Truth
371 Christ Is Centre of Human History
372 Christ Is Cornerstone of Catholic Pedagogy
373 Christ Is Door That Leads Into Salvation
374 Christ Is Europe's Source of New Culture
375 Christ Is Mediator and Fullness of Revelation
376 Christ Is Our Advocate, Awaiting and Defending Us
377 Christ Is Our Firm Hope
378 Christ Is Reassuring and Humble, As Well As Powerful, Mighty
379 Christ Is Risen and Romania with Him
380 Christ Is the Answer to the Enigma of Suffering and Death
381 Christ Is the Day
382 Christ Is the Hand that God Extends to Humanity
383 Christ Lives in His Church
384 Christ Made Himself Poor for You (Message for Lent 2008)
385 Christ My Hope Is Arisen!
386 Christ Reveals Man to Himself
387 Christ Says To All: Go and Sin No More
388 Christ Speaks to Us
389 Christ the Divine Exorcist
390 Christ the King Is Lord of the World and History
391 Christ the Light Makes Unity Possible
392 Christ the Mediator: a Biblical Study
393 Christ the Savior
394 Christ the Source of Resurrection and Life
395 Christ the Vine: a Theological Exposition of John 15:1-8
396 Christ Wanted One Church Open to Everyone
397 Christ Wants Your Communities to Be Victorious Over Sin and Division
398 Christ Was Born for Our Salvation
399 Christ, Faith, and the Challenge of Cultures
400 Christ, Pantokrator
401 Christ, the Bread of Hope and Peace
402 Christ, the True Life of Every Soul
403 Christendom's Great Defeat
404 Christi Matri (On Prayers To Mary For Peace)
405 Christi Nomen (On Propagation Of The Faith And Eastern Churches)
406 Christian Anthropology and Homosexuality
407 Christian Asceticism: Breaking Consumerism's Destructive Hold
408 Christian Churches
409 Christian Commitment Is Not Philanthropy
410 Christian Communities, Help the Families of Sick Children
411 Christian Conscience on the Critical List
412 Christian Contemplation Does Not Mean to Forget Earth
413 Christian Faith Opposes an Attitude of Resignation
414 Christian Families: Salt and Leaven of Faith in Daily Life
415 Christian Families: Schools of Obedience and Freedom
416 Christian Family Is Good News For Third Millennium
417 Christian Family, The
418 Christian Family: Good News, The
419 Christian Greatness Lies Not in Domination but in Service
420 Christian Heritage: Europe's Cultural, Spiritual Resource
421 Christian Humanism Shapes Secular Disciplines
422 Christian Knows Where Christ's Wounds Are, The
423 Christian Life Is a Journey of Following Jesus Christ
424 Christian Life Is Humble Service of Neighbor
425 Christian Marriage
426 Christian Marriage: a Covenant of Love and Life
427 Christian Meaning Of Light, The
428 Christian Morality and Scientific Humanism
429 Christian Optimism and God's Logic
430 Christian Optimism: See A Loving Father At Work
431 Christian Personalism Protects Human Conception
432 Christian Prayer
433 Christian Rabbi, The
434 Christian Response to Modern Atheism
435 Christian Social Manifesto, The
436 Christian Soul: Biological Engineering, Communications
437 Christian Spouses, Be Faithful to Your Vocation
438 Christian Truth Spreads by Conviction not Coercion
439 Christian Unity Requires Individual Conversion
440 Christian Valor Amidst Pagan Persecution
441 Christian Values Continue to Mould European Civilization
442 Christian Values Will Never Be Eradicated
443 Christian View of Sex: a Time for Apologetics, Not Apologies, The
444 Christian Wisdom about Money
445 Christian Women's Declaration, A
446 Christian, Surname: Belonging to the Church
447 Christianae Reipublicae (On The Dangers Of Anti-Christian Writings)
448 Christianity
449 Christianity and Asian Spiritual Insight
450 Christianity Has Deeply Marked Culture of Peoples
451 Christianity in American Political Life
452 Christianity, a Dynamic Principle of Progress
453 Christianity, Enlightenment Liberalism, and the Quest for Freedom
454 Christianity's Transforming Spirit
455 Christian-Muslim Relations in the Middle East
456 Christians Are Called To Be Witnesses of Prayer
457 Christians Are Coming Back to Arabia – Fourteen Centuries after Mohammed, The
458 Christians' Firm Hope in the Resurrection
459 Christians Have Been United in Suffering
460 Christians in Islamic Countries
461 Christians in Islamic Lands
462 Christians in the Holy Land in Crisis
463 Christians Must Promote the Dignity of Women
464 Christians Must Share Treasury of Truth with the World
465 Christians Must Unite to Render Valid Witness of Christ
466 Christians Need to Understand Their Faith in Order to Help Others to God
467 Christians Slam 'Homophobia' Resolution
468 Christians, Islam and the Future of Europe
469 Christmas Address to the Roman Curia
470 Christmas Books to Share during Advent - Part One
471 Christmas Gifts Are a Reminder of Jesus
472 Christmas Incorporates Mystery of Easter
473 Christmas Letter from Fr. Michael
474 Christmas Midnight Mass - Holy Father's Homily
475 Christmas Novena Prayer
476 Christmas Radio Message
477 Christmas Statement by Jerusalem Patriarch
478 Christmas Tree: Legends, Traditions, History, The
479 Christmas: Feast of Restored Creation
480 Christmas: Opportunity to Reflect on Meaning of Existence
481 Christopher Dawson and the History We Are Not Told
482 Christopher Dawson: Prophet at Harvard
483 Christ's Blood, Source of Salvation
484 Christ's Divinity Proved by the JW Bible
485 Christ's Image Shines in Every Human Being
486 Christ's Message Is Mercy
487 Christ's Passion Reveals Glory of the Trinity
488 Christ's Precious Gift to His Church
489 Christ's Resurrection Was A Concrete Event
490 Christ's Temptations and Ours
491 Church - Prepared for in the Old Covenant, The
492 Church "Makes" Christians, and Christians "Make" the Church, The
493 Church Advances Between the Cross and the Resurrection, The
494 Church Advances Jewish Intellectuals during the Rise of Racism
495 Church Always Calls for Human Dignity to Be Protected, The
496 Church and Illegal Immigration, The
497 Church and Internet
498 Church and Man's Rights, The
499 Church And Racism, The
500 Church And State
501 Church and State Must Serve the Common Good
502 Church and State Today: What Belongs to Caesar, and What Doesn't
503 Church and the Catholic, The
504 Church and the Citizen, The
505 Church And The Jews In The Middle Ages, The
506 Church and the Native Americans: The Real Story, The
507 Church and the New Age Movement, The
508 Church and Torture, The
509 Church and World Need the Witness of the Consecrated Life
510 Church as a Home, The
511 Church Asks Pardon for Her Members' Sins
512 Church Awaits a Renewal and Rebirth of Consecrated Life, The
513 Church Becomes Fully Visible in the Liturgy, The
514 Church Believes in Cures That Don't Sacrifice Life
515 Church Bells
516 Church Building and Participation in the Paschal Mystery: Assessing the NCCB Document Built of Living Stones
517 Church Building and Participation in the Paschal Mystery: Assessing the NCCB Document 'Built of Living Stones'
518 Church Building: The Highest Form Of Architecture, The
519 Church Cannot Be Locked within Itself, The
520 Church Canonizes Wife, Mother, and Physician
521 Church Charity Mandates 'Full' Info on Condoms
522 Church Commemorates Thousand-Year Old Roots
523 Church Compositions Without Liturgical Foundation, Part One
524 Church Compositions Without Liturgical Foundation, Part Two
525 Church Crisis Is a Crisis of Parish Life
526 Church Does Not Abandon Those Who Fall into the Vortex of Drug Abuse, The
527 Church Does Not Exist for Her Own Sake, The
528 Church Does Not Impose But Freely Proposes the Faith
529 Church Engages History and Culture To Transform Them with the Gospel
530 Church Expects Mature Fruits of Communion and Commitment
531 Church Fights AIDS with Truth and True Love, The
532 Church Grew in Understanding of Mary's Role
533 Church Has an Important Role in Reconciliation in Rwanda, The
534 Church Has Benefited From French Christianity
535 Church Has Confidence in the Young, The
536 Church Heeds the Lessons of the Ages, The
537 Church in Africa Amid Her Tribulation, Light of the World
538 Church in Africa In Service to Reconciliation, Justice and Peace, The
539 Church in Austria Faces Important Issues
540 Church in Brazil: Importance of New Evangelization
541 Church in Germany Needs to Become Ever More Missionary
542 Church in Ghana Is Called to Shine Forth as a 'Beacon of Hope', The
543 Church in Korea is Young and Dynamic, The
544 Church in Poland Must Reach Out to the Peripheries, The
545 Church in Puglia: A Bridge Between Peoples and Cultures
546 Church in Vietnam Isn't Afraid, But the Communist Regime Is, The
547 Church Is "For the World" Not Against It, The
548 Church Is Always In a State of Pentecost, The
549 Church is Always in Need of Renewal — Ecclesia Semper Reformanda , The
550 Church is Built on Peter's Faith and Fidelity
551 Church Is Built on the Eucharist
552 Church Is Called To Be Versatile and Creative in Her Witness to the Gospel, The
553 Church is Called to Establish the Kingdom of Life, The
554 Church is Called to Offer Witness of Communion
555 Church Is God's Call To Be Part of His Family, The
556 Church Is Holy, and Open to All, Not Only the Pure, The
557 Church Is Humanity's Ally, The
558 Church is Neighbor to the Rejected
559 Church Is Not a Political Party but a Moral Entity Which Sides with Freedom, The
560 Church Is One for All, and Cannot Be Privatized by Any Group, The
561 Church Is Our Home, The
562 Church Is Rejuvenated by Motherhood, The
563 Church Is Rooted in the Apostles But Looks to the Future, The
564 Church Is the Community that Listens to the Lord with Faith and Love, The
565 Church Is the Place Where Faith Is Transmitted, The
566 Church Is To Serve, To Love, and To Believe In Humanity, The
567 Church Learned and the Revolt of the Scholars, The
568 Church Music
569 Church Must Address the Role of Women, The
570 Church Must Face Challenge of Sects Throughout Latin America
571 Church Must Learn to Cope with Computer Culture, The
572 Church Must Not Be Insular, The
573 Church Must Not Fear Persecutions but Trust in the Presence of God, The
574 Church Must Not Renounce Her Missionary Role, The
575 Church Must Preach Truth and Justice, The
576 Church Must Remind Everyone of Human Person's Inalienable Dignity
577 Church Need Fear Only the Sin of Her Members, The
578 Church Needs Fearless 'Prophets'
579 Church Needs Us to Build Peace with Our Works, The
580 Church of Christ and the Catholic Church, The
581 Church of Love Is Also the Church of Truth, The
582 Church of Mary in Nagasaki, The
583 Church Presents Mary as 'Ever Virgin', The
584 Church Proclaims Love of God the Father
585 Church Proclaims Mary 'Mother of God'
586 Church Proposes a System of Justice that Aims to Full Rehabilitation of Wrongdoers, The
587 Church Receives the Truth as a Gift from God, The
588 Church Recognizes Self-Defense As A Natural Right, The
589 Church Resplendent in Christ, The
590 Church Roles and Church Dissent
591 Church Shares Young People's Thrist for Values, The
592 Church Suffering in the Diocese of Bossangoa, Central African Republic
593 Church Teaching and Civic Responsibility
594 Church Teachings and the 'Delayed Personhood' Ruse
595 Church that Engages in Sociology, The
596 Church Venerates Fathers of East and West
597 Church Vs. the Culture — The Score Thus Far, The
598 Church Was Catholic from the Very First Moment, The
599 Church Weddings: Obligation to Faith or Family?
600 Church Will Take No Step Backwards In Sanctions Against Child Abusers, The
601 Church, a Bride Adorned for Her Husband, The
602 Church, A Community Committed to Christ's Charity, The
603 Church, the Airwaves and the Internet, The
604 Church, the People of God, Should Keep the Door Open, The
605 Church: Evangelize and Care for the Sick in Body and Spirit
606 Church: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, The
607 Church: People of God, Body of Christ, Communion, The
608 Church’s Infallible and Immutable Doctrine on Contraception Stands Amid Growing Opposition, The
609 Church’s Very Nature Requires Unity
610 Churches of Rome: Christianity's First Cathedral
611 Church-Family of God in Africa, The
612 Church's "Common Doctor": Thomas Aquinas and the Contemporary Catholic University, The
613 Churchs Educational Mission Itself Must Continually be Reinvigorated, Reinforced and Restarted, The
614 Church's Evolving View on the Death Penalty, The
615 Church's Liturgy Goes Beyond Conciliar Reform
616 Church's Mission in Africa Depends on Formation Given to Evangelizers
617 Church's Mission Is Still Only Beginning
618 Church's Position on the Transmission of Life, The
619 Church's Prayer for Peter, The
620 Church's Preferential Love for the Poor, The
621 Church's Ritual Texts Must Be Freed, The
622 Church's Social Doctrine: A Guide to Unmasking the Idol of Money, The
623 Church's Strategy to Help Women of the Street
624 Church's Thanksgiving Day, The
625 Church's Welfare Demands Careful Selection of Priesthood Candidates
626 Ci Riesce
627 Cinema: Communicator of Culture and of Values
628 Circular Letter Containing Guidelines for Dealing with Cases of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Clerics
629 Circular Letter on the Ritual Expression of the Gift of Peace at Mass
630 Circular Letter: Doctrinal Declarations by Bishops' Conferences
631 Cistercian Order Of The Common Observance
632 Citadel of Prayer and Marian Piety, A
633 City Upon a Hill: Augustine, John Winthrop and the Soul of the American Experiment Today, A
634 Civilian Population Suffers The Consequences Of Illicit Trade In Light Weapons And Small Arms
635 Civilization and Culture at War
636 Civilization in Crisis
637 Claims of the Gospel of Judas , The
638 Claims of the Primacy and the Costly Call to Unity, The
639 Clarification Concerning Status of Catholics Becoming Freemasons
640 Clarification of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Vassula Ryden
641 Clarifications on the New "Oremus Et Pro Iudaeis"
642 Class Clowns
643 Classical Moment, The
644 Clearing Away the Barriers: Preaching to Young Adults Today
645 Clement of Alexandria
646 Clement Of Rome, The First Epistle of Clement To The Corinthians
647 Clergy abuse cases present challenges for Church leaders
648 Clergy Educators Must Lead by Example
649 Cloistered Nuns Are Called to Great Humanity
650 Cloning Is Not the Issue
651 Cloning, Stem Cell Research and Some Historic Parallels
652 Cloning: When Word Games Kill
653 Close Bond Between Canon Law and Church Life
654 Close Bond Exists Between Eucharist and Penance, A
655 Close by the Incurable Sick Person and Dying: Scientific and Ethical Aspects
656 Closer Look at Centering Prayer, A
657 Closer Look at Centering Prayer, A
658 Closer Look at Charismatic Renewal, A
659 Closing Message of Vatican Council II
660 Clothed With The Sun
661 Cluniac Reform, The
662 CMA Issues Open Letter to Catholic Organizations
663 Coat of Arms of His Holiness, Benedict XVI, The
664 Coeducation Revisited for the 21st Century
665 Coercively "Tolerant"
666 Cohabitation -- a Compilation
667 Cohabitation and Marriage: How Are They Related?
668 Cohabitation Before Marriage
669 Cohabitation Fails As a Test For Marriage
670 Cohabitation: Response Over Reaction
671 Cold War Against the Spirit
672 Colgone's 'Rich Legacy of Saints' Inspires Young People and the World
673 Collaboration between Christian Community and Family
674 Collection of Documents Concerning the Norms for Televised Masses in the Diocese of Birmingham, AL, A
675 Collection of Messages of Saint Pope John XXIII, A
676 College of Cardinals Traces Its Roots to Middle Ages
677 Collegial Union, Collegial Affection Needed To Fulfil Pastoral Mission
678 Cologne
679 Colorful Multitudes Flock to Santiago De Compostela
680 Coloring Outside the Lines
681 Columbus and the Beginning of the World
682 Combat Faith: A Spirituality for This Present Age
683 Combatant Human Slaves
684 Combining Charity and Justice in Serving Others
685 Come Again?
686 Come, Let Us Walk Together!
687 Comforter of the Afflicted, The
688 Coming Latino Catholic Majority, The
689 Coming Of The Kingdom Demands Generous Cooperation
690 Coming Out of Sodom
691 Coming Soon to Your Parish
692 Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed
693 Commemoration of the Feast of St. Patrick
694 Commentary on Mass Facing the Altar (Ad Orientem)
695 Commentary on the Address of Pope John Paul II to the XVIII International Congress of the Transplantation Society, A
696 Commentary on the Document: Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church
697 Commentary on the General Directory For Catechesis
698 Commentary on the Industrial Areas Foundation, A
699 Commentary on the Norms For Communion Under Both Species In Latin Church
700 Commentary on the Profession of Faith
701 Commentary on the Stabat Mater
702 Commentary on the U.S. Catholic Conference, A
703 Commentary: The Relationship Between Men and Women
704 Comments on the Notification Regarding Certain Writings of Father Marciano Vidal, C.Ss.R.
705 Commissum Divinitus (On Church And State)
706 Commitment from Everyone Is Needed to Achieve Peace
707 Commitment to Building a World More Worthy of Mankind
708 Commitment to Christian Unity Is a Task for Everyone
709 Commitment to Promoting Women's Dignity
710 Committed To Building Civilization of Love
711 Common Benefits
712 Common Commitment to Support Families, A
713 Common Core Standards: Reference Not Replacement for Catholic School Standards
714 Common Core’s Substandard Writing Standards
715 Common Declaration
716 Common Declaration
717 Common Declaration of Pope John Paul II and His Beatitude Christodoulos
718 Common Declaration Signed in the Vatican by Pope John Paul II and Patriarch Bartholomew I
719 Common Word between Us and You, A
720 Communicate the Gospel Clearly and Courageously
721 Communicating Information to the Incurably Sick
722 Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter
723 Communications Media At The Service Of Peace
724 Communications Media: At the Service of Understanding Among Peoples, The
725 Communion and Stewardship: Human Persons Created in the Image of God
726 Communion in the Word through Mary
727 Communion in time: Tradition
728 Communion of Saints: St. Robert Bellarmine on the Mystical Body of Christ
729 Communion of the Holy: True Consolation of Our Faith, The
730 Communion Requires Preserving The Deposit Of Faith, Unity With Pope, Bishops
731 Communique Concerning Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
732 Communique Concerning Founder of Legionaires of Christ
733 Communique on Motu Proprio on Criminal Law Matters
734 Communique Regarding Legislation for Prevention & Countering of Illegal Activities in the Financial & Monetary Sectors
735 Communique Regarding the Lisbon Declaration on Youth
736 Community Dimension of Forgiveness of Sins, The
737 Community: Context and Fruit of Chastity
738 Communium Interpretes Doloraum (An Appeal For Prayers For Peace)
739 Communium Rerum (On St. Anselm Of Aosta)
740 Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Addresses for the Year of Faith
741 Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Addresses on Medieval Theologians
742 Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Addresses on the Apostles
743 Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Addresses on the Church Fathers
744 Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Addresses on Women of Faith
745 Compendium of Pope Benedict XVI's Catechesis on Prayer
746 Compendium of Pope Francis' Addresses for the Year of Faith
747 Compendium of the Documents of Vatican II
748 Compendium of the Letter of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to the Catholic Church in China
749 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Eight
750 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Eleven
751 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Five
752 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Four
753 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Nine
754 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter One
755 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Seven
756 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Six
757 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Ten
758 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Three
759 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Twelve
760 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Chapter Two
761 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Conclusion
762 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Index of References and Footnotes
763 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Introduction
764 Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Table of Contents
765 Compendium Should Contain Basic Elements of Faith
766 Compilation of Documents Regarding the Year for Priests
767 Compilation of Websites and Articles for the Year of Faith
768 Compilation on Common Core Standards
769 Compilation on Small Christian Communities
770 Compilation on Thomas Groome
771 Complementary Norms for the Apostolic Constitution "Anglicanorum coetibus"
772 Complex Relationship between Scripture and Tradition, The
773 Concentrate On The Relationship Of Love With Christ
774 Concept of Divine Justice in Hebrew Thought, The
775 Conception in a Test-Tube
776 Concerning New Opinions, Virtue, Nature and Grace, with Regard to Americanism (Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae)
777 Concerning the Reception of Holy Communion by Divorced and Remarried Members of the Faithful
778 Concerning the Reply of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the Teaching Contained in the Apostolic Letter "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis"
779 Concert in Honor of the Holy Father
780 Conciliar Documents: A Compass to Guide the Ship of the Church
781 Conciliar Tradition of the American Hierarchy, The
782 Concilio Constantinopolitano I, A
783 Conclusions of Episcopal Assembly on Word of God
784 Conclusions of the Eighteenth Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences
785 Conclusions of the International Congress of European Pro-Life Movements in Granada
786 Conclusions of the Meeting of Politicians and Legislators of the Americas
787 Conclusions of the Second Meeting of European Politicians and Legislators on Human Rights and Rights of the Family
788 Conclusions of Theological-Pastoral Congress
789 Conclusions on Migration to and From Islamic Countries
790 Condemnation of Jansenism, The
791 Condemning the Errors of Martin Luther (Exsurge Domine)
792 Condemning the Errors of Miguel de Molinos (Coelestis Pastor)
793 Conditions for a Just War
794 Conditions of A Just War
795 Conditions Outlined For Transplants To Humans Of Animal Organs
796 Conduct Research with Personal Integrity
797 Confession and Psychiatry
798 Confession Before First Communion (Sanctus Pontifex)
799 Confession Comeback
800 Confession Is an Experience of Love and Mercy, Not a Sentencing Court
801 Confession Is for the Courageous
802 Confession Must be Humble, Complete and Accompanied by Firm Purpose of Amendment
803 Confession Witness, Love: Keys to Ecumenical Dialogue
804 Confessors Carry the 'Message of Reconciliation'
805 Confessors: Open A "Dialogue of Salvation" with Penitents
806 Confirmation at the Age of Reason
807 Confirmation Perfects Baptismal Grace
808 Confirmation Seals Us with Gift of the Spirit
809 Confirmation, the Second Sacrament of Christian Initiation
810 Conforming Our Lives to the Lord
811 Confraternities: Popular Schools of Living Faith
812 Confronting the Devil's Power
813 Congregation for the Causes of Saints, The
814 Congregation for the Clergy, The
815 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Issues Press Release on Ryden Notification
816 Congregation for the Faith, Priority to Christian Unity
817 Congregation of Bishops Document Repealing Excommunications of SSPX
818 Congregation Publishes New Rite of Exorcism
819 Connection between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Priesthood
820 conomy and the Election , The
821 Conquer Evil by Growing in God's Love
822 Conquering by the Cross: Jesus' Love Wins All
823 Conscience
824 Conscience and the Dictatorship of Relativism
825 Conscience and the Obedience of Faith
826 Conscience, Coercion, and Healthcare
827 Conscience: “The Aboriginal Vicar of Christ”
828 Consciences Must Be Formed to Discern the Objective Moral law
829 Consecrated Life
830 Consecrated Life - the Right Fit
831 Consecrated Life (Vita Consecrata), The
832 Consecrated Life and Its Role in the Church and in the World, The
833 Consecrated Life Expresses Superabundance of Divine Love
834 Consecrated Life Is of Benefit to the Whole Church
835 Consecrated Life is Rooted in Baptism
836 Consecrated Life within the Church, a Testimony to Christ, Yesterday, Today and Forever
837 Consecrated Life, A Sign of the Church's Vitality
838 Consecrated Life: Light, Prophecy, Wisdom of the Church
839 Consecrated Men and Women: Do Not Join Prophets of Doom
840 Consecrated People Proclaim that God Is the Lord of Life
841 Consecrated People, "Specialists" in Listening to God
842 Consecrated People: Respond Faithfully to the Call of the Spirit
843 Consecrated Persons And Their Mission In Schools
844 Consecrated to Christ: How the 'Vowed Life' Builds Up the Church
845 Consecrated Virginity: A Luminous and Fruitful Charism
846 Consecration Calls For Conversion, Social Change
847 Consecration of all Individuals and Peoples of the World
848 Consecration of Bishop Bill Wright
849 Consecration of May 13, 1982 of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
850 Consecration of the Church and World to the Blessed Virgin Mary
851 Consequences Would Desecrate the Future of Humankind
852 Considerations Concerning the Response to Legislative Proposals on the Non-Discrimination of Homosexual Persons
853 Considerations on the Issue of Human Cloning
854 Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons
855 Consistent Witness to the Gospel of Life
856 Consistent Witness to the Moral Teaching of the Gospel
857 Consolidating A Culture of Acceptance for Sick People
858 Constant Union with God ensures Fruitful Ministry
859 Constanti Hungarorum (On The Church In Hungary)
860 Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium)
861 Constructing History by Uniting Faith and Culture
862 Consueverunt Romani
863 Contemplate the Face of Christ in the Sick
864 Contemplate The Mystery Of The Incarnation
865 Contemplating the Face of the Risen Lord
866 Contemplation and Controversy
867 Contemplation Involves Surrender To Primacy Of Grace
868 Contemplation of Christ Does Not Distance Us from Reality
869 Contemporary Culture War In America: Whither Natural Law, Catholic Style?, The
870 Contemporary Dating as Serial Monogamy
871 Contemporary Family Law: Divorcing Marriage from Children
872 Contemporary Music in Church?
873 Contending with Escalating Christianophobia
874 Contested Will
875 Continence Deepens Personal Communion
876 Continence Frees one from Inner Tension
877 Continence Protects the Dignity of the Conjugal Act
878 Continent Death: Euthanasia in Europe
879 Continue Along the Path to Evangelical Perfection
880 Continue Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue Undiscouraged
881 Continue Dialogue Between Christians and Muslims
882 Continue Evangelizing In And Through The Media
883 Continue Reflection On Allied Human Rights Issues
884 Continue the Tradition of Social Catholicism
885 Continue to Seek Only the Will of God
886 Continue Your Patient, Determined Dialogue with the Public Authorities
887 Continuing Vitality of Church's Missionary Impulse
888 Contra Spiritum Mundi: Heroic Womanhood and the Culture of Life
889 Contraception — the Bitter Pill
890 Contraception and Abortion
891 Contraception And The War Within The Self
892 Contraception Misconception, The
893 Contraception: a Challenge to Catholic Preaching
894 Contraception: Fatal to the Faith
895 Contraception: Why Not?
896 Contraception: Why Not? (revised)
897 Contraceptive Emotional and Personality Damage in Women
898 Contraceptive Mentality, The
899 Contrast of Call To Action vs. Church Teaching, The
900 Contribute to National Reconciliation and Foster Interreligious Dialogue against Extremism
901 Conversion & the Psychology of Change
902 Conversion of England
903 Conversion of Hearts, the Only Way to Peace
904 Conversion of Ireland, The
905 Conversion of Minds and Effective, not just Theoretical, Solidarity Are Essential
906 Convocatio, Communio, Missio: God's Word Spoken, Lived and Shared
907 Cooperation between Science, Faith Benefits Humanity
908 Cooperation Can Overcome The Problem Of Hunger
909 Copacabana Patroness of Bolivia
910 Coping with the Millennium Bug: An action plan for Parishes
911 Copyright, a Moral Problem
912 Co-Responsibility for Public Policy
913 Cornwell’s Cheap Shot at Pius XII
914 Cornwell’s Hoax
915 Cornwell's Pope: 'A Nasty Caricature of a Noble and Saintly Man'
916 Corruption of Children's Literature (Even in Catholic Schools), The
917 Corruption of the Science of Human Embryology, The
918 Cost is too High; the Loss is too Great, The
919 Cost of Control: Steve Mosher's Book Explodes the Myth of Overpopulation, The
920 Cost of Loving God, The
921 Council and the Catechism: Anniversaries to Mark with a “Year of Faith”, The
922 Council of Basel
923 Council of Chalcedon
924 Council of Constance
925 Council of Ephesus
926 Council of Orange
927 Council of Trent
928 Council's Teaching on Mary is Rich and Positive
929 Counsel to Teaching Sisters
930 Counsels For Seminarians
931 Countdown to 2000: Get Ready for Y2K
932 Counter Relativism with Fundamental Truths
933 Counteract Growth Of The Religious Sects By Emphasizing The Centrality Of The Eucharist
934 Counterfeit Mysteries of the Occult, The
935 Countering the Eclipse of Sin in Marriage Preparation
936 Country Grows when Its Cultural Components Are in Dialogue, A
937 Courage Should Be a Much Greater Hope in Action
938 Courage Speaks Louder Than Divisions
939 Courage to be Catholic, The
940 Courage to Go Forth
941 Courageous Defender of Ukrainian Values
942 Courageously Preach the Truth Without Yielding to Compromise
943 Courageously Resist Anything that Could Destroy or Undermine Peace
944 Course in Miracles, A
945 Court Rulings Cannot Negate the Law of God
946 Court-Ordered Death of Terri Schiavo, The
947 Covenant Theology of Sex, A
948 Cover Letter from Cardinal Ratzinger to Bishops' Conference Presidents
949 Cowan's 'Five Ways to Make the Case for God'
950 Cradle, The
951 Crash Course on the Crusades
952 Create Christian Vision Of Person In Communications
953 Create Special Programmes For Native Vocations Without Causing Discrimination
954 Create The International Common Good Of Health
955 Created World Exists for New Life in Christ
956 Creation and Evolution: To the Debate as It Stands
957 Creation Must Be Administered for Good of All
958 Creation Must Be Dwelling Place of Peace
959 Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry
960 Creative Men Open to the Holy Spirit
961 Creative Unity of Faith and Understanding, The
962 Credibility of the Church's Message Is Linked to Credibility of Her Ministers
963 Credible Signs of Christ Alive: Case Studies from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
964 Credo of the People of God, The
965 Cremation
966 Cremation: Ashes to Ashes
967 Crescent And The Gun, The
968 Crib Can Help Us, The
969 Crises of Law
970 Crisis Has Worsened the "Allergy" to Solidarity, The
971 Crisis in Vocations? What Crisis?
972 Crisis of Confidence and Essential Value
973 Crisis of Faith and the Eucharist
974 Crisis of Faith, The
975 Crisis of Meaning Proves the Encyclical's Timeliness
976 Critical Review of Some Best-Selling Textbooks in Catholic Social Teaching, A
977 Critical Thinking for Christians
978 Critique of Cardinal Kasper's Speech on Marriage
979 Critique of Contemporary Art, A
980 Critique of Renew 2000 Leader's Manual
981 Critique of Talking about Touching, A
982 Croatia Has Borne Heroic Witness to Christ
983 Croatian Bishops: Workers for Reconciliation and Peace
984 Cross and the Resurrection Are Inseparable, The
985 Cross Illumines All Human Life, The
986 Cross Is Victory and Salvation, The
987 Cross of Christ Is a Source of Peace, The
988 Cross of Christ Is Guarantee of Victory
989 Cross of Christ is the World's Hope, The
990 Cross Warns Reason Against Self-Sufficiency
991 Cross: Path of Life and Salvation, The
992 Cruelty toward Animals
993 Crumbling Foundations: Why the Family Unit Is Crucial to Civilization
994 Cry of Suffering, The
995 Cry of the Poor, The
996 Cuba and the World Need Change
997 Cuba: A Country in Chains
998 Cuban Church Called to Offer the Only True Hope: Christ
999 Cuban people need you, The
1000 Cubans need contact with others
1001 Culmination of John Paul II's Pontificate, The
1002 Cult of Naturalism, The
1003 Cult Suicide Exposes Deep Troubles of Church in Uganda
1004 Cultivate Prayer Life, Not Activism
1005 Cultivate the Rich Heritage of Faith
1006 Cultural and Political Impotence of Catholics in Contemporary American Life, The
1007 Cultural and Social Importance of Activity of Laity
1008 Cultural Primacy of Plausibility and Inculturation of Our Beliefs, The
1009 Culture and Holiness: a Winning Combination
1010 Culture and the Fundamental Ethics of Human Life
1011 Culture Needs Women's Genius
1012 Culture of Death and Its Deep-Rooted Effects on Women
1013 Culture of Divorce, Culture of Death
1014 Culture of Equality is Urgently Needed Today
1015 Culture Of Peace Needs New Language, New Gestures Of Brotherhood
1016 Culture of Waste Treats Persons As If They Were Garbage
1017 Culture Promotes Authentic Humanism
1018 Culture, Transformation, and Law
1019 Cum Multa (On Conditions In Spain)
1020 Cum Nuper (On Care For Clerics)
1021 Cum Primum (On Civil Obedience)
1022 Cum Primum (On Observing Canonical Sanctions)
1023 Cum Religiosi (On Catechesis)
1024 Cum Sancta Mater Ecclesia (Pleading For Public Prayer)
1025 Cum Summi (Proclaiming A Universal Jubilee)
1026 Cup of Christ, The
1027 Cure of Ars, The
1028 Curing Illness Must Not Involve Suppressing Human Life
1029 Current Doctrinal Relevance Of The CCC
1030 Curse of Wrong Alternatives, The
1031 Custodi Di Quella Fede (On Freemasonry)
1032 Custodians of Doctrine, Champions of Justice and Charity
1033 Cycling through time on the Camino de Santiago
1034 Cyprus: Portrait of a Christianity Obliterated
1035 Cyril and Methodius: Perennial Example of Inculturation


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