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1 Babies Deserve Better
2 Baby Market, The
3 Back to the Beginning: A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Catholic Church
4 Back to the Land!
5 Background To Ecumenism
6 Bad History, Bad Guide. The Strange Liturgy of the Neocatechumenals
7 Bad Poetry, Bad Theology: The Curse of Bad Liturgical Music (Part Two)
8 Badly Fictionalized Life of Jesus, A
9 Bah Humbug
10 Balance Profit, Service To Poor, Research
11 Balasuriya Affair, The
12 Baltimore Archbishop Enjoins Silence on Alleged Visionary
13 Banned in Boston
14 Baptism Is Foundation of Communion
15 Baptism Is Not a Formality
16 Baptism Is the Starting Point of a Lifelong Path to Conversion
17 Baptismal Regeneration
18 Baptized By One Spirit Into One Body
19 Barnabas, Silas (also called Silvanus), and Apollos
20 Bartholomew
21 Basic Agreement Between the Holy See and the Palestine Liberation Organization
22 Basic Food Needs Must Be Satisfied
23 Basic Ideas of the Catholic Social Tradition, The
24 Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent Deacons
25 Basic Rights Do Not Depend on Positive Law
26 Basic Rights: Right To Freedom Of Religions
27 Basilica of Summer Snows, The
28 Battle Over Primacy, The
29 Battle over the Crusades, The
30 Battle that Saved the Christian West, The
31 Be a Gospel Leaven in Society
32 Be Alert, Go Forward On The Path Of Faith, Solidarity
33 Be An Epiphany Of Christ, Of His Merciful Love
34 Be an Example of Moral Integrity for Society
35 Be Appealing Witnesses Of Mercy In Our Day. Christ Embraces You With His Merciful Love
36 Be Aware of Your Calling as Jesus' Missionary Disciples
37 Be Bringers of Charity, You Are Entering the Church of Rome, Not a Court
38 Be Close to the Young with the Language of the Heart
39 Be Contemplatives in Action Like the Saints
40 Be Courageous Witnesses of the Gospel
41 Be Creative and Faithful Evangelizers of the Good News
42 Be Determined To Live The Gospel Of Peace, Witness To God's Unconditional Love
43 Be Evangelizers Of The Great Mystery Of God's Love In Your Marriage, Family
44 Be Ever Alert to Attacks on the Right to Life
45 Be Faithful to God's Gift on Christmas Night
46 Be Faithful to the Way of Lenten Penance
47 Be Faithful Witnesses to Gospel Joy and Preachers of Truth
48 Be Fearless Workers in the Search for Truth
49 Be Fearless, Humble and Joyful Witnesses to the Gospel
50 Be Generous Witnesses To Risen Lord
51 Be Guardians and Servants of Human Life
52 Be Instruments of God's Goodness
53 Be Instruments of the Lord's Grace
54 Be It Done to Me As You Will
55 Be Like St. Joseph, Walk Alongside Your Children
56 Be Men of Supernatural Faith and Loyalty to Christ and the Church
57 Be Merciful, O Lord, for We Have Sinned
58 Be on Fire with Love for your Saviour
59 Be Open and Authentic Ministers of Reconciliation
60 Be Open to God's Reconciling Love
61 Be Open to God's Surprises
62 Be Pastors not Functionaries
63 Be Prepared to Give an Account
64 Be Prophetic 'Heralds of the Gospel and Teachers of the Faith'
65 Be Resolute In Following The Path Of Evangelical Freedom
66 Be Resurrected Wayfarers, Let the Word of God Warm Your Hearts
67 Be Salt and Leaven for the World
68 Be Salt Of The Earth, Light Of The World
69 Be Strong and Creative in Your Love
70 Be the First to Offer and Accept Forgiveness
71 Be The People Of The Beatitudes
72 Be Tireless Builders of Peace with All People of Good Will
73 Be Tireless in Promoting Christian Unity
74 Be Unconditionally Pro-Life!
75 Be United and Resist Aggression
76 Be United to Christ and Peter's Successor
77 Bear Courageous Witness to Christ
78 Bear Courageous Witness to Christian Life
79 Bear Public Witness to the Truth
80 Bear Witness Everywhere to Christ, Our Hope
81 Bearing Witness to Faith in Society
82 Beatification of José Aparicio Sanz and 232 Companions
83 Beatification of Servant of God John Paul II
84 Beauraing and Banneux
85 Beautiful Words About Women
86 Beauty (Of Christ) Will Save The World, The
87 Beauty And The Truth Of Christ, The
88 Beauty Has Important Role In Eastern Spirituality
89 Beauty Inseparable from Search for Truth and Goodness
90 Beauty Is Your God-Given Vocation
91 Beauty of a Virtuous Woman's Heart, The
92 Beauty of God's House, The
93 Beauty of the Catholic Faith, The
94 Beauty of the Roman Liturgy, The
95 Become Humble In Order to Recognize the Greatness of God
96 Become What You Are: 'Mirrors' of the Lord
97 Becoming Like Little Children
98 Before Calling the Tribunal
99 Before Sin: Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden
100 Before the Dawn: the Mysterious Conversion of Rome's Chief Rabbi
101 Beg The Lord That The Spiral Of Hatred And Violence Will Not Prevail
102 Begin The Day With Prayer: Let Christ Be Light Of Day
103 Behavior of the Church Is a Model for All Society, The
104 Behind Every Plea There Are People Who Seek Justice
105 Behind the Lord's Silence is Trust
106 Behind the Rage at Benedict XVI
107 Behold the Handmaid of the Lord
108 Behold, Your Mother
109 Being a Catholic Lawyer Today
110 Being a Pastor Means Being Available to Others
111 Being Adopted Children of God Is Greatest Gift of Paschal Mystery
112 Being Human in an Age of Unbelief
113 Being United to Christ Calls for Renunciation
114 Belief of Catholics, The
115 Believers in Christ Need Not Fear Death
116 Believing in Charity Calls Forth Charity: "We Have Come To Know and To believe in the Love God Has for Us
117 Bellarmine on the Mystical Body of Christ
118 Belloc On The “Apparently Unconvertible” Religion
119 Bells of Europe: Reasons for the Holy Father's Hope
120 Benedicite Deum
121 Benedict Contra Nietzsche: A Reflection on Deus Caritas Est
122 Benedict VI Address during Visit to the "Regina Pacis Center" in Amman
123 Benedict XVI Urbi et Orbi Message Easter 2011
124 Benedict XVI Address at Ecumenical Celebration at Westminster Abbey
125 Benedict XVI Address at St. Peter's Residence for the Elderly
126 Benedict XVI Address at "Ben Gurion" Airport in Tel Aviv
127 Benedict XVI Address at "Ben Gurion" Airport in Tel Aviv during His Departure
128 Benedict XVI Address at Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem
129 Benedict XVI Address at Blessing of Foundation Stone of the Latin and Greek Melkite Churches
130 Benedict XVI Address at Cultural Center of Belém, Lisbon
131 Benedict XVI Address at Farewell Ceremony in at Airport in Amman
132 Benedict XVI Address at Farewell Ceremony in Bethlehem
133 Benedict XVI Address at Hechal Shlomo Centre in Jerusalem
134 Benedict XVI Address at Meeting with Muslim Leaders, the Diplomatic Corps & Rectors of Universities
135 Benedict XVI Address at Meeting with Organizations for Interreligious Dialogue in Jerusalem
136 Benedict XVI Address at Meeting with the Representatives of British Society
137 Benedict XVI Address at Meeting with Young People in Lebanon
138 Benedict XVI Address at Mount of the Temple in Jerusalem
139 Benedict XVI Address at Prayer Vigil on the Eve of Cardinal Newman's Beatification
140 Benedict XVI Address at Rafiq Hariri International Airport in Beirut
141 Benedict XVI Address at St. Paul's Basilica in Harissa
142 Benedict XVI Address at the Blessing of the Cornerstone of Madaba University
143 Benedict XVI Address at the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem
144 Benedict XVI Address at the Cathedral of Cotonou
145 Benedict XVI Address at the Co-Cathedral of the Latins in Jerusalem
146 Benedict XVI Address at the Ecumenical Prayer Service
147 Benedict XVI Address at the Farewell Ceremony at Madrid-Barajas International Airport
148 Benedict XVI Address at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem
149 Benedict XVI Address at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
150 Benedict XVI Address at the Recitation of the Angelus Domini at Cuatro Vientos Airport
151 Benedict XVI Address at the Regina Caeli Prayer in the Upper Room in Jerusalem
152 Benedict XVI Address at the Shrine of the Annunciation in Nazareth
153 Benedict XVI Address at the Way of the Cross with Young People at Plaza de Cibeles
154 Benedict XVI Address at Visit to the Archbishop of Canterbury
155 Benedict XVI Address at Welcome Ceremony at Cardinal Bernardin Gantin International Airport, Cotonou
156 Benedict XVI Address at Welcoming Celebration by the Young People at Plaza de Cibeles
157 Benedict XVI Address at Welcoming Ceremony at Madrid-Barajas International Airport
158 Benedict XVI Address at Welcoming Ceremony at Presidential Palace in Jerusalem
159 Benedict XVI Address at Welcoming Visit to Yad Vashem Memorial
160 Benedict XVI Address During Visit to the Basilica of the Memorial of Moses
161 Benedict XVI Address on Good Friday after the Stations of the Cross
162 Benedict XVI Address on His Arrival in Portugal
163 Benedict XVI Address to 19th Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for the Family
164 Benedict XVI Address to Ambassador of Mongolia
165 Benedict XVI Address to Ambassador of New Zealand
166 Benedict XVI Address to Ambassador of the Dominican Republic
167 Benedict XVI Address to Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia
168 Benedict XVI Address to Armenian Church of St. James in Jerusalem
169 Benedict XVI Address to Bishops of Switzerland
170 Benedict XVI Address to Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
171 Benedict XVI Address to Professionals & Volunteers Dedicated to the Safeguarding of Children 2010
172 Benedict XVI Address to Pupils at St. Mary's University College, Twickenham
173 Benedict XVI Address to the Ambassador of Norway
174 Benedict XVI Address to the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa
175 Benedict XVI Address to the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Italy
176 Benedict XVI Address to the Diplomatic Corps
177 Benedict XVI Address to the World of Catholic Education at St Mary’s University College in Twickenham
178 Benedict XVI Address to Women Religious at Patio de los Reyes de El Escorial
179 Benedict XVI Advance Message to the United States
180 Benedict XVI and the Irrelevance of “Relevance”
181 Benedict XVI and the Role of Women in the Church
182 Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy
183 Benedict XVI Angelus Address
184 Benedict XVI Angelus Address for Feast of the Holy Family 2010
185 Benedict XVI Arrives in Mexico as a Pilgrim of Faith, Hope and Love
186 Benedict XVI Blesses New Organ and Visits His Family's Tomb
187 Benedict XVI Closes the Pauline Year
188 Benedict XVI Easter Vigil Homily
189 Benedict XVI Entrusts Families to Infant Jesus of Prague
190 Benedict XVI Final Angelus Message
191 Benedict XVI Final General Audience Address
192 Benedict XVI Good Friday, Via Crucis
193 Benedict XVI Greeting to Disabled Youth at the Fundación Instituto S. José
194 Benedict XVI Holy Thursday - Chrism Mass
195 Benedict XVI Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord's Supper
196 Benedict XVI homily at a Prayer Vigil with the Young People at Cuatro Vientos Airport
197 Benedict XVI Homily at Beatification Mass of Cardinal Newman
198 Benedict XVI Homily at Beatification Mass of John Paul II
199 Benedict XVI Homily at Cathedral of St. Georges in Amman
200 Benedict XVI Homily at Chrism Mass
201 Benedict XVI Homily at Easter Vigil Mass 2010
202 Benedict XVI Homily at Holy Mass at Josafat Valley in Jerusalem
203 Benedict XVI Homily at Holy Mass at Manger's Square in Bethlehem
204 Benedict XVI Homily at Holy Mass on the Occasion of the 26th World Youth Day at Cuatro Vientos Airport
205 Benedict XVI Homily at Holy Mass with Seminarians at the Cathedral of Santa María la Real de la Almudena
206 Benedict XVI Homily at Mass for Repose of the Souls of Cardinals and Bishops Who Have Died in the Past Year
207 Benedict XVI Homily at Mass in Terreiro do Paço of Lisbon
208 Benedict XVI Homily at Mass in the International Stadium in Amman
209 Benedict XVI Homily at Mass of Our Lord's Last Supper
210 Benedict XVI Homily at Mass of the Lord's Supper 2010
211 Benedict XVI Homily at the Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Westminster
212 Benedict XVI Homily at the Easter Vigil Mass
213 Benedict XVI Homily at the Mount of Precipice in Nazareth
214 Benedict XVI Homily at Vespers in Fatima at Church of the Most Holy Trinity
215 Benedict XVI Homily at Vespers in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth
216 Benedict XVI Homily at Vespers with University Students in Preparation for Christmas 2010
217 Benedict XVI Homily at Zagreb Hoppdrome in Croatia
218 Benedict XVI Homily for Easter Sunday
219 Benedict XVI Homily for Feast of the Epiphany 2011
220 Benedict XVI Homily for Holy Thursday Chrism Mass
221 Benedict XVI Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent
222 Benedict XVI Homily for the Solemnity of the Assumption
223 Benedict XVI Inaugurates Diocesan Congress of Rome
224 Benedict XVI Inaugurates the Pauline Year
225 Benedict XVI Interview with Journalists during the Flight to Lebanon
226 Benedict XVI Interview with Journalists during the Flight to Madrid
227 Benedict XVI Letter on the 100th Anniversary of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music
228 Benedict XVI Letter to Clergy for the Year for Priests
229 Benedict XVI Letter to Seminarians
230 Benedict XVI Meeting with Cultural Representatives in Croatia
231 Benedict XVI Meeting with the Sick at Yaounde
232 Benedict XVI Meeting with the Staff of the United Nations
233 Benedict XVI Meeting with the Youth of Rome
234 Benedict XVI Meeting with Young People and Seminarians
235 Benedict XVI Meeting with Young People Having Disabilities
236 Benedict XVI Meeting with Young University Professors At the Basilica de San Lorenzo de El Escorial
237 Benedict XVI Meets Roman Curia For Christmas Greetings
238 Benedict XVI Meets Roman Curia for Christmas Greetings
239 Benedict XVI Meets with Members of the Neo-Catechumenal Way
240 Benedict XVI Meets with Seminarians in Freiburg
241 Benedict XVI Message for World Day of Peace 2011
242 Benedict XVI Message to the Jewish Community on the Feast of Pesah
243 Benedict XVI on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
244 Benedict XVI Pastoral Letter to the Catholics of Ireland
245 Benedict XVI Praises Reconciliation in Australia
246 Benedict XVI Prays Before the Patroness of Bavaria
247 Benedict XVI Publication of the "Instrumentum Laboris"
248 Benedict XVI Recalls His Trip to the Holy Land
249 Benedict XVI Recalls His Visit to Austria
250 Benedict XVI Reflection on St. Joseph at Vesper Service in Cameroon
251 Benedict XVI Regina Caeli Message at the International Stadium in Amman
252 Benedict XVI Urges Rediscovery of Christmas Traditions
253 Benedict XVI Visit to Roman Seminary 2007
254 Benedict XVI Votive Mass for the Universal Church at St. Patrick's Cathedral
255 Benedict XVI Welcoming Address during Visit to the Holy Land
256 Benedict XVI's Address to Political and Religious Leaders of Lebanon
257 Benedict XVI's Address to Synod: "Dualism Between Exegesis and Theology Must Be Overcome"
258 Benedict XVI's Comments at the Recitation of the Angelus in Luanda
259 Benedict XVI's Comments en Route to Scotland
260 Benedict XVI's Homily at Angola's São Paolo Church
261 Benedict XVI's Homily at Mass in Cimangola
262 Benedict XVI's Homily at St. Paul Outside the Walls
263 Benedict XVI's Homily at Torchlight Procession in Rosary Square
264 Benedict XVI's Letter to Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.
265 Benedict XVI's New Youth Mass
266 Benedict’s Finale with Beethoven: A “Heroic” Moment
267 Benedictine Benedictions
268 Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
269 Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
270 Benedictt XVI Homily at the Mass of the Lord's Supper 2010
271 Benedit XVI Address at Meeting with the Bishops of England, Scotland & Wales
272 Beneficia Dei (On The Twenty-fifth Anniversary Of His Pontificate)
273 Benin Bishops: Evangelical courage In Guiding the Faithful
274 Bernard of Clairvaux, Last of the Church Fathers
275 Bertrand Russell: Prophet of the New World Order
276 Bethlehem Is Patrimony of All Humanity
277 Bethlehem Offers a Global Vision of Hope For All People
278 Bethlehem's Divine Light Spread Out Over All the Earth
279 Betrayal of Hippocrates, The
280 Between Anthropology and the Eucharist
281 Between Man and Woman: Questions and Answers About Marriage and Same-Sex Unions
282 Beware Of Promethean Ambitions In Research
283 Beware of Thomas Groome or Anything Associated with Him
284 Beware! the New Age Movement Is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness
285 Bewitched by Wicca
286 Beyond the Call of Duty
287 Beyond The Catholic Pale
288 Beyond the Party: Catholics and Government's Moral Purpose
289 Beyond the Party: Catholics and Government's Moral Purpose
290 Beyond the Things that Divide, Towards Unity in Christ
291 Bible: Divine Inspiration and Church Tradition
292 Biblical Evidence for the Perpetual Virginity of Mary
293 Biblical Foundation of Priestly Celibacy, The
294 Biblical Interpretation in Crisis: On the Question of the Foundations and Approaches of Exegesis Today
295 Biblical Scholarship & the Faith of the Church
296 Biblical Scholarship with a Pastoral Purpose
297 Biblical Texts and Medieval Faith a Life-Giving Merger
298 Big Chill, The
299 Big Heart Open to God, A
300 Bill of Rights for Orthodox Catholics, A
301 Bioethical Magisterium on Normal Treatment and Ordinary Care
302 Bioethics In The Christian Perspective
303 Bioethics Mess, The
304 Bioethics: An Orphan Discipline
305 Bioethics: Human Dignity and Natural Moral Law
306 Biographies Of Servants Of God: 21 October
307 Biography of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
308 Biotechnologies: Hope in Fight Against Hunger?
309 Birth of Jesus Demonstrates That God Is on the Side of Humanity, The
310 Birth of the Son of God Is an Indescribable Mystery of Consolation, The
311 Bishop Amos' Statement on the 'Ordination' of Women
312 Bishop Anton Slomsek Was a Vine Yielding Rich Fruits of Christian Holiness and Culture
313 Bishop Aquila on Health Care
314 Bishop Bruskewitz Addresses Marian Congress
315 Bishop Bruskewitz to the Society of St. Pius X: You can't have it both ways!
316 Bishop Calls Abortion 'Greatest Evil of Our Age'
317 Bishop Cancels Speaker Series at Dominican Retreat House
318 Bishop D'Arcy's Statement Concerning the Instruction on Homosexuals in the Seminary
319 Bishop Finn Interviewed on Notre Dame Commencement
320 Bishop Gregory's Remarks on Mixed Commission on Sex-Abuse Norms
321 Bishop Issues Reflection on Teaching of Diversity and Tolerance
322 Bishop John Fisher: Defender of the Faith and Pastor of Souls
323 Bishop John M. D'Arcy Regrets Notre Dame Sponsorship
324 Bishop Lori Responds to 'America' Editorial
325 Bishop Martino's Pastoral Letter for Respect Life Sunday
326 Bishop McHugh Urges Flock To Combat the Real Anti-Catholicism
327 Bishop Morlino’s 2010 Letter to St. Mary’s Parish in Platteville
328 Bishop Morlino's 2012 Letter to Members of St. Mary and St. Augustine Parishes
329 Bishop Morlino's Statement Regarding Ruling on Marriage
330 Bishop Must Be a Prophet, Witness and Servant of Hope, The
331 Bishop Must Inspire, Guide and Coordinate Evangelizing Action, The
332 Bishop of Medjugorje . . . Declares Apparitions Are Not Real
333 Bishop of Rome Is Called to Confirm in Faith, Love and Unity, The
334 Bishop of Rome's Paternal Concern for His City
335 Bishop of Toledo Bans Parishes from Raising Funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation
336 Bishop Olmsted Statement in Response to Abortion Performed at St. Joseph's Hospital
337 Bishop Paprocki Letter on Same Sex Marriage
338 Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue's Talk to the Oxford Newman Society
339 Bishop Pavao Zanic's Orders
340 Bishop Prohibits Dissemination of Maria Divine Mercy’s Messages in Portland Diocese
341 Bishop Raymond Lucker: A Tragic Figure of the 'New Catechetics'
342 Bishop Tartaglia Homily Denouncing Human Animal Hybrids
343 Bishop Tobin on 'Priestly Fatigue Syndrome'
344 Bishop Vasa - A Shepherd for Our Time
345 Bishop Vasa's Statement on Terri Schiavo
346 Bishop Vaughan
347 Bishop vs. the Nazis: Bl. Clemens von Galen in World War II Germany, The
348 Bishop Welsh Bemoans 'Double Standard' for Catholics
349 Bishop Zubik on Common Core standards
350 Bishop: Servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Hope of the World, The
351 Bishop’s Role in Fostering the Mission of the Catholic Media, The
352 Bishops Build the 'Gift and Call' of Holiness, Beginning with Themselves
353 Bishops Call for Immediate Deployment of International Intervention Force in Liberia
354 Bishops discuss Liturgy, Pro-Life Statement, Holy Days, Friday abstinence
355 Bishop's First Duty, A
356 Bishops' Joint Statement on Haiti
357 Bishop's Martyrdom Must Become Seed of Love
358 Bishops Must Be, Above All, Men of Prayer
359 Bishops Must End Sacrilege of Those in Mortal Sin Receiving Communion
360 Bishops Must Promote the One and Only Pastoral Plan: 'Holiness'
361 Bishops Must 'Promote, Moderate, Guard' the Liturgy
362 Bishops Must Relate to Their Priests as a 'Father and Brother Who Loves Them'
363 Bishops Must Set an Example through Sanctity of Life
364 Bishops Must Show Mercy and Charity to the Poor
365 Bishops of Antilles Diocesan Pastoral Review
366 Bishops of Brazil: Profound Respect for Life
367 Bishops of Myanmar: Hope Despite Difficulties
368 Bishops of Peru: Relaunch the Missionary Spirit
369 Bishops of Togo: Pastoral Care of Families and Formation
370 Bishops of U.S. Ask Christian Response
371 Bishop's Place, A
372 Bishops' Pro-Life Chair Strongly Opposes Recommended Mandate for Birth Control, Sterilization in Private Health Plans
373 Bishops Serve the Lord with Joy; He Called Them and Gives Support and Grace
374 Bishops Want G8 Summit To Address Imbalances
375 Bishops, Just as All Christians, Are Builders of Peace
376 Bishops: Custodians of the Church
377 Bishops: Transmit Faithfulness to God's Primacy and Will
378 Bishops’ Presidential Questionnaire Object of Criticism
379 Bl. Charles de Foucauld: Heart of Christianity, Heart of Christ
380 Bl. Claude La Colombiere: A Priest after Christ's Heart
381 Bl. Junípero Serra and the Holy Family
382 Black Madonna of Czestochowa, The
383 Bless The Lord All You Works Of The Lord
384 Blessed Angela of Foligno
385 Blessed Are the Meek: The Life and Martyrdom of a Priest on Mission in Turkey
386 Blessed Are the Peacemakers
387 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit, for Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven
388 Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
389 Blessed Are the Pure In Heart , For They Shall See God
390 Blessed Are You, If You Keep God's Word
391 Blessed Be God Who Blessed Us in Christ
392 Blessed Brother Andre Bessette, C.S.C.: The Miracle Man of Montreal
393 Blessed Columba Marmion, Benedictine Abbot and Renowned Spiritual Author
394 Blessed Cyprian Michael Tansi Was a Zealous Pastor and Faithful Monk
395 Blessed Fra Angelico
396 Blessed Giovanni Maria Boccardo
397 Blessed Innocent XI
398 Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord
399 Blessed is the People Founded on Love
400 Blessed Jakob Gapp, S.M.
401 Blessed John Henry Newman and the Search for Truth in the Post-Relativist University
402 Blessed John Neumann
403 Blessed John Neumann, C.SS.R.--Pastoral Bishop
404 Blessed Karl von Habsburg
405 Blessed Liberty: The Posthumous Miracle of Antonio Rosmini
406 Blessed Nicolas Barre Worked for the Education of Poor Youth
407 Blessed Night, That Sees Christ Rising From The Dead!
408 Blessed Pius IX Courageously Served the Church in a Time of Upheaval
409 Blessed Stepinac, Valiant Pastor, Example of Christian Fortitude
410 Blessed Teresa Bracco
411 Blessed Teresa Grillo Michel
412 Blessed Tommaso Reggio, a Zealous Archbishop
413 Blessed Virgin in Modern Catechetics, The
414 Blessed Virgin in the Faith of the Church, The
415 Blessed Virgin Is Model of Perfect Love
416 Blessed Virgin Was Filled with God's Grace
417 Blessed William Joseph Chaminade Worked to Rechristianize France
418 Blesseds Encourage Indigenous People Today To Make Their Contribution To Evangelization
419 Blesseds Shared The Mission Of Christ, The
420 Blesseds Show Us The Church In The Glory Of Christ
421 Blessings for the Sailors
422 Blet Offers Excellent Guide For Volumes On Pius XII
423 Blood on Their Hands
424 Blowin’ in the Wind: Just/Faith and the Socialist Indoctrination of the Church
425 Blueprint for the Destruction of the Underground Catholic Church in China, A
426 Body of Christ in St. Paul and in Teilhard de Chardin
427 Body of Evidence: How Flesh & Bones Helps with the New Evangelization
428 Boethius and Cassiodorus
429 Bolivia: Maintaining Hope, Fomenting Unity
430 Bolivians Have To Promote Common Good, Social Unity, Respect For Human Rights
431 Book of Mormon - I, The
432 Book of Mormon II, The
433 Book Review: The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis
434 Born to Serve, Not to Shop — Effective Parenting in a Nutshell
435 Bought With a Price: Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God
436 Boys from Missouri: Myths, Lies, and Falsehoods about Embryonic Stem Cell Research, The
437 Bp. Hermann Addresses Abortion Comments
438 Brain Death
439 Brain is not the Soul: The Tragic Error of the Terry Schiavo Case, The
440 Brave Are the Young Who Bear the Cross without Fear
441 Brave New Babies
442 Brave New Church Without Priests, The
443 Brave Statement, A
444 Brazil Needs An Ethical Conception Of Social Life
445 Brazil: Church Teaches Man His Dignity as Child of God
446 Brazil: Function of the Episcopal Conference
447 Brazilian Ambassador Presents His Letters of Credence
448 Bread Broken for the Life of the World
449 Bread to Nourish Future Generations
450 Breaking Vows: When Faithful Catholics Divorce
451 Breathing with Both Lungs
452 Bridges of Understanding Across Religious Boundaries
453 Bridging the Gap
454 Bridging the Gap: For God's sake: Vote!
455 Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters, A
456 Brief Description of the Government of the Catholic Church, A
457 Brief History of The Union Of Brest
458 Bring Back the Creche!
459 Bring Precious Gift of Life to All Slovenes
460 Bring The Light Of The Gospel To Every Sector Through Evangelization, Catechesis
461 Bring the Tabernacle Back Into the Sanctuary
462 Broad and Comfortable Road to Lukewarm Christianity and Destruction, The
463 Broaden the Space for Women in the Church
464 Broader Horizons for the Catholic Church in Germany
465 Broken Stained-Glass Windows: The Dangers of Catholic Apathy
466 Brother, Sister: Words Beloved to Christianity
467 Brotherhood and Solidarity Will Not Fail to Achieve True Reconciliation
468 Brotherly dialogue with the Orthodox
469 Brown's Birth Of The Messiah . . . Revisited
470 Bruised Apples
471 Bruskewitz on Always Our Children
472 Buddha's Fist
473 Build a Communion of Love in the World of Media
474 Build a Europe of People's Based on Christian Moral Values
475 Build a New Romania Where East and West Can Meet in Brotherhood
476 Build a Society That Respects Human Work
477 Build an Ever More Peaceful Society
478 Build The City Of God
479 Build The Defences Of Peace In People's Minds
480 Building a Civilization of Truth and Love
481 Building a Culture of Life
482 Building a Culture of Religious Freedom
483 Building a More United, Just and Fraternal Society
484 Building and Promoting a Culture of Life: An American View
485 Building Christian-Jewish Respect and Solidarity
486 Building Goddess Paganism
487 Building on “Nostra aetate”: 50 Years of Christian-Jewish Dialogue
488 Building the Common Good, Working for Peace and Justice
489 Bull of Canonization of St. Francis of Assisi: Mira Circa Nos, The
490 Bull of the Convocation of the Holy Ecumenical Council of Trent
491 Bull on the Rule of the Friars Minor
492 Buried in the Fine Print: An Inside Look at RENEW 2000
493 By Going To Confession Priests Become Holy
494 By Knocking at Our Door, God Challenges Us and Our Freedom
495 By the Babe Unborn
496 Byzantine Liturgy Is Proof Of Unity And
Diversity That Belong To Ecclesial Communion
497 Byzantium and the Roman Primacy


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