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1 Abandonment Is the Greatest Hardship
2 Abide in God and Keep His Commandments
3 Abiding in Peace
4 Abiding Significance of Gnosticism, The
5 Abortifacient Vaccines: Technological Update, Hazards, And Pro-Life Appraisal
6 Aborting The Church: Frances Kissling & Catholics For A Free Choice
7 Abortion & Breast Cancer Link -- What the Experts Say
8 Abortion And Breast Cancer
9 Abortion and Limbo
10 Abortion and the Unborn Baby: the Painful Truth
11 Abortion in America: Legal & Unsafe
12 Abortion, Bishops, Eucharist, and Politicians: A Question of Communion
13 Abortion, Pederasty, Child Murder Share The Same Roots
14 Abortion: Correct Application of Natural Law Theory
15 Abortion: Unmasking the Demon
16 About Last Night
17 About Mother's Milk
18 Abstaining from Meat on Fridays Encouraged
19 Accept Others As Christ Accepted Us
20 Accept the call to be virtuous, for happiness is achieved by sacrifice
21 Acceptance Remarks: "The Canterbury Award"
22 Accompany Your Proclamation with the Eloquence of Gestures
23 According to Scripture
24 Accuracy of Scripture, The
25 Acerba Animi (On Persecution Of The Church In Mexico)
26 Acerbo Nimis (On Teaching Christian Doctrine)
27 Achieve Your Pastoral Initiatives In the Light of Holiness
28 Achieving a Happy Marriage
29 Achieving Social Development for All
30 Act According to Truth and Conscience
31 Act of Adoration, An
32 Act of Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
33 Act of Dedication of the Human Race, An
34 Act of Entrustment to the Blessed Virgin Mary
35 Action Must Be Educational and Political
36 Action Must Be United with Words
37 Action Presupposes Contemplation
38 Active Apostles of the New Evangelization
39 Activist Judge Greer Plays 'God' as Arbiter of Life and Death
40 Ad Apostolorum Principis (On Communism And The Church In China)
41 Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum (Appealing for Peace)
42 Ad Caeli Reginam (On Proclaiming The Queenship Of Mary)
43 Ad Catholici Sacerdotii (On The Catholic Priesthood)
44 Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum (On The Immaculate Conception)
45 Ad Extremas (On Seminaries For Native Clergy)
46 Ad Limina Address to Bishops of Baltimore and Washington in 2004
47 Ad Limn Address to the Bishops of the Church in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Alaska
48 Ad Petri Cathedram (On Truth, Unity And Peace)
49 Ad Salutem (On St. Augustine)
50 Ad Sinarum Gentem (On The Supranationality Of The Church)
51 Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life (Perfectae Caritatis)
52 Addendum of the General Catechetical Directory
53 Additional Note from the Secretariat of State on the SSPX
54 Address at Farewell Ceremony at Stará Ruzyn?do International Airport
55 Address at Inaugural Session of the Fifth General Conference of the Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean
56 Address at Meeting with Representatives of Other Religions
57 Address at Williams-Brice Stadium
58 Address by Pope Pius XII on 'Bad Reading', An
59 Address of Benedict XVI at Nsimalen International Airport of Yaounde
60 Address Of His Beatitude Teoctist
61 Address of John Paul II on April 13, 1985
62 Address of John Paul II To His Beatitude Christodoulos
63 Address of John Paul II to Members of the Australian Conference of Bishops
64 Address of John Paul II To the Catholic Bishops of Greece
65 Address of John Paul II to the International Congress on Organ Transplants
66 Address of John Paul II to the Members of the Scotus Commission
67 Address of May 31, 1954 on the Authority of the Church in Temporal Matters
68 Address of November 2, 1954 on the Authority of the Church in Temporal Matters
69 Address Of Pope John Paul II
70 Address of Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the Exchange of Greetings with the Diplomatic Corps
71 Address on Bees
72 Address on John Paul II on Breastfeeding
73 Address on Receiving US Ambassador to the Vatican Linda Bogs
74 Address On the Spiritual Exercises
75 Address the Great Challenges That Mark the Post-Modern Age
76 Address to Artists
77 Address to French Ambassador to the Holy See
78 Address to Hindu and Muslim Leaders
79 Address to Italian Artists: the Function of Art
80 Address to Midwives on the Nature of Their Profession
81 Address to New Ambassador of Germany
82 Address to Participants of the Symposium on the Participation of the Laity in the Priestly Ministry
83 Address to Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura
84 Address to the Australian Catholic Students Association
85 Address to the Bishops of Sudan on Their 'Ad Limina' Visit
86 Address to the Bishops of Switzerland
87 Address to the Diplomatic Corps
88 Address to the Diplomatic Corps
89 Address to the Diplomatic Corps 2005
90 Address To The Greeks
91 Address to the Italian Episcopal Conference
92 Address to the Pontifical Academy for Life
93 Address to the Roman Rota — Presume the Validity of a Marriage
94 Address to the United Nations General Assembly
95 Address to World Summit on Food Security
96 Address to Youth in Rome Prison
97 Address Upon Arrival in Cairo
98 Address Upon Arrival in Mexico City
99 Adiutricem (On The Rosary)
100 Administering Justice in the Church
101 Admission To The Eucharist In Situations Of Pastoral Necessity
102 Adoption Is 'A Concrete Way of Love'
103 Adora Patrem In Spiritu Et Veritate
104 Adoration
105 Adoration, Reparation, Spiritual Motherhood for Priests
106 Adultery Is Killing the American Family
107 Advancing the Culture of Life in Hope and With Obedience
108 Advent Invites Us to Perceive the Presence of God
109 Advent Wreath, The
110 Advent Wreath: Prayers and Explanation
111 Advent: A Cry of Hope of the Church and the Just
112 Advent: Awaiting God's Justice
113 Aeterna Dei Sapientia (On St Leo The Great)
114 Aeterni Patris (On The Restoration Of Christian Philosophy)
115 Affari Vos (On The Manitoba School Question)
116 Affectionate Witness for the Church in China, An
117 Affirm Christ's Paschal Victory
118 Affirm The Spiritual Unity Of The Nation
119 Affirmation!
120 Afraid of change? More myths of 1968
121 Africa a Great Store of Vitality for the Future
122 Africa and the World Need the Lord's Healing Touch
123 Africa Can Become the Continent of Hope
124 Africa Is the Continent of Hope
125 Africa Needs Harmony and Unity
126 Africa, From Algiers to Basutoland
127 Africa: An Enormous Spiritual 'Lung' for Humanity
128 Africae Munus
129 After Much Study, a Miracle
130 After the Vows: What Same-Sex Proponents Need to Know
131 After-Birth Abortion Still Kills People
132 Against Heresies Book I
133 Against Heresies Book II
134 Against Heresies Book III
135 Against Heresies Book IV
136 Against Heresies Book V
137 Against the Indiscriminate Exploitation of the Earth
138 Against the Tide: Marriage Is Not Impossible
139 Against You Alone Have I Sinned
140 Age of Patrology, The
141 Agents of Change
142 Aid To Meditation: Word Of God, Praise, Prayer
143 AIDS and Responsible Procreation in the Light of Humanae Vitae
144 AIDS and the News Media
145 AIDS Has Become Economic Problem
146 AIDS, Condoms and Sex Education
147 ailure of Liberal Catholicism – Parts 1 & 2 , The
148 Aim of Ecumenism Is the Unity of Divided Christians, The
149 Air of Appointments in the Curia – With a Gust of New Culture, An
150 Albania, Example of Resurgence of the Church
151 Albanian Bishops: Face Problems of the Church Together
152 Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Modern Day Prophet, Moral Crusader, Critic of Both West and East
153 Alfred Noyes
154 All Are Called to Build God's Kingdom
155 All Are Called To Witness To Christ In World
156 All Believers Have Right to Receive Catholic Doctrine in its Integrity
157 All Church Governance Must Foster Communion and Mission
158 All Creation Will Be 'Recapitulated' in Christ
159 All God's People Must be Involved in the Vast Work of Evangelization
160 All Graces? A Study of the Title ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Graces’
161 All Hallows' Eve
162 All Is Grace
163 All Is Possible When We Rely on Christ
164 All Mothers Are Alike—Save One
165 All Must Strive for Goal of Full Unity
166 All Nations Shall Come And Adore You, O Lord
167 All of Us Are Judged by What We Do
168 All Peoples Praise God's Faithful Love
169 All Salvation History Leads to Christ
170 All Souls' Day
171 All the Baptized Are Called to Mission
172 All The Baptized Have Duty To Seek Full Unity
173 Allatae Sunt (On The Observance Of Oriental Rites)
174 All-Caring State, The
175 Alliance of Narcissus and Leviathan, The
176 Allocution to the Fathers of Families
177 Allow Me To Profess Before You With Humility And Pride The Faith Of Christians
178 Almighty God, Omniscient Lord, Loving Shepherd
179 Alpha and Omega: Reconciling Science and Faith
180 Alpha and the 'New Evangelization'
181 Alpha Course—an Evaluation, The
182 Altar and the Confessional, The
183 Altar Rail Returning to Use
184 Altar Service Is A True Holy Service
185 Alvaré at Family Conference: "The Family Provides Ample Homework on the Give and Take of Love"
186 Always Be Motivated by Deep Apostolic and Missionary Zeal
187 Always Our Children: Pastoral Message to Parents of Homosexual Children and Suggestions for Pastoral Ministers
188 Always remember that 'healing ultimately comes from the Most High'
189 amaging Culture of Silence , The
190 Amantissimi Redemptoris (On Priests And The Care Of Souls)
191 Amantissimus (On The Care Of The Churches)
192 Ambrose Autpert Discovered the Church's True Face
193 Amen to That!
194 Amendment 2 and the Exploitation of Woman
195 Amendment No. 2 and Safeguarding the Sanctity of Marriage
196 America Magazine Spreads Disinformation About Church's Position
197 America, Resist the Culture of Death and Stand Firmly on the Side of Life
198 American Catholics and the Spanish Civil War
199 American Catholics As Cultural Protestants
200 American Century, The
201 American Culture and the Problem of Divorce
202 American Education: Beyond Frankfurt and Dewey
203 American Election and its Influences On the Underground Roman Catholic Church in China, The
204 American Priest at the End of the Earth, An
205 Americanism, Then and Now: Our Pet Heresy
206 Americans Have Always Been a People of Hope
207 Americans Must Be Light of the World
208 America's Educational Crisis--A Christian Response
209 America's Seminaries: a House Built on Sand
210 ames of Pastoral Workers, Priests, Men and Women Religious and Lay Catholics Killed During 2010 , The
211 Amity No Substitute for the Whole Truth
212 Among Christians, Unity Is Always Greater than Conflict
213 Among The Rights Of The Child, The Right To Life Is The First
214 Anatomy of Sacred Art: Parts I and II, The
215 Anchor the Heart in Heaven
216 Ancient and Fragile Churches
217 Ancient Tradition of Clerical Celibacy, The
218 And the Light Shone in the Darkness
219 And the Word Became Print
220 And With Muslims?
221 Andrew, the Protoclete
222 Angelic Nature and Its Operation, The
223 Angels
224 Angels — Morning Stars of Creation, The
225 Angels and Their Names
226 Angels: Large Part of the Gospel and Sign of God's Presence
227 Angelus and Regina Caeli
228 Angelus Message for Feast of St. Stephen 2003
229 Anglican Bishops on Marriage and Birth Control
230 Anglican Right, The
231 Anglican-Catholic Relations: the Quest for Unity
232 Anglicanorum Coetibus
233 Angola: Continue Peace-Building and Reconstruction
234 Animals in the Psalter
235 Annex to the Catholic & Lutheran Common Statement
236 Anni Sacri (On Combating Atheistic Propaganda Throughout The World)
237 Anniversary of Human Rights Declaration Is an Appeal for each State to Examine Its Conscience
238 Announce the Beauty of God
239 Announce the Primacy of God without Compromise
240 Annual Plenary Indulgence In Co-Cathedrals
241 Annulment Mentality: What You Can Do About It, The
242 Annulment Nation
243 Annum Sacrum (On Consecration To The Sacred Heart)
244 Annus Iam Plenus (On Children of Central Europe)
245 Anointed with the Oil of Gladness
246 Anointing of the Sick: Sacrament of God's Compassion towards Human Suffering
247 Another Reckoning
248 Anselm Agonistes: the Dilemma of a Benedictine Made Bishop
249 Answer to What about 'Going-Steady'?, The
250 Answering Questions And Charges
251 Answering Scandal With Personal Holiness
252 Anthropological and Ethical Thoughts on Whether Domestic Partnerships Should Have Same Legal Status as the Family
253 Anti-Architecture And Religion
254 Anti-Catholicism on the Internet
255 Anti-Catholicism: Politically Correct Bigotry of 1990's America
256 Antichrist in the Scriptures
257 Antichrist, The
258 Antiquity of the Doctrine of Transubstantiation, The
259 Anti-Science? Pro-Life Dream Team Confronts Embryonic Stem-Cell Juggernaut
260 Anti-Semitism is not Christian
261 Anti-terrorism Measures Must Not Jeopardize Human Rights
262 Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine
263 Aphraates, "the Sage"
264 Apocalypse Not
265 Apologetic of Hope, An
266 Apologetics in the Second Century
267 Apologetics: Forgotten Science, Lost Art
268 Apology Apologeticum
269 Apostle of Devotion to His Most Precious Blood: St. Gaspar del Bufalo
270 Apostles Dispense Grace of God's Pardon
271 Apostles' Experience of the Risen Christ Is Entirely Credible, The
272 Apostleship of Prayer - April Intentions
273 Apostleship of Prayer: Efficacious Means of Apostolate, The
274 Apostolate of Suffering and Reparation Was Call Given to Bl. Anna Schaffer, German Laywoman
275 Apostolate of the Family Will Bring Inestimable Benefits to the Church and Society as a Whole, The
276 Apostolate of Women, The
277 Apostolic Brief on the Beatification of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer
278 Apostolic Constitution on Penance (Paenitemini)
279 Apostolic Fraternity that United the First Disciples Today Unites Our Churches, The
280 Apostolic Journey to Brazil
281 Apostolic Journey to Cyprus
282 Apostolic Journey to France
283 Apostolic Journey to Germany
284 Apostolic Journey to Lebanon
285 Apostolic Journey to Madrid
286 Apostolic Journey to Malta
287 Apostolic Journey to Mexico and to the Republic of Cuba
288 Apostolic Journey to Portugal
289 Apostolic Journey to Portugal
290 Apostolic Journey to the United Kingdom
291 Apostolic Journey to the United States of America
292 Apostolic Letter for the 1,700th Anniversary of the Baptism of the Armenian People
293 Apostolic Letter for the 350th Anniversary of the Union of Uzhorod
294 Apostolic Letter of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II for the Fourth Centenary of the Union of Brest
295 Apostolic Letter on Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men Alone
296 Apostolic Letter Proclaiming St. John of Avila a Doctor of the Church
297 Apostolic Succession: Spiritual and Historical Tie to Christ
298 Apostolic Tradition of the Church, The
299 Apostolic Visit to Croatia
300 Apostolic Visit to the Czech Republic
301 Apostolica Constitutio (On Preparation For The Holy Year)
302 Apostolicae Nostrae Caritatis (Urging Prayers For Peace)
303 Apostolos Suos - on the Theological and Juridical Nature of Episcopal Conferences
304 Apparitions True and False
305 Appeal Of Mormonism, The
306 Appetente Sacro (On The Spiritual Advantages Of Fasting)
307 Application of Aequitas Et Epikeia to the Divorced and Remarried, The
308 Apply The Church's Social Teaching To The World Of Work
309 Applying St. Benedict's Rule to Fatherhood and Family Life
310 Appointment Troubling On Both a Personal and a Policy Level
311 Approach to the New Age, An
312 Appropriateness of the Title of Holy Father, The
313 Approval of the General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the New General Roman Calendar (Mysterii paschalis)
314 Approving the New Statutes of the Financial Intelligence Authority
315 Aquinas vs. Intelligent Design
316 Arcanum (On Christian Marriage)
317 Archbishop Addresses Questions that Earlier Column Raised
318 Archbishop Annibale Bugnini
319 Archbishop Broglio's Statement on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
320 Archbishop Burke's Address to National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
321 Archbishop Chaput on Notre Dame and the Issues that Remain
322 Archbishop Chaput's Homily at His Installation Mass
323 Archbishop Chaput's Homily: National Closing Mass of the Fortnight for Freedom
324 Archbishop Donoghue Offers Eucharistic Statement
325 Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen — Author, Orator and Missionary
326 Archbishop Lefebvre and Canons 1323:4° and 1324 §1:5°
327 Archbishop Levada: Call Your Office!
328 Archbishop Martin Lauds Land-Mine Treaty
329 Archbishop Myers Statement on a Proposed Course on Same-Sex Marriage
330 Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, the new 'John Fisher'
331 Archbishop Renato Martino's Address to the United Nations Conference on Population
332 Archbishop Renato Martino's Statement
333 Archbishop Weakland’s Perplexing Pilgrimage
334 Archbishop’s Action Against Priest . . . Reverberates Throughout Cyber Universe
335 Ardent Prayer: a Fervent Cry for Peace and Reconciliation
336 Are All Revealed Truths in Sacred Scripture?
337 Are Jesus and Buddha Brothers?
338 Are Passions Good?
339 Are the Gospels Myth?
340 Are There Lessons for Today in Twelfth-Century Sacred Music?
341 Are we Getting it Right? The State of Women’s Studies Department
342 Are We Living in Apocalyptic Times?
343 Are You Being Targeted For Euthanasia
344 Are You Ready to Change the World?
345 Argentina: Extensive and Incisive Evangelization
346 Arguing Against Physician Assisted Suicide
347 Argument for Arguing Well, An
348 Arian Heresy Revisited, The
349 Arise, Rejoice, God Is Calling You
350 Ark of the Covenant, The
351 Arrival of Relic of St. Francis Xavier
352 Art & Liturgy: the Splendor of Faith
353 Art and Prayer
354 Art and Religion
355 Art as a Manifestation of the Spirit
356 Art of Dying Well, The
357 Art of Pastoral Translation at the Service of Communion, The
358 Art of Spiritual Direction, The
359 Art Of Trinitarian Prayer, The
360 Art Through the Eyes of Faith
361 Article signed by Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo & Bishop Elio Sgreccia concerning Truth and the Meaning of Human Sexuality
362 Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: It Is Time to Take a Stand
363 Artistic Creation Opens Human Minds to the Transcendent
364 Artistic Heritage Has Evangelizing Role
365 Artist's Intention, The
366 Aruba, the Caribbean Paradise, Is Proud of Its Catholic Roots
367 As Long As I Have Breath Within Me I Shall Cry Out: 'Peace, In The Name Of God'
368 As Pontiff, I Hope that Dialogue Will Lead Us to "Build Bridges" between Persons
369 As The Family Goes, So Goes The World
370 As the Third Millenium Draws Near (Tertio Millennio Adveniente)
371 As We Work For Full Communion, Let Us Do Together We What Do Not Have To Do Separately
372 Ascension Invites Us to a Profound Communion with Jesus, The
373 Ascent or Descent? Wonder or Horror?
374 Ash Wednesday
375 Ash Wednesday Emphasizes That Life Is a Pilgrimage
376 Asia’s Love For the Mother
377 Asian Youth! Wake up!
378 Asians Have To Evangelize Asians, Be In Dialogue With Ancient Cultures
379 Asking the Holy Spirit for Unity of the Church
380 Assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti, The
381 Assent To Christ's Truth In Its Fullness Is Goal Of Ecumenism
382 Assessing Vatican II: A Response to My Critics
383 Assessment of Present Day Catechesis, An
384 Assisi Shrines Receive New Impetus
385 Assisi: Religion Can Never Be Justification for Violence
386 Assist the Church's Rebirth in Your Countries
387 Assumption of Our Lady, The
388 At Historic 1990 Meeting, the Pope Was Able To Embrace His Ukrainian Brothers
389 At Home: Lent and Easter
390 At the Crossroads
391 At the End of the Year of Faith
392 At the Heart of Benedict XVI's Teaching to Present the Salvific Truth of Jesus Christ to the Mindset of Our Times
393 At the Heart of It All: An Anthropological Vision of Gaudium et Spes, Humanae Vitae and Deus Caritas Est
394 At the Origins of Humanitarian Law: the Attitude of the Holy See
395 At the School of the Saintly Traveller, We Learn How to be Pilgrims
396 At the Service of the Mysteries of Christ
397 At University: Increase Knowledge, Deepen Faith
398 Attempted Ordinations to the Priesthood
399 Attitudes During Liturgical Prayer
400 Au Milieu Des Sollicitudes (On The Church And State In France)
401 Audience with God in Your Parish
402 Audience: The Essential Elements of Priestly Ministry
403 Augustine and Isocrates
404 Augustine of Hippo (Augustinum Hipponensem)
405 Augustine, A Model for Dialogue between Reason and Faith
406 Augustissimae Virginis Mariae (On The Confraternity Of The Holy Rosary)
407 Auschwitz the Christian and the Council
408 Auspicato Concessum (On St. Francis of Assisi)
409 Auspicia Quaedam (On Public Prayers For World Peace And Solution Of The Problem Of Palestine)
410 Auspicia Quedam
411 Austria without a Vibrant Christian Faith Would No Longer Be Austria, An
412 Authentic Christians and Excellent Journalists
413 Authentic Disciples and Missionaries of Christ
414 Authentic Law Is Inseparable from Justice
415 Authentic Witnesses to Jesus Christ In All Situations
416 Authority and Obedience Rooted in Christ
417 Authority And The Authorship Of Scripture, The
418 Authority of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae, The
419 Authority Of The Pope, The
420 Avery Dulles's Long Road To Rome
421 Avoid All 'Careerism' and Be Models of Holiness for Your Priests
422 Avoid Punishment that Debases Human Dignity of Prisoners
423 Avoid Temptation To Manipulate Human Beings
424 Avoid the Scandal of Being "Airport Bishops"
425 Avoiding the Next Tsunami
426 Awake, and Christ Shall Give You Light!
427 Awake, Like the Shepherds, to the Message of God
428 Awaken in Your People a Deep Desire for Holiness and Renewal
429 ay the Mass Changed, How it Happened and Why -- Part I , The
430 Ayn Rand: Another Architect of the Culture of Death


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