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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "W" - 69 authors

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1 Waddell, Fr. Chrysogonus (OCSO)
2 Wagner, Paul A.
3 Wagner, Steven
4 Waldstein, Michael
5 Walley, Robert
6 Walsh, John
7 Warda , Archbishop Bashar Matti ( CSsR)
8 Warner, Christopher B.
9 Washington, George
10 Watkin, E. I.
11 Watson, Alice Rethinger
12 Watson, Jennifer Kimball
13 Weaver, Walt F.
14 Webb, Stephen H.
15 Weber, Fr. Samuel (O.S.B.)
16 Weber, Chuck
17 Weber, Edward J. (A.A.I.A.)
18 Webster, Fr. Alexander F.C.
19 Weidenkopf, Steve
20 Weigand, William K.
21 Weigel, George
22 Weinandy, Fr. Thomas G.
23 Weisenburger , Bishop Edward J.
24 Weiser, Fr. Francis X.
25 Welch, Lawrence J. (Ph.D.)
26 Wells, Jeremias
27 Welsh, Austin T. (M.D.)
28 Welzbacher, Fr. George
29 Wenderski, Robert
30 Wenisch, Fritz
31 Wenski, Bishop Thomas
32 Werner, Stephen A.
33 West, Christopher
34 Wester, Bishop John C.
35 Whalen, William A.
36 Whitaker, Robert
37 White, Thomas Joseph (O.P.)
38 White, Christopher
39 White, William G. (M.D.)
40 White, Hilary
41 White, John J.
42 Whitehead, Kenneth D.
43 Whitehead, Margaret
44 Whiton, John
45 Wickham, Elizabeth D. (Ph.D.)
46 Wiker, Dr. Benjamin D.
47 Wilken, Robert
48 Wilkins, Richard G.
49 Williams, Robert Ian
50 Williams, Father Thomas D.
51 Williams, John Joseph
52 Williamson, Peter
53 Wilson, Joseph F.
54 Wilson, Charles M.
55 Wolfe, Gregory
56 Wong, Christopher Y.
57 Wong, Anders
58 Woodard, Joe
59 Wooden, Cindy
60 Woods, Thomas E. (Jr.)
61 Worland, Stephen T.
62 World Federation of the Catholic Medical Assns.
63 World Methodist Council
64 Wrenn, Msgr. Michael J.
65 Wright, Boyd
66 Wright, Cardinal John
67 Wrzaszczak, Chester
68 Wu, John C. H.
69 Wuerl, Cardinal Donald W.


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