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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "R" - 95 authors

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1 Rabel, Andrew
2 Radano, Mons. John A.
3 Rahner, Fr. Karl (S.J.)
4 Raible, Daniel C. (C.PP.S.)
5 Raimond, Prof. Francesco
6 Rallo, Mons. Vito
7 Ramirez, Bishop Ricardo
8 Ranalli, Paul (M.D.)
9 Ranjith, Archbishop Malcolm
10 Rarey, Matthew
11 Rath, Ralph
12 Ratner, Herbert (M.D.)
13 Ratzinger, Cardinal Joseph
14 Rauscher, Anton
15 Ravasi, Archbishop Gianfranco
16 Ray, Steve
17 Raymond, Brother John
18 Re, Cardinal Giovanni Battista
19 Reardon, David C. (Ph.D.)
20 Rector, Robert
21 Redzioch, Wlodzimierz
22 Redzioch, Wlodzimierz
23 Reichardt, Rita
24 Reid, Charles J. (Jr.)
25 Reilly, Patrick J.
26 Reilly, Robert R.
27 Reilly, Matthew V.
28 Reimers, Adrian J.
29 Reisman, Dr. Judith A.
30 Reisswitz, Crista Kramer von
31 Rengers, Christopher
32 Reno, R. R.
33 Repgen, Konrad
34 Reynolds, Virginia
35 Rhoades, Bishop Kevin
36 Ricardo, Archbishop Pio Bello
37 Ricciardi, Giovanni
38 Rice, Dr. Charles E.
39 Richard, Rev. Edward J.
40 Richey, Dr. Lance Byron
41 Ricken, Bishop David Laurin (D.D., J.C.L.)
42 Rickert, Dr. Kevin G.
43 Riga, Peter J.
44 Rigali, Cardinal Justin F.
45 Riley, John
46 Riley, Very Rev. Msgr. Lawrence J. (S.T.D.)
47 Ripley, Francis J.
48 Ripperger, Chad (F.S.S.P.)
49 Risso, Paolo
50 Rivera, Cardinal Norberto
51 Rivera, Roberto
52 Roberge, Lawrence F.
53 Roberts, Judy
54 Robo, Etienne
55 Roccasalvo, Sister Joan L (C.S.J. )
56 Roche, Joseph L.
57 Rockwell , Llewellyn H. (Jr.)
58 Rode, Cardinal Franc
59 Rodes, Prof. Robert E. (Jr.)
60 Rogers, Benedict
61 Roll, Rev. Bertin (O.F.M., CAP.)
62 Romanato, Gianpaolo
63 Romanato, Gianpaolo
64 Ronan, Edwin J. (C.P.)
65 Rose, Michael S.
66 Rosica, Fr. Thomas
67 Rosmini, Antonio
68 Ross, Cindy
69 Rossi, Fr. Paolino
70 Rossi, Paolo
71 Rothwell, Marty
72 Rotondi, Richard
73 Roux, Albert G.
74 Roy, Fr. Neil J.
75 Roy , Schoeman
76 Royal, Robert
77 Ruark, Allison Herling
78 Rubin, Jeffrey
79 Rubinstein, William D.
80 Rue, Vincent M.
81 Ruini, Cardinal Camilo
82 Rum, Alberto
83 Rumble, M.S.C., S.T.D. Leslie
84 Ruppi, Archbishop Cosmo Francesco
85 Ruse, Austin
86 Rush, Alfred C. (C.SS.R.)
87 Russell, John (S. J.)
88 Rust, Paul R. (O.M.I.)
89 Rutler, George W.
90 Ryan, Peter F. (S.J.)
91 Ryan, Fr. Adam
92 Ryan, Kevin
93 Rychlak, Ronald J.
94 Ryland, Ray
95 Rylko, Archbishop Stanislaw


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