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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "K" - 81 authors

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1 Kaczor, Christopher (Ph.D.)
2 Kaiser, C.PP.S., Edwin
3 Kalb, James
4 Kallmer, Brent
5 Kalpakgian, Mitchell
6 Kalven, Janet
7 Kansas Bishops
8 Kantor, Elizabeth
9 Karekin, Catholicos (II)
10 Kasper, Bishop Walter
11 Kasper, Cardinal William
12 Kass, Amy A.
13 Kass, Leon R.
14 Kay, Barbara
15 Keane, Eamonn
16 Keane, Rev. James M. (O.S.M.)
17 Keating, Karl
18 Keating, Bishop John R.
19 Keating, Frank
20 Keating, Deacon James (Ph.D.)
21 Keating, Fr. Michael
22 Keba, John Michael
23 Keeler, Cardinal William
24 Keenan, Martin
25 Keller, William (S.T.L.)
26 Keller, Paul J. (O.P.)
27 Kellmeyer, Steven
28 Kelly, Lori Brannigan
29 Kelly, Mark J.
30 Kelly, John J.
31 Kelly, Art
32 Kelly, Rev. F. Joseph (Ph.D., Mus.D.)
33 Kelly, Michael
34 Kelly, Msgr. George A.
35 Kelly, Brian
36 Kempf, Rev. Joseph G.
37 Kendall, George A.
38 Kennedy, Robert G. (Ph.D.)
39 Kennedy, Gerald T. (O.M.I.)
40 Kennelly, Daniel
41 Kenny, Jack
42 Kent, Michael
43 Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops
44 Kephart, Rick
45 Kereszty, Roch
46 Kern, Rev. Walter
47 Kevane, Msgr. Eugene
48 Kienberger, Rev. Vincent F. (O.P.)
49 Kimball, Roger
50 King, Henry V.
51 Kingsland, Joan
52 Kippley, John F.
53 Kirby, Father Mark D. (O.Cist.)
54 Kirk, Andrea
55 Kischer, C. Ward
56 Kitchin, Rev. William P. H. (Ph.D.)
57 Kitzinger, Denis
58 Klimon, William M.
59 Klyber, Arthur B.
60 Knight, Robert
61 Knott, Rev. John C. (M.A.)
62 Knox, Ronald
63 Koch, Bishop Kurt
64 Kochan, Mary
65 Kokoski, Paul
66 Konderla, David
67 Kopp, Dr. Brian J. (DPM)
68 Koterski, Joseph W.
69 Kozinski, Thaddeus J.
70 Kralis, Barbara
71 Kreeft, Peter
72 Kreitzer, Mary Ann
73 Kremski, Mary Beth
74 Krugh, Karen Lynn
75 Kuby, Gabriell
76 Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Erik Von
77 Kung, Joseph
78 Kunkel, Nikolaus
79 Kuntz, Maria Elena De Las Carreras
80 Kupelian, David
81 Kwasniewski, Peter A.


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