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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "J" - 39 authors

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1 Jackels, Bishop Michael O. (S.T.D.)
2 Jacobs, Alan
3 Jacquet, Lou
4 Jaki, Rev. Stanley L.
5 Jalsevac, John
6 James, Charles
7 Janaro, John M.
8 Jarrell, Bishop Michael
9 Jayabalan, Kishore
10 Jean Honore
11 Jenkins, Philip
12 Jenky, Bishop Daniel R. (C.S.C. )
13 Jennifer Gregory Miller and Margaret Gregory
14 Joblin, Fr. Joseph (S.J.)
15 Johansen, Rev. Robert
16 John, Horvat
17 John C., Piunno
18 John J. Coughlin (O.F.M.)
19 John Paul II
20 John XXIII
21 Johns, A.H. (A.M.)
22 Johnson, Phillip E.
23 Johnson, Kevin Orlin
24 Johnson, Eric M.
25 Johnson, James Turner
26 Johnson, Stacey
27 Johnson, Eanna
28 Johnston, George Sim
29 Johnstone, Penelope
30 Jonas, Hans
31 Josemaria, Brother Anthony
32 Joseph, Rita
33 Joseph, Fr. Peter
34 Joseph, Mary
35 Jugis, Bishop Peter J.
36 Jumper, Jina
37 Just, Bob
38 Justin
39 Justin Martyr


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