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Authors by Lastname: Keyletter "H" - 118 authors

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1 Haaland-Matlary, Janne
2 Haas, John M. (PhD, STL, KM)
3 Habiger, Rev. Matthew (O.S.B.)
4 Haffner, Fr. Paul
5 Hagelin, Rebecca
6 Hagen, Kathryn
7 Hager, June
8 Haggerty, Donald F.
9 Hahn, Scott
10 Haider, Rev. Christoph
11 Hains, Dr. Michael G. (LLB (Hons), Ph.D.)
12 Hallett, Msgr. P. E.
13 Halligan, Nicholas (O.P.)
14 Hamao, Archbishop Stephen Fumio
15 Hamer, Jerome (O.P.)
16 Hamerman, Nora
17 Hamill, R.M.
18 Hammenstede, Dom Albert (O.S.B.)
19 Hammes, John A.
20 Hannan, Philip M.
21 Hardon, Fr. John A. (S.J.)
22 Harrington, Most Rev. Bernard
23 Harrington, Rev. Paul V. (J.C.L.)
24 Harris, Robin
25 Harrison, Rev. Brian W. (O.S., M.A., S.T.D.)
26 Hart, David B.
27 Hart, Jeffrey
28 Harvey, Charles F.
29 Harvey, Fr. John (OSFS)
30 Hayden, Rev. Dom Jerome (O.S.B., M.D., Ph.D., F.A.P.A.)
31 Hayes, Charlotte
32 Hayes, Winifred
33 Hayes-Barba, Ruth
34 Haynes, Rev. Scott A. (S.J.C.)
35 Hazelrigg, James
36 Healey, Cletus (S.J.)
37 Healy, Fr. Martin
38 Healy, Kilian J. (O.Carm.)
39 Healy, Dr. Mary
40 Heaney, Stephen J.
41 Hebert, L. Joseph
42 Heisey, Daniel J. (O.S.B.)
43 Hellriegel, Very Reverend Martin B.
44 Helmueller, Mary Therese (R.N.)
45 Hendershott, Anne (Ph.D.)
46 Hendricks, T.W.
47 Hendrickx, Marie
48 Henken, Rev. J. B.
49 Hennig, John (M.A.)
50 Hennrich, Kilian J. (O.F.M., Cap., A.M.)
51 Henrici, Bishop Peter (S.J.)
52 Henry, Bishop Frederick B.
53 Hentoff, Nat
54 Herbert, Rembert
55 Herbst, Winfrid (S.D.S.)
56 Hercules, Nicholas J.
57 Hermann, Bishop Robert J.
58 Hermas
59 Hernandez, Ismael
60 Herranz, Cardinal Julian
61 Hershman, Gary
62 Hesemann, Michael
63 Hess, Eric
64 Hettinger, Msgr. Clarence J.
65 Hickey, Cardinal James
66 Hickey, Archbishop Emeritus Barry James
67 Hierarchy of the Philippines
68 Hierarchy of the United States
69 Hilarion, Metropolitan Alfeyev
70 Hildebrand, Dietrich von (Ph.D.)
71 Hildebrand, Alice von
72 Hilgers, Dr. Thomas
73 Hippler, Arthur M. (Ph.D.)
74 Hirsh, Michael R.
75 Hitchcock, James
76 Hitchcock, Helen Hull
77 Hodgson, P. E.
78 Hofer, Andrew (O.P.)
79 Höfling, Dr. Wolfram
80 Hogan, Michael
81 Holmes, James Leon
82 Holy Office
83 Holy See
84 Homan, Helen Walker
85 Hoopes, Tom
86 Hosmer, Floyd E. (MS, AMI)
87 Hottovy, Jamie
88 Houselander, Caryll
89 Howard, Peter D.
90 Howard, Thomas
91 Howard, Rev. F. W. (LL.D.)
92 Howard, Agnes R.
93 Howell, Kenneth J.
94 Hoyos, Cardinal Dario Castrillon
95 Hoyt, Jane D. (M.Ed.)
96 Hryczyk, Edward R.
97 Hrynchyshyn, Bishop Michel (C.SS.R.)
98 Hrynchyshyn, Michel (C.SS.R.)
99 Huber, Georges
100 Hubert, Dr. John P.
101 Hudson, Deal
102 Hudson, Natalie
103 Huegle, Gregory (O.S.B.)
104 Hughes, Fr. John Jay
105 Hughes , Archbishop Alfred C.
106 Hughes, Joseph A.
107 Hughes, H. G.
108 Hull, Michael F.
109 Human Life International, Inc
110 Humm, Daniel
111 Hummes, Cardinal Claudio
112 Humphreys, Carolyn
113 Huntoon, Lawrence R. (M.D., Ph.D.)
114 Hurley, Thomas
115 Husslein, Rev. Joseph (S.J., Ph.D.)
116 Hyde, Henry J.
117 Hynes, Emerson
118 Hynes, Arleen


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